As beautiful and important a wedding day sounds, it becomes hectic and multi-tasking for wedding planners. They need to manage everything including invitations, flowers, decor, hospitality, location-setting, and so on. Staying organized throughout the wedding planning process is crucial, but how do you actually achieve this?

We intimately know what goes into creating an incredible, luxury event. If you are a wedding planner or are planning to start a wedding planning business, you are at the right place to find answers. Because we have an ultimate one-stop solution to all your problems: A wedding planner app.

Staying at the forefront of the technology and leveraging its potential can take your wedding planning business to new heights. It saves time, energy and gives you a 24*7 connectivity with your team. Hence, switching to mobile apps can not only help you upscale your wedding planning business, but can also help couples make their wedding day memorable. All this in just a few taps.

Wedding planning is an umbrella term that includes multiple niches. There are multiple niche apps that you can build under this umbrella. You can combine them all in one and develop a wedding planner app, or you can build something as specific as a wedding venue app, wedding hall booking app and so on. Read ahead to know how to start a wedding planning business and make the entire process fun, stress-free and lucrative for wedding planners.

Herein we’ll discuss about:

Do wedding planners need a Social Media Strategy?

The wedding planning industry is flourishing beyond expectation. Weddings these days are more of a grand lavish affair as compared to intimate ceremonies before. With millennials taking on to social media to track for wedding ideas, several wedding planners have also become social-media savvy to market their services.

“The use of social media has risen, with 94 percent of newlyweds incorporating technology into their big day.”

Brides 2018 American Wedding Study

Importance of Social Media for Wedding Planners

With the weddings becoming more and more personalized, people look for unique wedding ideas on various social media platforms. Some even find, choose and select their wedding planner from these social media platforms.

In a study from 2018, almost every respondent said that they interacted with their wedding vendors through social media. 83% of brides searched for potential wedding planners through their social media pages before hiring them. Another 68% used their own social media to show planners what they were exactly looking for.

It is easy to observe that the success of the wedding planning business is all about social media marketing and connections. Wedding planners use Social Media channels like Facebook and Instagram to showcase these lavish wedding moments. But at the same time, exploiting the most out of these social media channels efficiently can get overwhelming. Choosing the right social media platforms and then framing the right strategy to target the right audience is surely a lot of work. Which is why, wedding planners kind of have a love-hate relationship with Social Media. Further we’ve tried to solve this social media dilemma by gathering some pros and cons of various social media platforms.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Platforms and Key Takeaways

1. Facebook


  • It has a wider reach in the world of wedding planning.
  • Most people get the news of others’ weddings from Facebook.
  • Jonathan Bennett, Columbus, Ohio-based certified counselor says “Users from wedding planning groups can give you a lot of practical advice, not to mention vendor recommendations.”


  • Deb Erb of Simply Events Inc. points out that not everyone uses Facebook anymore. Many people may miss the information you’re trying to share.
  • With a considerable amount of users leaving the platform, it can be crucial for wedding planners to reach those audiences.

2. Pinterest


  • Pinterest has incredible search capabilities and it keeps you in-trend.
  • Sharing Pinterest boards with wedding planners is an effective way to communicate.
  • You can create different boards both in public and private. Hence, each time you do a new search, you have something to go back to.


  • Sometimes clients want exactly the same as what they see on Pinterest. But planners cannot always duplicate everything which might create a problem for both.
  • Certain seasonal client demands may not be available all the time. Like certain flowers may not be in season. So, if the client demands it then they might need to pay a whole lot more money and can end up over their budget.

3. Instagram


  • Instagram is another visual-oriented platform that can bring a great deal of inspirations.
  • Instagram hashtags are the cherry on top. It eases the search options.
  • It is perfect for Wedding planners to market on social media and reach their specific target through hashtags.


