6 Amazing Ideas for Starting a Home Decor Business

Nikita Rohira

By : Nikita Rohira

6 Amazing Ideas for Starting a Home Decor Business1

If someone asked me, what adds color to your life? The answer would be HOME! 

Home is the place where we destress, brighten up our moods, and smile with joy. It has a whole set of emotions and this is why everyone, including you and me, want to decorate it with different themes, products, colors, and art pieces in order to make it more calm, comfy, lively, and beautiful.

The craze of decorating homes is so high that the global home decor market is expected to reach $838.6 billion by 2027 and many entrepreneurs and start-ups have already jumped the wagon in this business.  You might be having similar plans or at least a thought, considering you’re reading this article for some ideas. So, let’s give some artistic touch to your home decor business thoughts and plans. 

Before we start painting and adding a calm effect to your business idea, let me tell you that you don’t need a degree to start a home decor business and just a talent for expressing emotion through hues, contrasting products, and furniture. So, if you have that, just go for this business without giving a second thought. And if you don’t have that much knowledge about colors, arts, and decoration, remember, every master was once a student. Learn and grow! 

Alright, back to our home decor ideas…


If you have a knack for transforming old rooms or homes into new, fashionable style spaces, then you can start your home decor business featuring the newly renovated ideas and models. Everything from color contrast to wall art, furniture, and decor items can be suggested and clients looking for makeover or renovation can get in touch with you. To give a better experience or show your expertise, you can even provide different style-based solutions such as Bohemian Style, Mid-century Modern Style, Scandinavian Style makeover, Farmhouse, Urban Modern Chic, and more.


Check out the Fast Makeover Company website for remodeling business ideas.

Affordable and Online Sourcing

There was a time when hiring professional interior designers was a luxury. Now, it’s easy and can be done quickly through online platforms. You can start an online home decor sourcing portal where customers can upload the images of their space and designers from across the globe can share their design samples or bid for a particular. The client can then proceed with the designer they choose. It’s like a job portal where employers post their job requirements and candidates apply for it by sharing resumes. The main goal here should be to provide customers with every kind of home decor services and products from furniture providers to interior designers.


Source: Thumbtack

To know about this home decor business idea, check out Thumbtack, an outsourcing platform that ensures customers can find small home decor businesses across the US.

Furniture Re-upholsterers

Every few years, furniture needs restoration – be it a sofa, couch, chair, or kitchen set. If fixing it seems appealing to you, go for furniture reupholstering. You can offer to replace paddings, springs, fabrics, webbing, leather covers – a complete furniture restoration for both domestic and corporates with different types of furniture styles – modern, traditional, or antique. Besides restoration, also showcase your re-carved furniture and sell it.

Boksburg Upholsterers

Source: Boksburg Upholsterers

Boksburg Upholsterers is the inspiration that you need to start the furniture upholstering business. They provide a personalized restoration service to their customers. 

Style Profiling

We are often confused between the two sets of home decor items that we like. This chair or that one. To find an answer, many of us look for suggestions. This is where you can enter with your business, e-decorate service. For customers who have little to no experience with home decor or shopping home items, you can provide services to help them articulate their aesthetics and narrow down the choices. By asking questions, you can first understand their taste, and based on it, you can recommend products, designs, and different wall art. 

Along with their customized designs, you can also provide online design packages for rooms, kitchen, or outdoor – something your inner interior designer would love.

Stellar Interior Design

Source: Stellar Interior Design

An e-decor service startup, Stellar Interior Design can help you style your business plan.

Home Decor Store

Do you have an affinity for home products like curtains, railings, wall decor, lighting, showpieces,  or in-door plants? Then this could be the home decor business idea for you. You can start a home decor store that sells all types of home decor products. Or you can also provide specialized products, say, antique products, eco-friendly products, or a special category like lighting, carpets, and rugs. Don’t think people won’t buy from you. There are a lot of vintage, eco-friendly lovers out there, and also the ones who prefer specialization, over generalization. 

Depending on your business choice, you can start a home decor store offline or online. However, an online store would be a better option. 

Home Decor Store

Source: ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home, a home decor store that provides ornate lighting, tapestry-worthy rugs, tabletop accessories, etc.

Also: You can sell reused products and items. Not everyone can afford branded products and who doesn’t like getting a well-curated, high-quality gently used item at an affordable price. Like no one would drop this option! 

If you want to know if it would work, check out Charish, a San Francisco based home decor store.

Customized Solution

You can start a home decor startup that directly works with the artisans and manufacturers and sells the items on their website. For example, you can sell a wall art painting done by a specific tribe through your eCommerce store. Or if your customer wants a customized design such as an apple-shaped chair for their kids, you can get it custom ready. Also, you can cut down on the middle costs by purchasing the products from the manufacturers and can sell it at a lower price than other retailers.

Customized Solution

Source: R&Company

Choose any one from these or you can even merge two-or-more ideas and start your home decor business. 

What to do next?

After deciding your home decor business idea, look out for an eCommerce development company, and launch your eCommerce website. But why online, right? Because it provides a wider reach and helps in brand building. Also, just for your awareness, the examples mentioned above all have an online presence.

Don’t know how to start an eCommerce business? Read this comprehensive guide to the eCommerce business.


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