BiztechCS Review by Richie Bello, CEO of Dealer Source Group & Universal Solutions MMP, LTD an Automotive Sales Trainer and consultant.

"We were facing challenges in marketing our website and getting desired traffic and results from the website. And we approached Biztech for our PHP and upcoming JS restructuring. We needed code restructuring and wanted to make the site SEO-friendly. Biztech helped us with the restructuring, made it user-friendly & responsive, and prepared it for search engine optimization. Their experts made it easier for us to understand where our website was lacking and optimized it for better marketing."
Richie Bello

BiztechCS Helped With Website Restructuring to Boost Organic Traffic

BiztechCS helped Dealer Source Group & Universal Solutions MMP with the restructuring of their gwebsite. When they were facing difficulties generating and attracting traffic for their website and wanted to build a more SEO-friendly website, they approached team BiztechCS for complete code restructuring.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of PHP and JS, team BiztechCS built an SEO-friendly website that not only helped generate more organic traffic but also encouraged the client to invest in intelligent marketing tactics.

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