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Good Heart
A Professional Online Catering Company Built with Odoo eCommerce


Good heart catering is a LA based company that provides best catering services. We developed a website that helps them to take orders from companies and manage delivery and payment seamlessly. They wanted a simple UI with engaging design that appeals to their target audience and is easier to manage at the same time.


eCommerce Website Development

Developing a service-based website was a challenge. Good Heart catering wanted to build a website that is as seamless as any other on-call takeaway or delivery so customers don’t feel overwhelmed.

Delivery & Takeaway Feature Design

Designing delivery and takeaway features accurately so customers can distinctly choose the options they want.

Additional Tip for Orders

Challenges with adding an additional tip for the orders before total payment is calculated.

Customizing Bundle Product

Difficulty developing the various advanced features in customizing bundle product. Adding/editing various product variants and editing the quantities.

Autodetecting Google Address

Issues with detection of Google address at the time of adding address for the deliverable orders.

Payment Integration

Integrating secure payment gateways so that customers can transact conveniently.

Our Approach


First of all, we analyze the project requirements and devise a plan that can help with the design and development going forward.


Our designers and Odoo developers choose the best Odoo themes for your store and even customize them to your needs, as required.


Our developers use various Odoo modules to add advanced features to your site. Not just that, we custom create exclusive features by coding as and when required.


We make sure every feature and design is well-tested and is ready to be used before the software is deployed.


Our team of Odoo professionals make sure that the software adheres to all the deployment prerequisites and is ready for launch.


Our testers, stakeholders, end-users, and clients review the software before it is launched publically.


We assist with the launch of your software on web as our developers take care of the launch-related tasks like security certificates and others.


eCommerce Website Development

With the help of eCommerce Odoo development, we were able to build a simple yet user-friendly website for Good Heart Caterings.

Delivery & Takeaway Feature Design

The website module in Odoo 12 helped us design various advanced features for the website, including takeaway and delivery option for customers.

Additional Tip for Orders

Our Odoo developers integrated the option to add tips for the various orders. We developed an additional tip option so customers can choose the percentage tip they want to give or enter one of their choice.

Customizing Bundle Product

We developed an option for bulk product orders in a bundle where customers can choose the variants and quantities.

Autodetecting Google Address

Our developers built a system that auto detects Google address entered by customers.

Payment Integration

We integrated a secure payment gateway while creating the Odoo eCommerce website so customers can order securely and have multiple payment options.

Project Highlight:

  •  Delivery and take away options
  •  Add tip for that order
  •  Autodetect Google Address
  •  Customize bundle product


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