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A Complete Web-to-Print Software Solution

Gone are the days when having a store with products was itself an achievement. But today when you can make your e-store live within 48 hours, selling similar products like others will not make you standout. With increasing demand of products, customers love if the products are personalized. With this idea, BrushYourIdeas came to existence. It is a brain child of BiztechCS specializing in web-to-print solutions.

However, despite the obvious benefits of Web2Print, print vendors are reluctant to move away from the offline-only business model. The major barriers to entry for traditional printers are lack of technology know-how and prohibitive pricing of the available technology. With an aim to fill this gap, Biztech launched Brush Your Ideas in 2016. Our mission is to support printing vendors, e-store owners, or any new entrepreneur by offering cost-effective, modern, and easy-to-use solutions.

About Brush Your Ideas

Not all customers are the same. As a business owner, the key to serving your customer better is to understand their requirements and personalize their experience. And for delivering a personalized experience, product personalization becomes critical.

Our purpose is to provide a product design solution that enables your customers to craft products that they love.

Brush Your Ideas is a complete print commerce solution created for

  • printing industry vendors who want to extend their printing business online
  • eCommerce entrepreneurs who want to sell personalized items

Product Design Tool

The product design tool from Brush Your Ideas is a feature-rich and powerful tool. With our web-to-print software, you can personalize any product with a printable surface. This includes apparel, accessories, cards, stationery, gifts, skins & covers, marketing collaterals, etc. Our tool is compatible with every eCommerce platform like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of some features that our product design tool offers

  • Custom font manager
  • Image editing and effects
  • Upload personal images
  • A clipart library of 2,000 plus SVG graphics
  • Smart search
  • Name, number, and quote feature

We believe that for the success of any product, there needs to be a balance between features and user experience. Hence, ‘mobile first’ is our priority. A responsive UI enables your customers to create designs on any device from anywhere.

Moreover, we provide custom UI so that you have control over where the end-user can customize. With our product design tool, you can manage element-based pricing in real-time. Explore more about our solutions that are easy-to-use and not heavy on your pocket.

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Print ERP Software Solutions

A fast-paced print business needs to maintain a balance between accelerating customer demand and an extensive print process. Brush Your Idea’s ERP software aims to optimize the daily print operations from collecting print-ready files to shipping the final product.

Our Odoo based ERP software solution ensures that you have a glitch-free production cycle. Once you define the work order stages in the backend, you’ll receive real-time data of orders, stock consumption, and the manufacturing process.

To fulfill all your print requirements, our software offers modules like

  • Inventory Manager – It helps in warehouse, multi-channel, and customer management. This prevents unprecedented stock-outs, order cancellations, and keeps inventory up-to-date.
  • Print Job Manager – With a print job manager, you no longer have to manage job creation manually. Achieve a 2X faster efficiency with custom work stages, workflows, and work scheduling.
  • Quotation Manager – With our Print ERP Software, you can accept, process, and mail quote requests to your clients in real-time. It includes features like customer information database, custom quote templates, and standard price rules.
  • Order Manager – You can manage orders from the back-end using features manufacturing order management, work process routing, and custom job statuses, etc.

Other than these, our print ERP software offers an advanced dashboard, progress report, and QR code scanning to stay up-to-date with your print stages.

Compatible with every system and integrable with all the platforms, Print ERP Software Solution is an asset for fast-paced print businesses. To know how you can optimize your daily print operations, head on to Brush Your Idea’s Website.

Know More About Print ERP Solutions

W2P Services

Brush Your Ideas’ product design tool is for those who have an eCommerce store. But what about those who do not have an online store? That’s where our W2P services come into the picture. With our web-to-print store, customers can get a complete eCommerce store with the product designer tool preinstalled.

Our web-to-print storefront solutions are suitable for not just eCommerce stores but for the entire W2P industry too. The SaaS-based W2P store’s scalability helps you launch the store with all the basic functionalities. Let’s walk you through some of its features.

Storefront Features

  • Customizable industry-standard themes, and home screen
  • Customizable CMS pages
  • A fully compatible product design tool

Back-end Features

  • Integrable with ERP tools like Inventory Manager, Print Job Manager, and more.
  • Multi-language & multi-currency support
  • Dedicated customer area to enable customers to manage their account
  • Integration of multiple payment options, and multiple tax slabs

All Set to Take your Business to The Next Level?

Brush Your Idea aims to bring print and personalization together. We help businesses to extend their capabilities with the power of personalized offerings. And we can help you empower your business with personalized offerings. Let us know about your business requirements and we will suggest the most suitable solution.

If you are looking to grow your business with web2print services, Brush Your Ideas can also provide bespoke web-to-print software solutions, provide Magento migration services, and data support along with the ready-made tools. Also. we will also help you ensure your search presence and get target users to your print store. At Biztech, our team will help you develop a marketing strategy to get the desired results. Let’s get in touch today!


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