Expand Your Business Exponentially by Leveraging IoT Solutions Optimally

Modern IIoT solutions have revolutionized the existing technologies and have enabled end users to optimize processes, maximize productivity, and maintain an edge in the global economy. IIoT requires technology that has a potential to solve the interoperability challenges of device connectivity. It accomplishes this by reliably and securely delivering data across the public domain at a much larger scale than previously thought possible.

“The value of the Internet of Things won’t be in the connections; it will be in the exponential amounts of data generated by those connections and processes.”

Let’s assume after a long and workaholic week, you get an unanticipated call from one of your most valued clients on Friday afternoon. They have a rush job and need it completed by Monday morning. After initial hesitation and panic, you agree to complete the project before the deadline as you don’t want to lose your client. You call your work units, arrange an urgent meet, and finalize the way forward.

The next day you are all set! The project is moving forward at a rapid rate. Perhaps, you were under the impression that you will successfully complete it by the end of Sunday. Everything is going exactly the way you wanted it to, and suddenly, a small yet significant part of machine breaks. And work grinds to a screeching halt! Now what? You have delayed the work and have possibly disappointed your client. And then, you die in utter embarrassment as you couldn’t live upto your commitment.

You lost the client, business, and some part of your reputation. However, you are smart enough! You take the time to think what you could have done better? How can you prevent the same thing happening the next time?

The modern IIoT solutions promise to make this type of scenarios obsolete. In the above situation, that small part never would have broken in the first place. Weeks prior, sensors would have alarmed the staff that it needed replacement. You might have managed the entire work efficiently during the off-peak hours, ultimately avoiding the downtime. This disaster would have never taken place. Your client would have been happy with your timely and excellent services, your reputation would have multiplied, your business would have maximized – and this all with just something as simple as IIoT solutions!

There are numerous benefits of the Industrial IoT, but the most important fact is, that it drives direct business value based on production data management at massive scale and near real-time speed. This value comes in three major forms:

  • Increased revenue through improved asset utilization and through introduction of new, smarter products.
  • Reduced operational cost through more efficient energy and resources utilization as well as improved worker safety.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through better performance, reliability, and usability.

Here are some exceptional ways to leverage IIoT solutions for more business and revenue:

Manage Resources Efficiently:

Industrial IoT solutions help companies cut costs and maintain a competitive advantage. In manufacturing industries, you can harness industrial IoT devices to monitor equipment and minimize downtime by predicting failures or misalignments on the production line. Industrial IoT solutions will help businesses save a good deal of time, energy and resources by alarming them about the unnoticed broken part before it turns into disaster.

Optimized Asset Utilization:

According to a World Economic Forum’s Industrial Internet Survey, optimizing asset utilization ranked the top reason to adopt IIoT technology with 79% of respondents citing “extremely important” or “very important” for near-term adoption. By connecting equipment into the IoT cluster, it is possible to automate performance analytics and calculate key performance indicators in real-time. This helps businesses to manage their assets optimally enough to save energy resources.

Social Responsibility: Enhanced Worker Safety:

According to the International Labor Organization, somewhere in the world, a worker dies every 15 seconds from either a workplace accident or from an illness or disease caused by their workplace. In the same 15 seconds, 153 workers will have a work-related accident. That’s 2.3 million deaths and 317 million accidents every year.

This is again an important area where Industrial IoT applications applications can make a significant difference. The IoT can also be used for timely, contextual notifications and smart safety prompts to minimize risk of negligence. Relatively easy to implement, the IoT solutions are now the easiest way to make working environment safer and more comfortable places.


Security & Access Control:

One can leverage industrial IoT services to implant security and access control over the production area. Sometimes, virtual security isn’t enough to resist the intruder invade the operational systems. Unauthorized access to production facilities can result in loss of both production and equipment. At times, it may turn out to be a disaster.

By using a sensor-laden parameter security, one can cut through a good deal of such potential threats. With the IoT, indoors positioning, and authentication technologies, it is possible to ensure proper authorization of personnel accessing specific areas within the facility. Further, violation of access rules can immediately fire an alarm, resulting in appropriate security measures.

Smart Metering:

Smart lighting is a breakthrough in terms of saving energy for industrial companies. In some cases, it allows cutting energy spending by half. Accurate measurement of resource utilization by applying smart meters is the best way to address cost optimization and sustainability problem. Deploying industrial IoT solutions (sensors) and smart meters, you can also ensure that your production meets all emission metrics and prevent unintended or accidental pollution of environment.

Final words

With all these real-life use cases, the Industrial IoT represents an exciting business landscape for modern companies. Each connected device or piece of equipment becomes an intelligent asset that provides unique data for generating new revenue and saving cost. Industrial IoT Services can help you take your business to the next level if implanted optimally. With the help of them, you can increase efficiency, safety, reduce downtime, and maximize your business.