  • Sometimes the effort and story for achieving a beautiful wedding can be overshadowed by too many pretty photos. The pictures that narrate a deeper story attracts customers which in the case of Instagram may or may not happen.
  • Instagram can represent a false sense of reality making it hard for couples when they compare their reality to what they’re seeing from others.

4. Snapchat


  • With Snapchat, planners can share the micro parts of the wedding.
  • It creates more engagement and is a fun way to give a behind-the-scenes look at the planning journey.


  • Snapchat makes discussions and media temporary. And may not be the ideal choice for many wedding planners.
  • The whole idea of Snapchat defeats the purpose of long-term capturing and marketing for wedding planners.

5. Twitter


  • Almost everyone related to wedding planning, from florist to DJ, is on Twitter.
  • Wedding planners can share clips and images of their latest work in a quick and crisp manner.


  • Twitter is also known for trolls. It can create vigorous debates and can sometimes hinder constructive feedback.

Thinking about framing the right social media strategies for your Wedding Planning Business?

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business Website

These days, every business needs a website, and so do wedding planners. When couples start searching for wedding related services and products, they start from searching on the Internet. Therefore, wedding planning businesses do need to build a website. Having an online presence helps them reach a wider clientele in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Creating a website also means bringing all your social media pages together. This may help wedding planners create a more cohesive brand on the Internet. Thanks to technology, wedding planners can build a website quickly with striking features.

Proceed with Building a Website: Do’s and Don’ts

You can develop a whole new website from scratch or you can go with readymade templates and themes. Once you’ve decided how you want to proceed, you need to identify the pages and features that your site will contain. This depends on your objectives of creating a website.

You can create a website that can work as an online brochure for your service packages. Or you can also use your website as an online appointment tool and allow potential clients to book meetings and so on. Following are a few dos and don’ts while creating your website.

  • Plan the pages you want to have on the website.
  • Plan the theme, templates, content and so on.
  • Make sure your content is short and crisp and also delivers your message effectively at the same time.
  • Check out your competitors and make your website more personalized and unique.
  • Add your portfolio and previous works – the better you showcase this the more the clients believe in your work.
  • Link all your social media platforms with the website.
  • Keep in touch with new and trendy ideas. Add those ideas on your website so that clients can have a gist of your work.
  • Add contact details and let potential clients book appointments easily.

To know more about creating a website visit this detailed step-by-step guide.

Want to develop a Website for your Wedding Planning Business?

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business: Go Big with a Wedding Planner App

So, you’ve built your website and framed a social media strategy. Now what? The next step is to adopt a Wedding Planner app that’ll help your wedding planning business go big. Wedding planner apps can be specifically for planners as well as for the general audience.

While answering the question “how to start a wedding planning business” the very first step would be to design an outline for the wedding planner app. The features of the app depend on your outline.

Go Big with a Wedding Planner App

Let’s take a look at the wedding planning features:

1. Guest List Creation

Making a guest list is a very complicated task. People usually have a lot of pen and paperwork where they have to make lists manually. Regardless of how hard they try, it’s very likely to miss someone or another. Wedding planner apps can help them add guest names on the go.

With the app, making a guest list becomes very easy regardless of where your customer is. Going further, they can create guest lists based on various groups like family, friends, colleagues, and sync their contact list. Hence, a Guest List creation feature is a must.

2. Invitations

After creating the guest list, let the users create unique invitations. You can enable designing features in your app or you can integrate third party designing software. After designing the invitations users can send these invitations to their guests. Digital Invitations are the new concept in the pandemic era. You can also let your users send hand-to-hand invitations by integrating postal services to your wedding planner app.

3. Starting a Wedding Venue Business: Wedding Venue App

You can integrate the venue booking option to your app. You can also design a niche wedding venue app or a wedding hall booking app specific for this purpose. This app can enable the search of exquisite venues and eradicate the need to run from one place to another for users.

Let your users get detailed information of the venue just by clicking on each. Make information like name, number, location, images easily available to your users. Additionally, in wedding venue apps you can use 3D technology or Augmented Reality to provide clients with an immersive experience of the venue. You can also allow them to compare the cost of two or more venues.

