How to Set Master Password in Odoo 16?

Priyanka Ghosh

By : Priyanka Ghosh

How to Set Master Password in Odoo 16?1


Odoo ERP has turned into one of the most promising ERP systems we have today. In fact, it has one of the easiest interfaces and can be seamlessly used even with limited technical expertise.

The ease of use and high customization capabilities makes Odoo an interesting choice for small and medium-scale businesses that need to evolve with time. Understandably, the ERP system protects its applications and processes with a password to avoid unauthorized access.

That explains the use of a Master password in Odoo. But, what exactly is the master password? Is it the same as the Admin password? Or anything else?

How do we set the Master password? And why? Should you reach out to an Odoo development company or can perform the task yourself?

I will help you unravel these answers with the help of this blog!

What is Master Password?

Odoo Master Password is required when you are attempting to do anything with the database. Whether you are creating a new database, accessing an existing one, modifying a database, or restoring a database, you will have to provide this password to start the task.

If you are accessing a database for the first time, the Odoo interface will throw a warning asking you to set a master password to secure it. In the next window, you can either choose a password of your own and enter it or pick the default password shown there.

P.S.: Make a note of the password as you will need to enter the Master password every time you are trying to access the database.

How is Master Password Different from Admin Password?

If you think about how Odoo ERP works, you have 3 entities to think of:

  1. Browser: To access the Odoo OpenERP
  2. OpenERP server: To access the database server and load a list of all available databases
  3. Database server: To gain administrative access to the individual databases

Basically, you need three passwords to be able to work with Odoo seamlessly.

  1. The db_password in the OpenERP configuration file to access the PostgreSQL.
  2. The “admin_password”, also known as the master password for site administrators, is used to access control for all the databases.
  3. The admin password is used by individual database administrators to get complete control over individual databases.

Here, the master password I am talking about is the password needed by administrators to access all the databases. This password is not shared with individual database administrators.

Now, let’s check how you can set it!

How to Set Master Password in Odoo?

Master password is used to create a new database, backup database, or restore a new database. If the User has not set the master password yet, then the Odoo interface will show a warning as below.

Set Master Password in Odoo-1
After clicking on the “set master password” link, you will see a popup from where you can set the new master password as shown in the image below.

Set Master Password in Odoo-2
If the user has not set a master password, then Odoo will generate a master password by itself which users can see while creating a backup of the database.

Set Master Password in Odoo-3
If you have set a master password, then you can add the master password and backup the zip file of the database as shown in the above image.

Users can also add the master password from the Odoo addons.

For that, path of the file is: odoo/service/

In that file function check_super:

User can set the master password in this function as below.

master password
Here, we have set the master password as “admin”.

So while performing any functionality regarding the database, we have to use “admin” as a master password as the below image shows.

Set Master Password in Odoo-4
After that, we will be able to create a database backup and restore the database backup successfully.

Set Master Password in Odoo-5
If we use another password, then you will see an access denied error message on the screen.

Set Master Password in Odoo-6
If the user adds the wrong password, then access will be denied.

Set Master Password in Odoo-7
After entering the right password, the database will be restored.

Set Master Password in Odoo-8
You can use the new database name to start the server.

After that, you will be able to see the new database name here.

Set Master Password in Odoo-9
Users can create a new database also.

Set Master Password in Odoo-10
After restarting the server with the new database name, you will be able to see the new database name here.

Set Master Password in Odoo-11
If you add the wrong master password, then an error will be displayed.

Set Master Password in Odoo-12


Setting up a Master password in Odoo is required so Administrators can access all the databases using a single password. With this blog post, you will be able to differentiate the Master Password from the Admin Password and learn the steps to set up Master Password in Odoo 16.

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