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Streamlined Daily Operations
with Customised CRM Mobile App

Established in 1965, Lubi Pumps makes custom water pumps and motors in 4500 varieties. Their expertise in the industry has made it possible for them to go beyond standard requirements and give custom and flexible solutions as per clients’ requirements. BiztechCS helped them streamline their daily operations by customizing our CRM mobile app available for SuiteCRM.

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Project Overview

Lubi Pumps wanted a system where they could make certain logistical tasks for their staff easier. We provided numerous customization services on our existing product, TapCRM. They wanted to use SuiteCRM for mobile in a way that it helps them streamline their operations like appointment management, expense data, etc.

What features we added:

  1. Terms & Condition module 
  2. Hierarchy Wise User Access
  3. Check-in/out of appointments
  4. Expense module to track on field expenses

Final outcome

Using “LubiCRM” mobile app and custom-developed features their employees can easily manage their daily activities, leads and other schedules. They do not need to do paperwork and daily reporting to their superiors. And the managerial employees can easily get a daily report of their team’s work and schedule. This increases productivity of multiple teams enabling them to save time and resources on unnecessary manual and paperwork.



Android, iOS and PHP (SuiteCRM Web & Backend)



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