4. Detailed list of Vendors

As a wedding planner you might be dealing with multiple vendors and having all their information in your handbook and turning pages back and forth is not a feasible solution. This is when a wedding planner application comes to your rescue. You can add details of multiple wedding vendors for multiple niches in your wedding app.

Have detailed information of various vendors like wedding bands, florists, caterers, photographers, etc. You can have all their information i.e., phone numbers, names, addresses, their client history, their budget, and so on.

Detailed list of Vendors

So, when your client asks you to recommend them a good caterer in their specific budget, you just need to open your application and provide them with all the lists. You give them all the information, show them their work, budget, and if everything goes well, you can book them from your wedding planner app itself.

5. Create Task Lists

Time to say bye to the boring paperwork. With the help of a wedding planner application create multiple tasks lists right inside the application and mark them done once finished. The benefit of having a task list in the application is that you can make them on the go and access it anytime.

6. Organized itinerary

You can micro plan the entire timeline of the wedding using the wedding planner app. It can allow your clients to pre-plan everything from beginning to the end. If you are planning a destination wedding according to your client’s requirements then having a perfect organized itinerary is important. Organized itinerary will help you to provide the perfect plan, communicate effectively with everyone, and a bit less burden.

7. Integrated Calendar: Plan the Timeline

Calendar is a productivity tool. Managing is a huge task and multiple things needs your attention. In so much chaos you are very likely to forget some important appointments either with the hairdresser, florists, or anyone else.

But, with the help of calendar features you can add any important appointments be it your clients or different vendors. With this feature to share responsibilities among your team. You can also add notifications for these events.

8. Customized Return Gifts

Creating custom gifts is a special gesture for your attendees. In the application, you can provide your customers with various return gift options, thank you cards, flowers, and many more. They can select from the available option in the app or create a customized gift from the wedding planner application. Additionally, you can either charge them separately or in your plan itself.

9. Give wedding tips and tricks:

If you are a wedding planner, you can provide some wedding tips and tricks to your users. You can tip them on decoration, dressing hacks, make up details in the form of various videos, blog posts, podcasts, and so on. This will help them get details about various things they can try or take care about in their wedding.

10. Hashtag Generator

Everyone wants something or the other personalized. Something which is exclusively theirs and hashtags has done it so far. You can create your own hashtag generator and use it in your wedding planner app. You can generate exclusive hashtags for your clients and provide them as a gift from your end. Not only this but you can even help them share it on various social media platforms and amongst friends and family to use it.

11. Real Time Budget Planning

For anything and everything we do there is a budget. Everytime sitting with your clients with pen, paper, and calculator is a big NO. But, using an application you can add or delete some specific services, calculate and provide them with the new budget right there from the application.

Start a Wedding Planning Business with Your Wedding Planner app.

Purpose and Benefits of having a Wedding Planner App

There’s always a why behind doing anything. Similarly, there are multiple reasons and benefits of a wedding planner app. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Saves Times:

Technology has always saved human time and helped them work efficiently. And so is the wedding planner app. With a wedding planner app, you can get all the detailed information easily and instantly. It decreases unnecessary back and forth, communication, and running to different places.

  • Increases Your Brand Reputation:

You can easily stand out by offering a wedding planner app in the wedding marketplace. Being ahead of the competition is what every business needs and to do so they take multiple steps. This increases brand loyalty and builds a reputation.

  • Better Communication:

Lack of efficient communication can create a bundle of problems. Planners can overcome this with the help of a wedding planner app. You can provide your team members with various tasks; you can assign these tasks in the app itself. This encourages efficient team work and can result in outstanding output.

  • No last-minute hassles:

No one likes running at the last minute to fix things and miss important rituals/functions. With the help of the wedding planner app, you can streamline almost every operation and have better planning. At the end you just need to mark your task lists as completed.

