At Biztech we offer a full spectrum of engagement models to suit your business needs and ensure that project is completed in timely manner with quality. Choose the model that works out best for you depending on the nature of your project, your budget and time constraints.

Project Based

Project based approach is our preferred engagement model. After careful evaluation of project needs, our team comes up with the estimation of time and project cost. We ensure that each phase is accomplished on time and within the stipulated budget. We also ensure to check quality standards and deliver the project on time.

Dedicated Resources

Hiring dedicated resources help you reduce many costs such as, recruitment, fringe benefits, promotion, training, infrastructure etc. compared to your in-house employees. Depending on your requirement, you can hire both developers and designers on full time, part time, monthly, hourly or contractual basis. You can also hire a project manager along with necessary infrastructure to manage the offshore team.

Time and Material

If the requirements and scope of the project is constantly evolving this model is the best for you. Time & Material Model provides you with greater flexibility that allows you to alter project requirements on an ongoing basis to meet latest market trends. This model is perfect for complex projects with inevitable changes in specification and design. This model envisages payments at an hourly rate, which is agreed upon when the agreement is concluded.

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