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PPC Management Services

Leverage our pay per click management services, increase your return on investment and gain more visitors on your website. Let us help you to stay ahead of the competition and serve your customers in the right direction.

Improve ROI

Improve ROI

With the help of proper planning and strategy, leverage our PPC management services and help improve your return on investment.

Increase Leads and Sales

Increase Leads and Sales

Our experienced PPC marketers will help you with proper planning and strategy for your products and services, which will help you to increase your leads and sales.

Increase Paid Traffic

Increase Paid Traffic

Get immediate qualitative paid traffic for your business with our tried and tested practices. Our PPC management services will help you get more paid traffic on your website by ranking on top.

Reduced CPC

Reduced CPC

Pay per click management services help you to improve your company's quality score and target the right keywords to gain traffic on the website, as a result of which you can reduce cost per click.

Reduced CPA

Reduced CPA

Our experts know how to reduce cost per acquisition, which helps us understand the keywords better and accordingly. Optimized use and understanding make it easier to target the right users.

Bid Management

Bid Management

We use the latest tools to manage your bid. PPC company Biztech follows standard tools for bid management that will impact the growth of your business.

Our PPC Services

We are a leading pay per click management services company helping businesses to stay ahead of the competition and upscale their online presence. Our PPC experts can help you with our PPC services and make a strategic plan according to your business needs.

Google Ads


Leverage our PPC services to increase your reach on search engines and get potential clients. Our experts will help you manage and run Google Adwords Management according to your business needs.

Bing Ads


Running campaigns on multiple search engines is important. Following the market standard techniques, our experts will help you run the campaign and increase your business reach.

Facebook Advertising


Make your business stand ahead on social media with the help of Facebook advertising which helps you increase your sales. Our PPC company has skilled professionals who will help you to grow.

LinkedIn Sponsored Ads


Reach out to a wider audience on LinkedIn with curated ads only for your target audience. Our pay per click management services follow the latest market trends and help you grow your audience.

Google Ads

Amazon Paid Advertising


We can cater to the needs of eCommerce businesses with our Amazon PPC services. We will help you target the right audience and make your online store grow with the needed tools.

Instagram Advertising


Reach out to PPC company Biztech to scale up your social media game by putting the right advertising and reaching out to the right audience with our Pay Per Click services.

Youtube Advertising


Run a Youtube campaign with our pay-per-click services and talk about your product in detail to target the right audience. Rely on our PPC marketers, and we will help you skyrocket your business with Youtube advertising.

Yahoo Sponsored Ads


Expand your business by going to different search engines and growing your search as well as business. Our pay-per-click management services will help you to increase your profit margins by running needed campaigns.

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Looking for a PPC company that can help you with all PPC services? You are at the right place. At PPC company Biztech, you can consult us and we can help you increase your market reach and profit margin with our best PPC services.

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    Effective Ventures

    Effective Ventures

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    Legal Network International

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    PPC Marketing Services


    Search Ads

    Search ads are the perfect solution for your business to reach more customers and rank online. Our experts will help you grow your audience by ranking on search engines with our pay per click services.


    Shopping Ads

    Using shopping ads makes your online store rank and makes it easy for your customers to purchase things with just a few clicks. Our pay-per-click management services will help you to plan and run shopping ad campaigns.


    Remarketing Ads

    Understand your users’ movement online and create the remarketing strategy accordingly to bring your customers back. With the right tools and a team like us, you can do it easily.


    Display Ads

    Make a strong impact on your users with the help of the right images and content. Display Ads will help you to make the right impact on your audience and attract them.


    Dynamic Search Ads

    With our pay-per-click management services, use precise keywords to target the domain and each page. This will help you to optimize your search results and rank high on the search engines.


    Discovery Ads

    Know your users' needs and curate discovery ads accordingly. You can display them in an engaging way that prompts users to interact with them and decide.


    In-Stream Ads

    If you have the perfect video of your brand, leverage in-stream ads for Youtube and provide better product understanding to your customers. Provide links to your website and increase your website traffic.


    Local Search Ads

    Following the pay per lead model, you can target an audience based on demographics and connect with the right customers. A perfect model for small/ startup businesses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my target audience click on my online PPC ads?

    PPC ads are targeted to specific customers who are looking to purchase a product. These audiences are often ready to make the decision. With the help of PPC advertising services ,your ads target the audience looking for the type of product you are serving.

    How much does a PPC campaign cost?

    The cost of running a PPC ad campaign varies depending on various factors like industry types, business types, and size. The type of strategy you are using to market your products and your company’s size also influences the pricing factor of PPC ad campaigns.

    How can I manage the budget for a PPC campaign management?