How to ideate a Successful Wedding Planning Business Plan: Business Models

There are two basic models for wedding planner apps. One is the Business to Customer (B2C) model, another is the Business to Business (B2B) Model.

1. Business to Customer Model

This is where you develop an app and publish it, market it and make it available to a common audience. You can offer multiple versions of this app and provide features accordingly. You can provide a free trial version of this app and then let your users upgrade to a paid version to access other features of the app. This works like any other app on the app store. You can even monetize your wedding planner app. You can either go for an app that provides everything or select various niches too. A few niches are mentioned below:

Planner app: Allow your users to successfully conduct a wedding event with proper planning and arrangement. You can provide features like timeline, calendar integration, social media integration and so on in this app.

Wedding Venue app: Wedding hall-booking app is yet another classic niche of the wedding planning business. Most people are looking for websites or apps that give them an exhaustive list of all the wedding destinations. You can include features like location-based listing, AR/VR features, Online bookings and so on in your wedding hall-booking app. You can also provide filter-based search that shows budget, location, preference-based venues. Hence starting a wedding venue business can also be lucrative.

Thinking to Develop a B2B Wedding Hall-booking App?

2. Business to Business Model

This model is specific to wedding planners who work on arranging and planning high-budget weddings. As the budget increases, the responsibilities increase and so do the tasks. Wedding planners have to stay on foot 24*7 while working with high net-worth clients.

High-budget weddings need a lot of work. It takes a large number of team members to manage the entire event. There is also performance pressure on the wedding admin to keep their team updated and in-touch all the time to get every event of the wedding ready on time.

In such a scenario a wedding app specifically designed for their operations can be useful. You can develop a fully personalized wedding planner app as per your requirements. All you need to do is find the right development partner and plan a budget.

How much does a Wedding Planning Business Startup Costs?

You must opt for a reliable software development solution partner who can bring your brilliant ideas into life and help you plan a cost-effective Wedding planner app. The cost estimation for wedding planner app is based on following things:

  • General Features and Advanced Features
  • Platform (for iOS and Android versions)
  • Location where you’re willing to launch your app
  • UX/UI Development
  • Website Connectivity
  • Front-End Development & Back-End Development
  • 3rd Party API Integrations
  • Time and labor Invested
  • App Complexity

We are a wedding planner app development company that assures affordable pricing for the successful execution of your wedding planner app idea. Here is a brief analysis of cost estimation for wedding planner app development. If you want to build a hybrid app, that will take 763 including API implementations, and end to end project management. Whereas if your choice is to have it either on Android or iPhone, total estimated hours would be 943 including everything. You can refer to a detailed breakdown below. If you still want to have it custom made, you can get in touch with us and we will help you out!

Features API Native: Android + iOS (in Hrs) Hybrid (in Hrs)
Module Name Design Development QA/UAT/PM Design Development QA/UAT/PM
Facebook/Google/ Phone Number Login and Forgot password 8 8 30 12 6 24 12
User profile 10 8 16 6 6 16 6
Left menu and navigation 3 4 10 5 4 8 5
Guest List Creation from scratch to contact list 8 8 36 6 6 30 6
Invitations with contact and mail 12 6 28 9 5 24 9
Wedding Venue with Budget and location 4 8 32 6 6 24 6
Detailed list of Vendors 8 10 40 10 8 32 10
Create Task Lists: Todo 8 10 48 6 8 32 6
Organized itinerary 6 4 32 5 4 28 5
Integrated Calendar 4 6 40 11 5 36 11
Customized Return Gifts 6 8 48 6 6 24 6
wedding tips and tricks 4 2 16 6 2 12 6
Hashtag Generator & Social Media integration 4 8 44 8 6 32 8
Budget Planning 10 16 64 12 12 26 12
Actaul vs Planned 4 8 36 6 6 30 6
Push Notifications Logic 16 4 28 8 6 28 8
Graphics Design Integration 0 12 26 2 6 16 2
115 130 574 124 102 422 124
Total Native: Android + iOS + API 943 Hybrid + API 763


