How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish?

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish?1

eCommerce holds a big opportunity for business owners to target global customers and expand within various territories. With the increasing demand of eCommerce, more and more businesses aim to enhance their online presence. This in turn also gave rise for businesses to create a shopping app.

Today the increased demand of using Amazon seller tools or creating shopping apps enabled IT companies to help eCommerce businesses create shopping apps with features that people actually love. This in a way we can say is a win win situation for companies, shop owners, and customers.

Today we get almost anything and everything online and looking at this rise it is now predicted by Statista that by 2021, 2.14 billion people will purchase things online.

This is a huge number for businesses and also the amount of accessibility and affordability eCommerce brings.

Today multiple businesses like Amazon, Wish, eBay, etc. are paving the way for eCommerce. Especially Wish, it untapped a hidden vertical of eCommerce and is a million-dollar company today.

Here’s what the blog covers:

Wish Business Model and USP:

Similar to other eCommerce platforms, Wish is like a middle man between consumers and users. Most of the products are sold by small businesses at affordable costs.

Selling low costs products has made Wish the most desired and number one eCommerce app for most people. It is useful by most of the people across the globe and is today one of the major m-commerce platforms.

Their core focus and major USP was to sell products at the lowest price possible. This business model made it possible for them to be competitive to big eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Wish business model has made their brand stand out from their competitors and have a strong customer base.

Let’s see some of the major reasons on why you should build a shopping app like Wish:

Mobile first experience:

There are millions of businesses which have converted their eCommerce store into an mCommerce i.e. mobile application. There are millions of mobile applications available on Google Play Store and App Store today where the mobile first experience is changing the way we purchase things.

People are more likely to choose mobile applications as it gives them an ease to buy things from anywhere at any time, pay for them right there, easy delivery, and return policies.

Fast delivery:

In this fast paced world, customers need their products to be delivered early. Providing fast delivery to your customers is one way to get the right customers. With a shopping app like Wish, you can provide them with an option to schedule their delivery date and time. This decreases unnecessary back and forth and provides better customer service.

fast delivery

Less Expensive:

One of the main USPs of Wish is its pricing. Connect your customers directly with manufacturers and sell products at less cost. Lesser costs, good products, more customers. This is the key. They make sure to provide the products at less cost compared to your competitors and attract more customers.

Customized Homepage:

You can provide your customers with customized homepage on the basis of their interests and previous purchase history. This helps them to purchase things which they require. You can also recommend them with products they might purchase on the basis of their previous purchases.

Verified Reviews:

Once your customers purchase a product allow them to leave a review of the product as well as service. Verified reviews from verified buyers help you to have more customers.

Following the Wish business model, understanding the above features and incorporating them in your e-store can help you to bring the much needed change in eCommerce business.

How to Make a Shopping App Like Wish:

Lots of things go to create a shopping app like wish for your customers and vendors/ manufacturers. Both of them play a vital role in having a successful eCommerce business. Additionally, there are different features that each of them requires.

To provide these different features you need to build different mobile applications. Dedicated each for customers and sellers/manufacturers. Let’s see some of the features you need to add in each of the applications:

Application for Sellers:

  • Create profile:

    Once your sellers/ manufacturers sign up in your application help them walk through it and create their profile. Help them set up their pictures, things they prefer to sell, number, email id, address, etc. Going one step further, you can even verify them so it becomes easier to gain trust of customers and provide them with the right product.

  • Add Catalogue:

    Provide your sellers with an option to add their catalogue. Create different categories, add titles, description, upload product images, costs, edit, delete the products, and many such details. These things help customers to know products in detail and if needed buy them as well.

  • Promotional Tools:

    Provide the correct marketing tools to your sellers which help them to stand out of competition. Different marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, etc. will help them to rank on online platforms. You can even provide them with different types of paid marketing options, insights, etc. with this they can understand details of their customer base. Things like country, age group, gender, their sales, etc.

    This data helps in creating a better marketing plan, understanding the audience, their requirements and selling products on its basis. If you are looking for a company with a strong marketing background then you can reach out to us. We have an experience of decades to help our clients make a strong marketing plan and have successful business.

  • Delivery Options:

    Provide an opportunity to select the particular date and time of the product. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary back and forth of delivery people and customers, leaving a good impression on your customers, sellers too can know which particular customer requires delivery when etc.

Going one step further, you can even allow sellers to show customers their working hours, per day delivery limits, etc. This creates a complete transparent process for customers and sellers. In turn, it helps to build trust of customers.

Application for Customers:

  • Create Profile:

    Once customers download your app and sign up, similar seller applications help them too. Upload images, provide the different options to select from to start their shopping, link bank details for hassle free checkout, etc.

  • Custom Homepage:

    On the basis of your customers’ interests you can show them various products on the homepage. This helps them to easily find products they might need. Additionally, you can even recommend them certain products on the basis of their previous purchase history.