    Your PPC costs can be calculated based on your audience and ad quality. The amount of money you want to spend for a user to click on your ad is called your bid. You enter your bid into an ad auction and the highest bidder gets it. Therefore, the more competitive you want to target, the higher the costs will be. Moreover, Google also monitors the quality of your ads so, if your ad quality is high, you can maintain lower costs as Google will rank your ad ahead of competitors. Understand all these factors, and then you can define your PPC budget.

    Why should I start a campaign with pay per click ads?

    PPC is a flexible online advertising method that lets you create a budget and adjust it at any time. Most importantly, you can target your ideal audience directly, which is impossible with traditional advertising or digital marketing campaigns. The insights you get from the data tracks from PPC campaigns is invaluable because it gives you a better idea of your users’ behavior. Your paid advertising campaigns appear ahead of all organic results in search results, helps you to outrank your competitors, and support your SEO efforts instantly. Leverage our PPC advertising services and reach the right audience.

    What are the PPC management services?

    PPC management services are advertising services where you can go for paid social media advertising, Google ads on different platforms to drive traffic to your website. With the help of PPC services, you can increase reach and target more customers. You can carry out different campaigns like Google ads management services, paid social media advertising, LinkedIn marketing services, etc.

    Which PPC service is perfect for my business?

    The type of PPC service you want to select for your business depends completely on your business type, the strategy you are choosing, budget, who is your target audience, etc. So, first, carry out the market research, understand your competitors and users, and then define your company’s business strategy. For example, if you have a website and want to make it rank, you can use Google ads management services from Google ads management company.

    What are the different types of PPC ads?

    Pay-per-click companies provide different types of PPC ads like search ads, shopping ads, remarketing ads, display ads, Google ads management services, etc. Select the one you want, depending on your business needs and strategy. This will help you to increase your business’ reach and increase your client base.

    How to choose the PPC management company?

    There are many PPC service providers. So research the market and see the company portfolio, experience, and testimonials before finalizing the project with them. These things will help you to understand your various PPC management companies and their services. You can also reach us as we are one of the leading pay per click company helping businesses to stay ahead of the competition in this competitive online marketplace.

    Can you hire a PPC agency?

    There are plenty of PPC service providers, you can choose a PPC management company, PPC agencies, digital marketing companies, or IT companies that provide digital marketing services. Depending on your business requirements, decide whether you want to hire a PPC agency or IT company.

    What is better, PPC or SEO?

    PPC and SEO are both good in their own way. Deciding which one is better depends on your business models, marketing strategy, and products or services you provide. Both SEO and PPC have their pros and cons but are tried and tested to attract traffic to your website and increase your reach.

    How is Biztech better than other companies?

    PPC management company Biztech has helped many clients to run their marketing campaigns after understanding their requirements. Our 14+ years of experience and trained professionals have helped many businesses to grow their sales exponentially. Our expertise and skilled professionals will help you stay ahead of the competition and help you to grow your business.

    Which tools and technologies do you use for PPC marketing?

    We use the latest tools and technologies like Google Adwords Management, Google Keyword Planner, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc. to carry out market research and understand competitors.

    How long does it take to see the result of PPC marketing?

    If you are using PPC management services, you will see your products and services ranking high quickly. However, talking about the impact on sales and revenue, it takes a bit of time as you need to carry out detailed market research of keywords, build a quality score and make certain changes in copy and landing pages. Overall, it can approximately take upto 2 to 3 months to see the results of PPC campaigns.

    Where will my PPC ads appear?

    PPC ads can appear in multiple formats like search display, social media advertising, remarketing, Google Shopping, and mobile ads. They can also follow you on social media platforms, websites your users are browsing, the applications they use, and more. We will help choose the best way to implement these PPC campaigns and show ads to more relevant audiences.

    Why is my cost per click increasing?

    Cost per click can increase as the competition increases in the ad space. With Adwords, the number of advertisers can be found in the auction insights reports. CPC will rise if too many advertisers are trying the specific keywords, especially during festive seasons like Christmas, Black Friday, Easter etc. Changes in the quality scores, ad copy, or an anomaly in a few keywords can also cause changes in the CPC.

    What businesses can/ should use PPC campaigns?

    PPC marketing is for any and every business that wants to rank its products and services on various platforms and increase its reach.

    Should I bid on my brand name?

    It is advisable to bid on your brand name as it helps you to capture high quality leads that are close to converting. Branded terms are cheaper than non-brand keywords; it even helps grab attention on your SERPs and protects you from competitors trying to cache in your brand.

    How do you define success in your PPC campaign management?

    Success in PPC depends on the organization and its objectives. These can be an increase in traffic, higher engagement, increased leads, sales, or conversions. Some KPIs used to measure success in a PPC campaign include Clicks, Cost per Click, Click-through rates, Quality score, Cost per acquisition, ad position, and conversion rate are all indicators of success of your campaign.

