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Project Overview:

The main aim of Booking App projects is to develop a generic solution for all customers who need booking management services for their respective industries. Herein, we have developed a minimum viable product for various industries with certain generic features. Further, depending on the industry we can customize the application and develop or remove certain functionalities.


Application’s frontend has two user login i.e. vendor and end user. Features vary depending on their roles. Let’s see them in brief:


  • Add Products:

    Depending on their industry, vendors can add their product details. For example: the app is for the driving industry so here the vendor will be a cab driver. They can add their car details, image, their preferred route, etc. – all necessary details so the end user can know and make necessary decisions.

  • Instant Booking:

    Vendors have an ability to keep this feature ON or OFF. If it is ON and when a user does certain booking, it is accepted without any approval. But if it is OFF, then it will need approval of the vendor. Depending on the service vendors provide they can decide whether to keep it ON or OFF.

  • Add Availability:

    Vendors can add time slots about when they are available to provide certain services. These time slots are shown to the end users so it helps them to make a decision as to when they can book their services. Here, we have provided certain attributes like: pricing, time slots, and policy.

    Remember: These attributes can vary depending on the industry.

  • Shop Timing:

    Add your business hours easily which helps you to provide better services to your users.

  • Vendor Details/Profile Management:

    Vendors can add their details like name, number, email, profile picture, etc. and manage their profile. Detailed description is better here as it is displayed to end users.

  • Offers:

    Run various campaigns on your products like discounts, festive offers, discounts on special products or certain shopping, etc.

  • Booking Details:

    Vendors can see lists of pending booking details, completed details, returned details, and upcoming booking, everything at one place.

  • Display Service Availability:

    Vendors can add available and unavailable services from the backend and will be displayed in the front-end. This will show complete transparency to customers and can book services accordingly.

  • Availability Calendar:

    Vendors can check their calendar in detail like number of bookings for individual service, cancelled booking, upcoming bookings, etc., for the next day or any particular day.



  • Profile:

    Users can login and manage their profile, they can add and update their account.

  • Dashboard:

    Depending on the industry we have deployed location based service. Eg: the app is for the food delivery industry, users can see and search for nearby restaurants, can see details about each food item like image, ingredients, cost, etc. and can make a booking accordingly.

  • Payment:

    Users can make payment using credit/ debit cards and wallets. Going further, we can also add other multiple payment modules like Stripe, PayPal, etc. depending on the business need.

  • Booking Lists:

    Here, users can see a list of booking details like completed, canceled, approved, and returned all at one place.

  • App Wallet:

    Users can add money in the app wallet to avoid the hassle of entering card details. Once finished with the booking or service, they can easily make the payment via the app’s wallet.

  • Review & Rating:

    Users can give their review and ratings for a particular service. It helps vendors and admin to understand users’ expectations and work to provide better service.



Backend is exclusively designed and developed for Admin and is a website as it helps to manage both Vendors and Users.


  • Vendor Listing and Details:

    Admin can view and manage all the vendor details like name, number, service they provide, address, etc.

  • Customer Listing and Details:

    Similar to vendors, admin can view and manage all the customer details like name, number, email address, etc.

  • Services/Items List and Details:

    Admin can view, approve, and reject details about services and items.

  • Booking settings:
    • Dynamic Service Management:

      Here, vendors can add their services dynamically and the admin can manage and view it.

    • Customer Review Management:

      Admin can view and approve or delete the necessary reviews from customers.

    • Super Offer Management:

      Admin can make the changes in the super offers from the backend and display them in the feature section of the website. It helps companies to market their products and services.

  • Admin Management Modules:
    • Role Management:

      Admin can manage various stakeholders of the app like vendors and customers. Features will be enabled depending on their role.

    • Email/Notifications Content Management:

      Manage email and notifications content from the backend dynamically.

    • Content Pages Management:

      Easily handle all the content pages easily from the backend. With just a few clicks, the admin can add, update, and delete content.

Booking App is the one stop solution for any and every industry. We have ready minimum viable product for the following solution:

  • Car booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Fleet Rental
  • Restaurant Food Industry Table booking
  • On Demand Services Booking

We can help you build custom solutions on the basis of these MVP and fulfil your business requirements. Reach out to us and we will be happy to show you a demo.


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