  • Add to Cart/ Wishlist:

    This is the most needed feature today in mobile applications. Provide your customers an ease to add their favorite products in wishlist or carts. You can even let them shift their products easily from wishlist to carts and vice-versa. This lets them easily shop from your application.

  • Easy Checkout:

    Most customers abandon their carts when the checkout process is very lengthy or has difficulty to make online transactions. To overcome this make sure your shopping app like wish has short forms during checkout and provides multiple online payment options to your customers. This assures a decrease in cart abandonment and happy customers.

  • Final Cost Breakup:

    Another major reason behind cart abandonment is when customers see delivery charges are more compared to products or see any other extra hidden charges. To make sure this happens less provides your customers with a better insight into final costs while they checkout.

  • Fast Delivery:

    As you provide your vendors with an option of fast delivery, you can provide the same to your customers too. Allow them to select the particular date and time to get the delivery of the product. This reduces unnecessary back and forth of customers, sellers, and delivery people. Additionally, there are also very less chances of returning the products.

Still thinking what other features you can include?



Once you create two different apps for each of them then come a major task i.e. how to stay ahead of the competition. It is important to bring something new in a specific timeframe. Going further let’s see some of the ways you can stay ahead of the competition with your shopping app like Wish.

Perform competitive analysis:

Knowing and understanding your competitors is one of the most crucial things. Study their strategies, recent market trends, understand their marketing tactics, etc. These things will help you to realize a new way to promote your business and target customers.

competitive analysis

Good Customer Service:

Customer service is one of the most important aspects for any business. Giving the best customer service to your customers can help you get correct customers. One of the best companies for customer service is Zappos. They are widely known for their customer service and this has made millions of people purchase things from them.

Engage your Customers:

Building a strong relationship with your customers is very important. Create your business account on different social media platforms and engage your customers in a fun conversation online. This increases brand awareness, helps you sell products efficiently and have a strong customer base.

Language Translator:

Language in many cases can become a major barrier for businesses which aim to go global. But, with the help of various third party integrations it makes your tasks easy. So, if you are planning to target global customers then make sure your shopping app like wish uses language translator. It makes it easy to connect with customers and sell products.

language tanslator

Multi-Currency Support:

This is another thing you need to take care of while going global. Each country has a different currency and if you are planning to go global then it’s important to support multiple currencies. This makes it easy for your customers to know the exact costs in their local currency and avoid confusions of converting and all.

Creating a shopping app like wish comes with its difficulty for sure. But, with the support of mobile app development companies like it can become easy. Serving in the industry for the past 13 years makes us well experienced in the field of mobile app development.

For over a decade, we have created various types of native apps and helped our clients run successful businesses.


Monetization Strategies

Everyone wants to earn good from theri businesses. Here’s how you can monetize your app:

Freemium Model:

This is the most common model for maximum businesses. You can provide your shopping app for free to your users and sell certain products to them.

Provide your shopping app for free and once they make certain purchases you can unlock certain contents or users can buy them. This type of model is a go to solution for most of the apps because users always prefer downloading free apps over the paid one.

Premium Model:

In this simple model, users need to buy your app from play store or app store and then use it. This model is likely to get loyal customers as they can use the purchased product. But, talking about other sides of the coin following this model can attract a lesser number of audiences.

In App Purchases:

In App purchases are a widely used strategy just like the freemium model you can provide your shopping app for free to use and let users purchase your app if they want to use premium features from this. This model lets your customers try your shopping app and buy it if it fulfills their requirements.

In App Advertising:

Understanding your users’ area of interest, their likes and dislikes and then targeting your ads is one of the strategic moves which you can make. To apply this model you need to understand your target audience and then accordingly create a strategic plan to fulfil them.


This is the new pace in which the monetization strategy is moving. Your users can subscribe to your app select the subscription plan which is convenient for them and easily if needed can even cancel the plan. This gives flexibility to your users to try the app, select the plan which they can afford and on the basis of it use your app.

Now, comes a major question:

How Much Does it cost to Create a Shopping App like Wish?

As we know there are two types of OS Android and iOS and your shopping app like wish must provide support for both. Usually, you can create native android app and iOS has two different IDEs, two different backend and frontend, database connections and many more.

But, the problem with native app development is your mobile app development company will have to code twice everything, have different servers, and many other back and forth.

So, to overcome this problem, Flutter can be one stop solution. Build both android apps and iOS apps for your customers using one platform. Now once you and your app development company have decided the technology to create a shopping app like wish, comes cost.

To create a shopping app like Wish the estimated costing is $ 10,000 to $20,000. But this can vary depending on the factors like features you include in the app, technology used, location, etc.


Wrapping it up:

Helping your customers with shopping apps, by becoming a middleman between them and the manufacturers and providing them good quality products at the right cost is the key to success. There are ample of things which go into developing a shopping app like Wish. Starting from the first step of research to deployment, maintenance, and timely update of the features. But, with the right technology partner and team you can build the next big app like Wish.

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