Report Generation Tool: Decrease Workload of Your Sales Team

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Report Generation Tool: Decrease Workload of Your Sales Team1

Working in the sales department is more complex than we think it to be. There are plenty of challenges that salespeople face on an everyday basis. It is difficult to handle clients, provide quotations, understand clients’ needs, convince them, and keep up with the constantly changing needs of the market and clients. One of the major factors affecting the sales team’s productivity is the lack of tools to work effectively, especially when generating various reports like invoices, purchase orders, etc. But, not anymore! With the help of technology, you can build a tool that helps your sales teams generate reports in a fraction of time and send it to customers easily.

Looking for a company that can help you build an extension to integrate with your Odoo ERP? We are here to help you! Rely on our Odoo development services, and we will help you build a custom tool for your business. The tool we develop consists of multiple templates, which helps the salesperson or admin choose the template that suits them and easily generate an invoice.

Going further, let’s see major features needed for the report generation tool:

What Report Generation Tool Can Do:


Report Configuration Template:

Your admin or sales team member can configure any templates and use them to generate reports like invoices, purchase orders, quotations, etc. Configure the project according to your business needs and brand it according to your marketing strategy.

Manage Report Styles:

Admin can customize reports with different font types, sizes, colors, Company Logo, watermark, etc. This will help them in making the reports the way they want.

Add Extra Content:

Suppose you want to add extra content in your PDFs like brochures, terms, and conditions, advertisements, etc. It will help you to market your services and communicate with your customers.

Multi-Language Support:

Providing multi-language support to your customers is important, especially when you are working at a global level. While developing custom products, we can provide support of multiple languages like German, Spanish, French, etc.

Wrapping Up:

Rely on our Odoo customization services, and we can help you build an extension for report generation. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we have experience catering to plenty of clients and helping them set up their business. Moreover, we can also provide you with other Odoo customization, which helps you to simplify your business processes.

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