11 Reasons Why Flutter is Better for App Development

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

11 Reasons Why Flutter is Better for App Development1

Flutter is an open source and free framework created by Google with an aim to develop cross platform applications with a single code base. Launched in May 2017, according to Statista it became the second most preferable programming framework in a short span of 2 years. Companies like Alibaba, Reflctly, eBay, BMW, and more across the world have chosen Flutter as their preferred programming framework.

Google developed Flutter with an aim to provide a perfect framework to make the development process easier with the help of a single codebase. Here are the major reasons why you should start with Flutter app developer for your next project:

Open Source:

Because of its open source nature, developers, designers, writers, and testers back it by constant updates to make it better. Moreover, it provides large documentation and access to multiple videos, articles, events, where developers get help for their projects. As a result, it helps in increasing productivity and requires low investment.

Single Code Based:

Flutter provides a solution of single code based i.e. write once run anywhere, this makes developing cross platform applications easy. This means, with a single codebase you can create two different apps (for iOS and Android). These apps work like native apps as a result, providing users with fast response and better experience.

Native App like Performance:

Flutter framework uses Dart programming language which makes apps perform like native applications. Dart is easy to work with and you can compile applications in native codes. Hence, it improves the application’s performance and provides native app-like performance. You compile code, and provide performance like a native app for Android, iOS, and Web applications.

Strong Community Support:

Google is backing Flutter with huge community support and as it is open-source it becomes easy to customize it. In just 4 years, Flutter has a huge community support of 1000+ developers. They can access a number of resources including articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, yearly and monthly events, and more. All these things have made it easy to develop applications efficiently.

Use Custom Widgets:

Flutter provides 1000+ in-built widgets for developers. They can also create their own custom widgets which let developers create intuitive user interfaces easily. Developers only need to create the UI element once and then use that widget. So, every time the widget is used, it automatically sets the designs in different screen sizes. Hence, this makes it easy for the developers to develop intuitive designs.

Hot Reload:

Hot Reload is one unique feature of this framework. It allows developers and designers to create interactive designs faster. If they have updated any new features or made some version changes, using hot reload the changes will reflect in real time.

Yes! You read it right. This has given more space to designers and developers to work independently and see changes in real time.

User Friendly UI/UX:

Having an appealing and user friendly application is essential to make your app stand out and successful. Today, having a great product design is important as it defines the success of your app. The layered architecture of Flutter allows full customization which results in fast rendering and flexible designs for different operating systems. So, making an interactive designed app is easier than before because Flutter provides built-in widgets of Material Design and Cupertino. This provides rich APIs, smooth natural scrolling, integrating these things in your application is easy.
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Develop Great Gaming Apps:

Gaming industry is expanding exponentially and with the help of Flutter it is one step ahead. You can easily develop gaming apps with Flutter and enter into the gaming market. In fact, Google’s cloud-based gaming platform Stadia is built on Flutter and supports Flutter app development. You can develop gamified-applications, intuitive UIs and game features by keeping performance and speed of the app a higher priority. So, get started with Flutter app development for your next game application.

Timely Updates from Google:

For years Google has been supporting and investing largely in Flutter to make it a next big solution for the app development industry. Following this, there are regular updates from Google’s Flutter team with relevant new features which helps developers. Not only this, Flutter also has a large community of developers across the globe which is ready to help each other and make app development experience better. Flutter’s annual conference is the place where all new features get discussed and launched. Recently, with Flutter 2, they have extended support to develop cross platform applications for 5 operating systems, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Reduced Development Cost:

With less development time, businesses are likely to reduce their development costs. Flutter has made this possible and today many small and medium scale businesses rely on it to develop cross platform applications. This has helped businesses to stay ahead of the competition and develop applications at nominal costs.

Firebase as BaaS:

Firebase and Flutter teams are said to be working very closely to provide best possible help to developers. Firebase works as BaaS i.e. Backend as a service; it handles all the complexities of backend for your Flutter application. Once your application is ready, in just a few steps you can host it on Firebase. Further, it will handle all the complexities of server-side and provide seamless experience to your users. Hence, the combination of Flutter and Firebase is a perfect solution for your app development business.


Flutter is a growing framework with great community support. As we saw in this article, some of its features makes it easy to develop and reduce code redundancy which will help you with Flutter app development efficiently. The constant support from the Google community is making it better with each passing year. Get started with Flutter app development for your next project and if you need help, our team of experienced developers are here to help you.

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