BiztechCS Recognized as a Great Place to Work for Women, Named Among India’s Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies

BURBANK, Calif., Oct. 19, 2023 : In a remarkable achievement, Biztech has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Mid-sized Companies in India for being a Great Place to Work for Women by The Great Place to Work Institute. This prestigious accolade reflects Biztech's steadfast commitment to fostering a workplace environment that empowers and supports women in their professional journeys.

The selection process for this esteemed recognition involved a rigorous evaluation of various workplace aspects, including but not limited to company culture, policies, diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership representation, and employee feedback. Biztech's dedication to creating a conducive and inclusive work atmosphere shone through every aspect of the assessment.

"We are deeply honored to be acknowledged as a great place to work for women. Our commitment to gender equality and diversity goes beyond mere rhetoric. We have worked tirelessly to implement policies and practices that ensure all our employees, irrespective of gender, feel valued, supported, and have equal growth opportunities." said Kinjal Shah, HR Director at Biztech.

According to a report by Business Today, women in the IT industry account for about 30 percent of the workforce. When it comes to Biztech, 44% of the workforce are women.

Biztech's dedication to creating a women-friendly workplace is not only reflected in its policies but also its everyday culture. Employees consistently cite the company's collaborative and respectful environment as pivotal to their job satisfaction.

This recognition as one of the Top 100 Mid-sized Companies for Women-Friendly Workplaces is a testament to Biztech's ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees. It's not only an acknowledgment of past achievements but also a motivation to continue the journey toward greater diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

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About BiztechCS

BiztechCS is an India-based IT organization extending several software products and services in multiple verticals. The team has experience and expertise in various technologies such as enterprise mobile app development, product engineering, eCommerce development services, CRM services, etc.

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Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make strategic people decisions. The Institute serves businesses, non-profits and government agencies in more than 60 countries and has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over three decades.

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