Biorbyt: Streamlining Business Process by Automation and ERP Implementation

Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminals with a huge inventory of reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals, ELISA kits and other customized requirements for scientific research. With an objective to serve the global scientific community with the finest quality services and products, Biorbyt has a dedicated inhouse team of world’s talented researchers and academics to manufacture finest quality products. From store customization, extension to integrate their accounting software and custom modules, Biztech has been their one-stop solution for all their technology requirements.


We have a long history of working with Biorbyt and helping with everything related to technology. They were constantly struggling with managing their purchase and sales order manually via spreadsheets. The manual process was making it difficult for them to work seamlessly. Understanding all these issues, we proposed to automate their process using a mini ERP system and maintain their catalogue hassle-free.

10k+case study


Hours Invested

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Team Size


Difficulty in managing catalogue, difficulty in getting real-time data, doing repetitive tasks manually

Managing hundreds plus items, doing repetitive tasks manually, and providing bad customer service was not taking Biorbyt anywhere. With an aim of growing their business they needed to provide their users with better customer service and make their business more efficient by leveraging technology. It was becoming difficult for them to get real-time data of their inventory, manage their product catalogue, difficulty in making decisions, etc. Below are the major challenges they were facing:

  •  Difficult in quick searching from the inventory
  •  Non-accurate reports
  •  Lack of real time information
  •  Loss in revenue
  •  Difficult to make quick decisions
  •  Manual work, leading to increased human errors


Developed and implemented mini ERP

After understanding their challenges we recommended them to develop a mini ERP system and automate their entire business process. Using the ERP solution, they can automate their entire process like sales, purchase of their stock, manage inventory, generate and send invoice, automate purchase orders when stock is low, or perform any other operations. Furthermore, to manage their supplier data we used SuitCRM and integrated it with the custom-made mini ERP solution for smooth data transfer across both the applications.

We also developed a dynamic dashboard and in-built report builder. With a report builder they can use templates to develop and design their reports and present them. The interactive dashboard and report generation helps in understanding data in-depth and make better and quick decisions.


  •  Increment in employee productivity
  •  Real-time information about more than 400k products
  •  Real-time and detailed information of all payments
  •  Clear and in-depth understanding of user data which results in quick and well informed decision making
  •  Generate reports in real-time
  •  Increase in revenue


We have been working with Biztech for over 4 years now and been impressed with their breath of knowledge, their can do attitude and the good communication skills. Biorbyt has completed over 100 small and large IT projects with Biztech ranging from HTML front end design to sophisticated back end integration. I would highly recommend Biztech.

Tillmann Ziegert

Tillmann Ziegert

Managing Director - Biorbyt Ltd


Apache Solr, HTML5, Magento



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    Key Features

    • Stock Management

      Stock Management

      Authorized users can manage the stock and decide the threshold level. Whenever stock quantity reduces than the threshold limit, the system will generate the purchase order (PO) automatically based on the business rules.

    • Inventory Management

      Inventory Management

      Users can view the list of products and their current stock versus stock credit and debit from the system.

    • Product Management

      Product Management

      There are more than 400k products which are managed by the users from a single system. Each product is mapped with multiple suppliers along with the rate cards. Based on the lowest price, fastest delivery will be issued to the PO.

    • PO Management

      PO Management

      Authorized users can view the POs generated from the system and can also modify the business rules for generating the next POs.

    • Invoice Management

      Invoice Management

      When a user sells any product, the system will generate the invoice from the system and with the available bank API, reconciliation will be performed at fixed intervals.

    Technology Stack

    • Magento
    • MySQL
    • Solr Search
    • Suite CRM (Implementation & Integration)
    • Quickbooks (Integration)

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