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era15 is an excellent platform for recruiters to get resources that match the level of big organizations. It gives them the advantage of a recruitment agency back office style function. era15 caters to entrepreneurs who want to start a recruitment business. It also helps someone who just wants to be a recruiter by themselves, or even those who don’t want to be a part of the industry traditionally. Any ambitious recruiter will find era15 the apt solution to optimize their work and be more efficient with their time.


HTML5, WordPress

The Challenges

Graphic and text alignment

We needed to put the graphic of the bottle along with its text without quality compromise in the why era15 page. We also had to maintain this for the responsive version.

Fold management

For the era15 law page, the client wanted to have the iceberg in a certain fold so that it maximizes the effect of their message.

Slider management

For their onboarding page, they wanted to have the character graphics load a second after the text one the slide appears. The slides also had to rotate one after the other.

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The Solutions

Quality and alignment

We managed to maintain a high resolution on the why era15 page and fit all the text in, in a way that the font is legible and good looking.

Fold division

We cropped the high resolution image for the era15 law page and set each text in such a position that the same look is maintained in the responsive page as well. The message clarity is handled across devices and and delivered effectively.

Loading effect

For the onboarding page we gave a lazy loading effect so each element loads on scroll. The slides also appear as required and stay for an average reading time before the next one appears. We managed the character graphic loading time with time management via CSS code.

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