Transforming Kitchen eCommerce with Odoo: Better Kitchens' Journey to Customer Success


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In 2006, Better Kitchens, a UK-based company, stepped into the industry with a vision of providing quality kitchen units in a variety of configurations. With time, they realized the importance of digital transformation to keep up with the changing landscape and to better cater to their customers’ needs. To achieve this, they partnered with Biztech, aiming to create a unique online shopping experience that allows customers to virtually design and buy their kitchen units.

In their quest to make the website user-friendly, Better Kitchens prioritized creating a backend solution that was equally easy for the staff to maintain. They desired a comprehensive platform that could handle ERP functionalities like Order Management, Inventory Management, Delivery, and more. The objective was to streamline the customer’s journey, from choosing their kitchen style to having it delivered at their doorstep, while simultaneously simplifying logistics and operational management for the staff. By successfully integrating a custom website into their business model, Better Kitchens could provide exceptional service to their customers, thus redefining the traditional way of selling kitchen units. This project marked a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey, revolutionizing the way they did business.


User Complexity


Creating an accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly virtual design experience was a significant challenge.

Backend Operations


Ensuring smooth backend operations using ERP functionalities needed careful planning and execution.

Functional Integration


Integrating various ERP functionalities like Order Management, Inventory Management, and Delivery was a complex task.

Customer Engagement


Enhancing customer engagement with an intuitive kitchen design module required a robust solution.

Operational Efficiency


Improving operational efficiency while maintaining user-friendliness was a challenging balance to achieve.



The solution needed to be scalable to cater to the growing needs of Better Kitchens and its customers.

Technology Stack

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  • Odoo
  • tech-section-python
  • Postgresql


Dashboard Implementation

Dashboard Implementation

A Delivery Scheduler Dashboard was implemented for efficient order management and delivery planning.

Google Maps

Google Maps

The selected orders were displayed on Google Maps for geographical clarity and streamlined deliveries.

Style Module

Style Module

A ‘Choose My Kitchen Style’ module was incorporated to enhance customer experience and ease of purchase.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Effective integration of key ERP functionalities ensured smooth backend operations.

User Experience

User Experience

User experience was enhanced through a simplified and intuitive interface for kitchen design and purchase.



The solutions were designed to be scalable, keeping in mind the future growth of Better Kitchens.



Better Kitchens, a UK-based kitchen unit retailer, partnered with Biztech to revolutionize their online presence. We implemented a customized and user-friendly website, integrating key ERP functionalities such as Order Management, Inventory Management, and Delivery. We developed a virtual kitchen design feature that greatly enhanced the customer experience by enabling them to assemble and purchase their kitchen units online. Additionally, a backend solution was created, streamlining logistics and operational processes for the staff. This collaboration with Better Kitchens signified an effective digital transformation, delivering a seamless online shopping experience for customers while boosting operational efficiency for the retailer.

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Operational Efficiency

The implementation of the Dashboard enhanced operational efficiency and facilitated timely delivery of orders.


Customer Reach

The online platform and ‘Choose My Kitchen Style’ module increased customer reach and engagement.


Sales Boost

The ease of design and purchase on the platform contributed to a significant boost in sales.

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Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced user experience led to increased customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.


Streamlined Processes

Back-end operations were streamlined, improving overall productivity and reducing operational costs.


Future Readiness

The scalable solutions ensured Better Kitchens is ready for future growth and can easily adapt to increasing demands.

Words That Make an Impact

Words That Make an Impact

From the initial contact, the professionalism from the Biztech team has been incredible and after they completed some small projects for us, we were confident that they could help us move our business to the next phase. Our new cloud based ERP system is now up and running with the support from the Biztech team. 18 months on we are having further modules created and we are still receiving daily updates with direct communication with the lead developers when needed. We are confident that our future software requirements can be met and supported.

Ardene Stoneman
Director - Better kitchens ltd
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