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Biozol is a company that provides products and services within the life science sector. It has been serving in this industry for 30 years with more than 140 partners and 20 million products. To get a virtual space and reach customers worldwide, Biozol required a website with a robust search engine that won’t crash while handling information of millions of products. That’s where BiztechCS team came into the picture. The team developed a website that allowed quick searching of products from a huge list of 20 million products. The bulk product import feature was another milestone achieved by the team.

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Project Overview

Biozol wanted to have an online presence with their entire product portfolio. The previous website they had was developed in Ruby and it lacked even the basic user interface and crashed multiple times while loading products. So to overcome this, we developed a website using the Laravel framework. They mainly wanted to have a kind of search engine where customers can search and order the products with only a few clicks. To provide their customers with online ordering, a shopping cart feature was added.

Biozol’s main focus was the website’s fast performance for customers to search through all their products effectively with less loading time. Along with that, we worked on designing the website with user-friendly UI/UX. 


Our Work


Data Handling

To help the client import millions of products into the system at once, we provided an import rich document format feature. Using this feature, bulk product lists in CSV and excel format can be imported into the system in a short span of time.

Customized Data Listing

Every time a new blog or article is posted, it gets listed at the top by default. This is the common CMS feature but to fulfill the client’s idea of customized article listing, we provided a Custom Data Ordering feature. By using this feature, the admin can set the numbering of the article.  For instance, they can set a newly added article to be shown on 4th position or vice versa.

Dynamic Settings and Multi-lingual Support

Being a leading product supplier, the client often had to deal with various offers and discounts. To automate their work and save time, we integrated dynamic settings in the Offer module. Now, the client can set a particular offer for a specific time duration without having to check the expiry date of the offer manually in order to delete it. Once the date is up, the offer would be automatically deleted from the website.

To help Biozol reach their customers in Germany and worldwide, we provided multilingual support.

Smooth Logistics

We added some required attributes to the process with bulk import functionality. Further, we added a patent scanning process with cron. It also included some small enhancements like updating manufacturer’s names

Optimized Data Search

We managed to store the entire product portfolio by integrating the system with Solr search engine. With Laravel’s Redis cache, we optimized the overall website performance, i.e. we sped up the website and page load time. Thus, Biozol’s customers can surf through millions of product pages within seconds. 

The optimized data searching feature is not limited to products. The customers, as well as the client, can search a specific article/content/word in all the content type modules by using the search option.

User-friendly Website

We designed a simple yet sophisticated frontend where users can easily navigate through the website and the pages. To make it more appealing, we integrated a frontend CMS module. Using this module, the admin can manage social media postings, blogs, videos, news, webinar updates, and many more.

The client wanted to add products with price ‘0’. Hence, in our latest update, we added that. Apart from that there were small enhancements like notes on registration for emails, links for image accordions.Implemented a unique identifier for all the existing and new users. 


The website consists of the entire product portfolio, yes, millions of products and any product can be searched within nano-seconds.

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PHP 7, Laravel 5.7, HTML5, CSS3, Solr 8, MySQL 7



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