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SFCable, based out of the USA, is a leading ecommerce store that offers a variety of cables, with connector customization options. Their specialty is providing cables with connectors of all kinds, with the added convenience of giving the option to customize. They follow the standard metrics of cables and connectors. Some of their many products are power cords, various audio video cables as well as ethernet cables. They keep up with the new standard connector types while also providing older connectors.


Digital Marketing, HTML5, Magento, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Tools

Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Bing Ads, SEO

Project Highlights

The Requirements

ROI of Paid Spend

This channel contributes significantly to the client’s business, however, the ratio of ROI was 2.3X.

Simple Products to Configurable

With M1, SFCable had all of the products listed as simple products. That was causing a major challenge with Organic search results. Therefore, while migrating from M1 to M2, more than 60% of the catalog was packaged in configurable products. A major development challenge to ensure this change with Magento’s existing structure.

Bulk Orders

Apart from the variation in which the product can be ordered, it can also be ordered in large quantities. This also increased the number of visible products on the page.

URL Changes Lead to Organic Drop

It was predicted that the changes in the URL and the content on the pages will cause a major shift in the SERPs.

URL Changes Leading to Paid Structure Changes

Google Shopping is quite straight-forward. However, Google Search Ads require decent quality scores to ensure you get the position in the Paid search rankings, too.

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The Solutions

Magento 2 Migration

The Magento cloud also presented some of its own challenges. However, the website was successfully released in the given timeline ensuring the desired functionality of configurable products. Additionally, we also integrated the bulk buy widget to add a cherry on top.

PPC Bonanza

Biztech restructured the entire list of Campaigns and recreated the Ad Groups focusing on the new site and the URL structure. The first goal was to ensure the stability of the spend vs revenue. For Bing Ads, we achieved 5X ROI and Google Ads is at 3.5X.

SEO Delight

Biztech successfully brought the lost ranking back in less than 45 days of the launch. And because for the duration the organic traffic took a dip, we covered the revenue with an increased budget of Ad spending while keeping the ROI at the same ratio.

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