Best 5 wedding planner apps and Key Takeaways

If you’re looking forward to start a wedding planning business, we have accumulated some of the best existing Wedding Planner apps with unique features. This will give you a better understanding of the wedding planner app features and ideas. We have also highlighted some key takeaways from the following examples for your app development idea. Let’s take a look:

1. WeddingHappy



Wedding happy is a smart wedding planner app. It lets users build a customized schedule, along with a to-do checklist. This helps planners to figure out what they need to do and by when. Payment tracking, spending summary, coordinating with your team and so on are some of the useful features.

2. Tie the Knot

Tie the Knot


Tie the knot is a niche wedding tracker app. It keeps a track of days left for your wedding day. It is not immensely useful outside the anniversary tracking section but it’s fun for users.

3. Table Plan

Table Plan


This app simplifies the table planning process by allowing you to easily add as many guests as you like before moving them around on screen. You can set various filters, for the app to do it automatically also.

4. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

LadyMarry Wedding Planner


LadyMarry Wedding Planner offers a customizable wedding checklist. It also provides relevant tips and tricks as you go along. They provide regular blogs and other resources that will surely help you on top of things. Users can organize things with their wedding planner through the app, too.

5. Joy



This is an all-in-one Wedding planner app that does little bit of everything. It allows users to arrange RSVPs with their guests. It enables users to collect and share photos that their guests have taken. It works as a form of private social network, where users can easily share images with anyone who uses its app or website.

Wedding Planner App Publishing and Marketing

So, you’ve built your app, added the most advanced features, and designed the most effective strategies for your social media. No, you’re not done yet. You need to publish your app, whether it is a wedding planner app, wedding hall booking app or wedding venue app. You need to frame clever marketing campaigns to drive users to your wedding app.

You need to plan a strategy to market it before it goes up on the app store. Here are some tips to drive people to your wedding planner app:

  • Interactive Ads and Banners: Use smart banners on your website. Drive users from your website to the app store page. Launch your wedding planner app ad on each and every popular network. You can use Google ads or other such social networks to drive targeted traffic.
  • Content marketing: It is one of the most effective ways. You can create wedding blogs, Infographics, videos on various relevant topics to attract them to your wedding venue app through CTA buttons.
  • Connect with Influencers: You can reach out to experts, influencers and popular bloggers related to your app niche to promote your wedding planner app to their audience. Many wedding planners get great results by advertising on prestigious local wedding sites too.
  • Create a cost-effective Marketing Strategy: Since, Wedding planners do not have a tangible service to display like caterers and dressers, they can consider targeting your advertising dollars to sites and event planning blogs that cater to that clientele. Having a properly optimized and ranked website also has the potential to drive a great number of leads.

Build the Perfect Marketing Strategy for your Wedding Planner app.

Wedding Planner App Development Company

Yes, there’s a lot of things to take care of in Wedding planner app development. It is important to note that there is no one way or one perfect strategy for any app. Different apps call for different strategies. And, with the right kind of features, ads, and strategies you can earn a great amount of clientele and ROI.

So, there we have it! We have covered almost everything you need to know about wedding planner apps. Niche wedding planner apps like wedding hall booking apps and wedding venue apps are also growing popular day by day and there has never been a better time to create one. Hope we were able to answer your doubts related to questions like, “how to start a wedding planning business”, “how to start wedding event management website”, “things to consider before starting a wedding venue business” and so on.

We are an Android and iOS app development company that provides a personalized touch to all our products and services. If you want to start a wedding planning business and build an app solution that best fits your business needs, we can help you build the perfect app. That is not all; we can also help you with the most relevant marketing strategies, latest features, and even help you in publishing.

Let’s discuss your Wedding Planner app idea!