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You would agree that customers want instant solutions to their queries. Not an hour later but now.

Even with 24*7 customer support via live chat or emails, you are still figuring out on how you can enhance the overall customer experience.

The most crucial attribute to customer experience is the faster response time. According to research, the average time to respond to customer service requests is 12 hours and 10 minutes. And that is too long and not instant.

So how will you improve upon this? Here’s where CRM portals do their magic. Portals that contain a detailed knowledge base can be accessed from your website. Your customers can share their experience and find a solution to their problems quickly.

With a vision to enable businesses to render enhanced interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle, Biztech launched CRMJetty. It is a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions.

CRMJetty – At a Glance

At Biztech, we have been working on CRM technologies for more than a decade now. We are glad that our solutions provide benefits across all business streams.

Throughout our journey, we got integration requests from several CRM users with WordPress, Drupal, Jumla, etc. With an aim to integrate CRM with several systems, we launched a dedicated platform for portal solutions – CRMJetty.

The portal focuses on CRM requirements of different industries and improves its usability and productivity. Watch this video to know more

Products That Drive Customer Relationship Intelligence

CRMJetty is a one-stop solution that enhances interaction at every stage of the customer lifecycle. It offers read-to-integrate portal solutions for SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM. Businesses can easily scale our portal solutions as per their needs to effortlessly connect, collaborate, and engage with customers.

In our 14+ years of experience, the most important learning we have for CRM portals is that every business has a unique business logic. And that demands us to provide custom solutions to our customers.

Whether you are looking for a ready-to-integrate solution or want a custom one, CRMJetty has something for everyone.

Know more about CRMJetty

Services by CRMJetty


A. Web Portal Development

A web portal enables sharing of relevant information with relevant people. This helps to improve communication and collaboration between the concerned parties. For any business, a well-developed web portal yields revenue and benefits customers.

The question that arises is why you need to build a custom web portal when there are ready-to-integrate solutions. If a ready-made solution fulfills your requirement, then surely go for it. With our experience, we can say that a custom solution will enable you to incorporate a personalized space with your business logic implemented. CRMJetty provides custom solutions for the following

B. Customer Portal

In a competitive business environment, customer service is crucial. But handling customers is a difficult task as every customer has a requirement. CRMJetty’s custom B2B/B2C customer portal solution enables businesses to

  • Get in touch with customers using video chat, tickets, etc.
  • Collaborate with customers by creating a community on the portal
  • Let customers make a purchase using a secured payment gateway
  • Share relevant CRM information to help customers solve their queries

C. Partner Portal

Our custom partner portal helps businesses manage partners in a digitalized system for businesses that deal with an inflow of queries and contracts for partnerships. Here’s how our partner portal works

  • Integrate partners with the workflow
  • Create a custom workflow and automate the process as per your business logic
  • Provides role-based access to the partners
  • Generate POS, invoicing, and payments
  • Sharing of confidential data like use cases, installation videos, etc.

D. Affiliate Portal

The traditional method of sharing custom links and invoicing to affiliates is a time-consuming process. Our custom affiliate portal helps manage these requirements seamlessly. CRMJetty’ s portal facilitates business owners with

  • Automated custom link management
  • Set-up custom invoicing
  • Providing CRM access to affiliates
  • Knowledge repository to share information about your products and services

E. Vendor/Supplier Portal

Having the right information about the suppliers and their performance at the right time is crucial for an organization. A dedicated platform that facilitates vendors to get the necessary data and resources through ‘self-service’ keeps the operations running smoothly.

Below are some benefits of CRMJetty’ s vendor-supplier portal

  • Invite proposals through a secure log-in
  • Filter vendors that meet your requirements using an auto-filtering process
  • Generate invoices and purchase orders directly from the portal
  • Automated ranking of proposals based on their previous history, compliance scores, available inventory, etc.

F. Knowledge Management Portal

A knowledge-sharing portal is a perfect medium that automates the process of sharing data. CRMJetty has assisted several businesses in building a custom knowledge management portal. It gives our clients the freedom over the workflow, and features. Here’s what our custom-built knowledge portal offers

  • Better query management to resolve customer queries.
  • Role-based accessibility to regulate what data stakeholders can see.
  • A secure CRM integrated knowledge sharing.

Over to You

CRM portals are a bridge between people outside your organization and you. They engage and collaborate with you in a more meaningful way. With CRMJetty, you get ready-to-integrate portal solutions for a number of CRM technologies including SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM.

We have helped our clients with an array of portal functionalities, and we’d love to help you discover a CRM portal that can help your business. If you want to get a solution custom made, we can develop tools to accelerate your business. Based on your business logic, and CRM modules, we will analyze your requirements, and create a detailed roadmap. Let’s get in touch to further discuss your portal requirements.


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