Our Partnership Opportunities

Engage with Biztech, unlocking unique growth opportunities. Our partnerships offer comprehensive support and cultivate mutual success, navigating the dynamic business landscape with shared vision and expertise.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership

As your technology partner, we take care of all your digital requirements so you can focus on core business operations. Share your specific needs with us and we’ll devise the most effective and cutting-edge technological solutions that align with your business objectives. This holistic approach ensures you get the best-fit solutions to drive optimal outcomes and superior quality results.

Referral Partnership

Referral Partnership

We welcome businesses of all shapes and sizes, from diverse domains, to join our Referral Partnership program. It’s a win-win setup where you can grow along with us. By recommending us to others, you become eligible not just for a lucrative referral bonus but also special rewards. So it’s not just about joining a partnership program, but about growing together and making success a shared journey.

Meet Our Partners

Fernan Delgado
Fernan Delgado
  • Fernan is based out of Santa Ana and leads the business operations in the US. He has an extensive background in product and operations management for different industries.

Peter Brunner
Peter Brunner
  • Peter Brunner manages the business operations for the Switzerland region. With over a decade of experience in different industries, he suggests viable tech solutions to businesses.

Strategy 365
Strategy 365
  • Strategy 365 is a Microsoft Gold Partner in the areas of Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and Office 365.

Our partners come from a variety of backgrounds but strive towards a unified goal- delivering unmatched digital solutions across the globe through the spirit of collaboration.

Perks of working with Biztech

Aligning your business with Biztech comes with a multitude of benefits that supercharge your growth and success. Our robust partnership model offers opportunities for revenue amplification, guarantees superior quality in solutions, ensures dedicated client service, provides rapid response support, actively reduces business risks, and broadens your technological reach. Experience the unique advantages of working with Biztech and redefine your business journey.


Revenue Optimization

With us, every referral and target attained presents an opportunity for earnings. Our commission system is structured to encourage and reward success, offering a tangible pathway to increase your income streams. This proactive strategy means you can grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive tech landscape.

Quality Excellence

Our commitment to quality is intrinsic to our operations, products, and services. As our partner, you have the privilege of endorsing and promoting top-tier solutions, recognized and respected across the market. Your association with Biztech’s quality reputation can foster greater trust and satisfaction among your clients.

Service Personalisation

At Biztech, we believe in personalized and comprehensive account management. Our dedicated account managers work diligently to ensure that every client requirement is fulfilled, and their business growth is consistently supported. This includes providing strategic guidance, facilitating solutions, and ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Priority Support

Our partners receive the highest level of attention and support. As soon as you become part of the Biztech family, you gain access to our priority support system. This ensures prompt and effective resolution of all your concerns and queries, making your experience smooth and efficient.

Risk Mitigation

Transparency is a cornerstone of our partnership approach. We strive to keep you fully informed throughout our collaboration, thereby minimizing your risks as a partner. This confidence in our process can bolster your peace of mind and enhance decision-making.

Expanding Your Tech Frontiers

Our diverse range of technology services provides an ideal platform for you to expand your tech offerings. As a Biztech partner, you gain the ability to delve into different technological domains, providing a wider scope of solutions to your customers. This expansion opportunity can lead to increased client engagement and business growth.

Diversify Your Influence

Biztech’s versatile solutions empower partners to broaden their business footprint. Our innovative technology and services allow expansion into new markets and sectors, enhance visibility, and position your business for a future of robust growth.

Let’s Cultivate Success Together

Eager to tap into the power of unparalleled growth and shared success? At Biztech, we stand ready to join you on your journey towards business expansion and innovation. Our unique blend of technology, expertise, and dedication to quality has consistently delivered exceptional results, catapulting our partners to new heights of prosperity.

Reach out to us today, and together, let’s redefine the future of business.

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