Only 100 Days to Christmas, so Here are Some Holiday Marketing Tips

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Only 100 Days to Christmas, so Here are Some Holiday Marketing Tips1

100 days to Christmas!

Yes, the holiday season is almost around the corner, and like every other festival this year; the whole holiday season too will be dull and different. All of us have been staying indoors for almost a year now and celebrating every festival either over a video call or not celebrating at all. It’s just not festive anymore. And that has become the new routine.

Not only that, but these challenging times have also been challenging for traditional businesses as there’s no buying frenzy like the good old times. 

Shopping is or I’ll go to the lengths to say that it was the synonym of the holiday season. The will to buy things is zero and of course, many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic.

But all hope is not lost. In the midst of all this chaos, the eCommerce industry has seen a spike as online shopping becomes the new normal; the lucrative being able to opt for contactless delivery. It’s more of a necessity than a luxury. And the change is set to turn this way only. 

Hence, here we are with some tricks that can help traditional as well as online businesses to hopefully ‘sell-out’ during the coming holiday season.

Go Online

I mean, duh!

A step you cannot not take. Even if it’s out of your comfort zone and requires you to understand some different aspects of conducting business, do it. There’s no way around this, anymore. There are resources everywhere. Like this one:

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We understand that it is difficult to take the whole business online but start by taking baby steps and you are sure to make progress in the right direction. You can partner up with companies like us, just saying ?, who can help you to create your online presence; from the development of an estore to even advising you for marketing strategies.

Create a Holiday Special Marketing Plan

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If you are already online, then it’s time to step into your elves’ shoes and create a custom marketing plan keeping holidays as well as this pandemic in mind. You need to hit that sweet spot with your offers, discounts, reach out strategies, etc. that is in favor of you as well as your customers. Because this is not the time to be too greedy. Try and create a clear and concise plan with SMART targets that are properly understood by your marketing team. Also, update your team’s KRAs for the Holiday season based on the plan and objectives you’ve set for the same.

This will get every stakeholder on the same page.

How about a dedicated holiday section?

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Create a dedicated section on your website which has all the holiday-related elements. A holiday section that talks about discounts, has bright festive colors, some engaging elements, and the right set of products that reminds people to be festive, etc. When your customers land on your website, make sure this section is either the highlight of your home page or can be easily navigated to from the menu. You can also provide them with options like custom and specialized gifts, custom wrapping, and many more to get them and the economy in festive mode.

Try and Find the Change in Habits, Patterns, and Trends

The whole consumer industry was upheaved during this pandemic and is currently going through massive changes. The key to being successful in your holiday campaign is to identify these changes. Changes in patterns, habits, trends, needs, and more. Like according to the current situation, you can provide your customers with custom masks, gloves, or sanitizers, etc. complementary to your products or add them as a must-add on the checkout page.

Add that Personal Touch

Holiday season is for spending quality time with your friends and family. Add a personal touch to your products and surprise them with some small token of appreciation or gifts like free chocolates, dried flowers, a thank you note, or reminding them to wear a mask when they go out, etc.

This way you turn a regular customer into a loyal one.

It’s all about the details!

Your customers having trust in your business is very important. Make sure to provide them with complete details about your products, break down the costs at the checkout page so they have clarity of shipping costs or any other extra costs. If the shipment is delayed, then tell that on the checkout page itself. You can also provide them with estimated details about when their product will be delivered with a live tracking option. All these things will put their anxious minds to rest if they are ordering some essentials from you or something that’s expensive.

All these things will reflect on how transparent you and your company are with them. 

Holiday Marketing Copy

Content is everything. Hence, you also need to make sure that you use proper marketing copies along with the right images. The copies should be concise and crisp and deliver just the right message.

Pro Tip: Use these powerful and actionable words.

Show your customers the value of your products, ways it can help them, etc. This will help you get the correct customers and sell your products.

This year’s holiday season will definitely be different but not dull!

So, ready to get into the festive mode?

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