A CMS Cum Web Application with Custom Developed Modules


Proofread My Essay is a UK based company that offers quality proofreading services to students, professionals as well as business owners. Initially, the company used to work with students and offered “Pay as you go” option. It has recently come up with “Pay upon invoice” option for businesses and organizations so that they can submit bulk work and documents for proofreading. We developed the company’s website cum web application with custom modules and payment gateway and other integrations.

The Challenges

Powerful Shopping Cart Integration

Integrating a user-friendly and powerful shopping cart for the customers using which they can upload their documents and get it back after proofreading was a real challenge for us.

Xero Integration with Backend

The company wanted to integrate Xero accounting system to the backend for tracking/managing orders and handling customer payments.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

For the right flow of payment, the company wanted a secure payment gateway. This can help in undertaking safe and secure transaction done by admin, freelancers and customers alike at various occasions.

Personalized Coupons and Credits

A facility of generating coupons and discounts had to be integrated to the backend system. These coupons are user-specific and personalized.

WordPress Blog Implementation

Proofread My Essay wanted to have blogging system integrated for proper and easy management of blogs and other content available on the website.

Document status notifications

The client wanted a system wherein they can get the messages or push notifications whenever new tasks are added or a document is uploaded.

The Solution

Responsive Website Design

Given the ubiquitousness of mobile, the company wanted a responsive and mobile friendly website design to outreach a wider range of customers through their mobiles and addressing their needs. We used CakePhP for quick user output and faster website loading.

Xero Connection

Xero Accounting system was smoothly integrated with the backend of the website using CakePHP. We did this so that the orders can be easily generated by the admin and seamless transactions can be pursued.

CMS Structure Implementation in CakePHP

We conceptualized and developed a CMS architecture in CakePHP for the easy and professional management, addition, and modification of website content.

Wallet Credits

Sometimes, the transactions remain incomplete and the credit points are supposed to be added to the wallet of the client. We created a system through which admin can add the credit points and provide discount to the users based on their services. We also added the facility of applying coupons on the orders.

Search Engine Optimized Website

With an objective to be visible online, we improved the search engine ranking of the website by making the website search engine friendly.

Slack Integration

We integrated slack messaging so that the proofreaders can get notifications for documents that are in queue, status changes in the documents and for any new document that is uploaded by the proofreader.

Client Base

  • UK

Technology Used

  • CakePHP


  • Education & Elearning

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