2020 Will Bleed Into 2021 Tech

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

2020 Will Bleed Into 2021 Tech1

Happy new year!

With a new year comes new tech, and January jumps right into CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. 

All gadget shows were virtual in 2020 starting from March but none of those shows were quite this big. CES is an event that generally spreads over a number of hotels in Las Vegas, and has over 400 shows set up for hundreds of press and creators to attend. 

It is known to be the place to show off the wildest gadgets and meet people from the industry. 

That entire shebang moved online this year. Not only will it be unique, but it also seems to have stripped off the importance of the event a little bit. 

Companies like LG and Samsung who show off their new TVs at CES have already started announcing them. 

The things that will be announced will definitely be impacted by the year we just had, in terms of working from home, studying and teaching from home, as well as the flexibilities and restrictions that come with all that. 

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated certain kinds of innovation, companies and ways of working. Zoom became a household name, forcing Google and Microsoft to get their act together in terms of communication apps and services they provide. 

Someone made an app for iPhones that can do the work of an overhead camera because their partner was struggling to teach her class. 

Such a crisis is known in history to be the birth of innovation and never before have we had the tools at our disposal than what we had in 2020. CES starts Monday, and while we may know that Samsung is switching to mini LED, we definitely cannot anticipate the wild gadgets coming our way. 

Will it all ship at some point? Maybe not. Will it inspire good and bad ideas? Yep, and that’s all innovation is about. 

Boeing’s missteps in the plan they made, in the software fix for it, and in their marketing and lying should be a prime example of the cutting costs and trying to be greedy with your innovation is not going to win you too many races. While the settlement cost won’t put a dent in the company, the human cost of their mistake was much too high. 

It also works perfectly to show that a bad software fix for bad hardware will never be enough. If you are going to make a product, do it well. 

Overall, 2020 was a good year for the usage of tech, for personal lives, entertainment, fitness, work, and more. Tech companies managed to get work done even outside of their fancy buildings and they did good. 

The results of that will come to us over the next few months, starting from CES and I am looking forward to the events; from home of course.

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