    How many keywords should I have per ad group?

    This is the most common question to run any search campaign. Keywords have a lot of impact on quality search while others prefer to frame keywords in semi-large ad groups. Mostly, account managers prefer to have less than 20 keywords per ad group. Mostly, it is up to you and the structure of your account, and how you plan to target your audience.

    What is the difference between broad, exact, and negative matches?

    When you create an ad, you will not select keywords, but you will also decide how exactly you want to match the users’ search query.

    • Broad match : This will let your customers see your ad if they enter searches that are similar to your keywords.
    • Exact match : Using this, customers will only see your ad if they enter the exact keywords or keyword phrases that you selected.
    • Negative Match : Using this option, you can select keywords that you don’t want your ad to be associated with. If these words enter into the search bar, your ads will not show up.

    How can I target my PPC ads?

    Despite difference among the search engines, following are the three common ways to target your audience:

    • Device : You can decide which devices you want to target like smartphone or desktop users.
    • Location : You can target people of certain geographical areas, used mostly for nearby search results.
    • Language : You can select the target language of the businesses.

    How do you find the best keywords for your ad?

    When you create an ad, you need to select a set of keywords that will trigger your ad to appear based on popular searches. Keyword selection can make or break your ad, so you must choose them accordingly. Fortunately, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword tool, etc. to make your search precise.

    What are the components of PPC ads?

    Firstly, you need to opt for a text ad but can also create a PPC ad that is banner, video, or product listing. When getting started use the design guideline mentioned below:

    • Headline : Keep it short and attention grabbing.
    • Display URL : This is the link that displays with the ad and clues customers on the company that is hosting the ad. So, keep your URL short and crisp.
    • Destination URL : This is the link that customers will be redirected to if they click on the ad.
    • Description : You will need to describe your product or service in a few words to attract customers to click on your ad.

    There are length restrictions in each of them, so make sure to follow them and use them accordingly.

    Will I need to sign the contract?

    Ofcourse, we follow the standard rules of the IT industry and so getting the paperwork done is important before moving the project forward. This helps both the parties to be on the same page and work better together. Hence, you need to sign the contract with us which benefits both of us and can work cooperatively.

    Do you sign NDAs and SLAs with clients?

    Yes, at Biztech, security and confidentiality are the top priorities. We provide clients with NDAs and SLAs, and other standard agreements which are strongly followed by our organizations. All our projects strongly abide by the rules and regulations.

    What is your team size?

    This completely depends on the size of the project you have. Depending on the project’s requirements we will provide a dedicated marketing team who will help you with defining the different marketing strategies and help you to grow your business.

    What is a quality score?

    To run a successful PPC campaign, you will need a better understanding of quality score as this single metric is highly important for any PPC campaign. Quality score is used by Google AdWords, and Bing Ads for measuring the quality and relevancy of PPC ads. Search engines assess the quality of ads based on the ad itself, keywords, landing pages, to see how relevant an ad is to the users’ query.

    Do product listing ads work?

    Shopping campaigns are an integral part of an ecommerce business and digital marketing strategy. Not only can you use them in Google and Bing platforms, but there are countless opportunities through social media platforms too. So, make sure to use product listing ads for your business.

    Does quality score matter?

    The best way to know is to understand the correlation between quality score and CPA in your account. You can do this by simply pulling a keyword report including the quality score, doing a pivot table with QS at the right and then a column for calculated CPA and trend line. That will show you if generally you see better CPA on keywords with better QS. Now both Google and Bing provide details on your QS’s attributes, it can assume your attention to those details is more important.

    Should I have different match types in different ad groups and campaigns?

    Grouping ad campaigns help to make the personal preference while balancing your management needs and capabilities. You can segment the match type of campaign, as it allows for greater spend to query control. Other PPC companies prefer to keep all the same content for the single campaign with ad groups split. Both of these approaches take advantage of embedded negatives for additional control.

    When do you conclude an ad test?

    For search campaigns, it is typically 1000 to 2000 impressions or 200 clicks within the ad group. This will help you know when to wrap, and sometimes you don’t have a clear winner.

    How involved will I be in eCommerce PPC management?

    You can be involved in the PPC management process; we even have other clients who can work with us and give their inputs. Pay per click company, Biztech, has helped many companies to stand ahead of the competition and grow their business.

    Which types of PPC services do you provide?

    We provide different types of services like Amazon PPC services, Google Adwords management, Youtube PPC services, ecommerce PPC management, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

    How does Amazon PPC Management work?

    The CPC for Amazon is based on a second-price auction. As an advertiser, you submit a default bid for your ad, and the highest bidder wins the highest ad position with rank #1. However, with Amazon PPC management, the highest bidder does not pay the bidding amount. They pay only $0.01 more than the second-highest bid.