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Odoo 16: Expected Release Date, Features, and More!1

Odoo 16: Expected Release Date, Features, and More!

By : Maulik Shah

It’s official! Odoo 16 version is to be released around October’ 2022. After 15 successful version releases of Odoo and its journey from a tiny ERP to a full-fledged open-source ERP software, we will talk about its 16th version here, the expected features, and which businesses can benefit from it.

From observing the previous version releases, it is evident that Odoo is steadily evolving and adding numerous new features to their different modules in addition to code cleanup for efficient customer experience. And this time, it has announced to add several distinct features as well about which we will discuss here.

Let’s get started!

What is Odoo? Which Industries Can Benefit from Odoo 16?

What started as a TinyERP in 2005 has now become a full-fledged suite of crucial business management software products. While the core Odoo software is open source and is available for use by anyone and everyone, businesses are in for a subscription-based model to use more of the advanced ERP and CRM features that the product offers.

To give you a brief idea of how Odoo 16 (or any of its latest previous versions) can help the businesses and what kind of industries can leverage these benefits, I have created a few sections mentioned below.

I. What can businesses do with Odoo CRM/ ERP software (in general)?

If you recollect your biology lessons from school, you would know how the health of any human being relies on the functionality of the entire organ system? The Odoo software has similar stakes when it comes to managing various business operations.

Here, let’s look at the various areas of operation this Odoo software can cover!

  • Odoo CMS (content management system) for building websites.
  • CRM (customer relationship management).
  • Inventory and warehouse management.
  • Project management.
  • Project lifecycle management.
  • eCommerce.
  • POS (point of sale).
  • Invoicing.
  • Timesheets.
  • Accounting.
  • Planning.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Human resources, employee recruitment, and training.
  • Customer support.

Now, the Odoo community version extends its support for desktop CRM and ERP solutions. However, the enterprise edition supports cloud-hosted or desktop Odoo CRM and ERP accessible from any device and any place.

Since we will cover Odoo 16 in this blog, let us help you understand which industries have major uses of this software and can perform exceptionally well using its numerous features.

II. Which industries can use Odoo 16?

While Odoo 16 might not still be in the leagues of high-end CRM and ERP software vendors like Oracle and SAP, it is quite suitable for managing small-scale, mid-scale, and even large-scale business operations.

The various reasons suggesting Odoo (with Odoo 16 version release) as a renowned and fastest-growing ERP and CRM tool are – simplified business management processes, modern approach, out-of-the-box solutions, reduced costs, availability of free or community versions, and many more.

So, coming to the question ‘which industries will benefit more from the use of Odoo 16?’, we have curated this list for you. Give it a read!

  • Retailers (Irrespective of the fact whether you operate online or offline).
  • Distribution agencies.
  • Manufacturers (Tracking whether or not you have sufficient raw materials is always a hassle!).
  • R&D enterprises.
  • Accounting firms.
  • IT consultant companies.
  • Marketing firms.
  • Healthcare and hospitality industry.
  • Odoo partners and consultancies.

While these are some of the best and most popularly used industries witnessed for Odoo 16 software applications (based on past performances and trends), these aren’t the only ones where Odoo ERP and CRM software can have its best implementations.

Wondering why your industry didn’t make it to the list? Or, should you begin your journey with Odoo 16 going forward? We have the right answer for the same! All you need to do is connect with our team and our technical professionals will consult you regarding this matter.

For further assistance, you can also choose to hire Odoo 16 developers and get started!

A Sneak Peek to Odoo Version 15

After 15 successful version releases of Odoo, it is now planning for Odoo 16, which is to be released in October 2022. But, before we delve into what new features to expect and what’s in the stores for businesses using Odoo 16, let’s give you a brief idea about the last major version release, i.e. Odoo 15.

Odoo 15 was released in October 2021 with the motive of elevating the efficiency and productivity of any business using Odoo as their ERP or CRM software. Not only did the Odoo 15 release notes contain improvements to existing features, but also introduced exclusive features to improve the customer experience.

To name a few remarkable features of Odoo version 15, we have –

  • Discuss module.
  • New import screen.
  • New HTML editor.
  • Coupons & promotions in POS.
  • Adapt pivot and graph views.
  • Project burndown chart.
  • New command editor and command.
  • Purchase dashboard.

The Odoo version 15 sure had some new features along with improvements to existing features of Odoo version 14 that businesses could easily adapt to. And it will be interesting to see how Odoo 16 turns out in this regard. Only time will tell, whether there will be major changes in terms of new features or will there be more of a code cleanup and feature improvements.

And, with this Odoo version release fast approaching, businesses might wonder if the upgrade Odoo 15 to 16 is worth all the hassle or not.

Luckily, we have the answers (or so we think) to all such queries that you might be dealing with at present regarding Odoo 16. Check them out!

Odoo 16 Version Release: Expected Features

From being a Tiny ERP software solution to an open-source suite of business management software for small to large-scale enterprises, Odoo creators have always offered its users promising solutions. And with Odoo 16 release fast approaching, one thing we can all say for certain is that they will go for

  • performance boost, and
  • seamless user experience.

But, what will be the probable areas of change, and which new and exclusive Oddo 16 features to expect from this update?

We will discuss all the expected features for this version as of now!

Priority Areas for the Odoo 16 update –

  • Code cleanup and performance boost of the entire software by making tweaks and changes wherever necessary.
  • Accounting localization support.
  • Better user experience.
  • New and exclusive features.

Furthermore, let’s look at the expected features to be added in various key modules of Odoo 16 and their business benefits in detail.

1. Elevated user experience

Like every major update of Odoo, the Odoo release notes of version 16 hint at the elevated user experience of all major modules. As per the update, many user-friendly features have been incorporated to help operations like product management of the sales team or employee management of the HR team. The sign and marketing modules have also been redesigned for a seamless user experience.

Business benefits – Simplified user interface, ease of work or management from employee’s perspective, seamless communication, improved productivity, and elevated customer experience.

2. Accounting module

The accounting module is likely to see a lot of interesting features. They also explain how to create an invoice which businesses can surely benefit from.

  • It will be possible to generate Intrastat reports for speeding up the validation process.
  • With enhanced readability and information on VAT (value-added tax), journal audit reports will improve.
  • New bank reconciliation – accounting imports and multi-currency matching are some of the exclusive features that you will get with the version 16 Odoo release.
  • Credit limit alert for sales and invoices.
  • The asset enhancement module will see improved UX, easy cancellation, and accurate calculations.
  • An OCR-separate setting to create invoices for clients/customers.

Business benefits – Speed and accuracy in accounting-related operations, effective management, reduced operational headaches in accounting, quick invoice generation, and accurate audit reports.

3. Marketing module

In Odoo 16 version, you can now change the global attributes for your mailing list at a time without having to go through the hassles of integrations. The new upgrade will also allow users to create new and unique email templates from the templates designed in the past for smooth email marketing.

It will also be easier to import data and access email addresses and contact information. One can also retweet the old tweets to build their online presence on social media.

Business benefits – Time-saving, improved productivity, lower operational costs, improved social media engagement.

4. HR and Sign module

Multiple Odoo 16 features update is expected for the HR and sign module, as mentioned below –

  • A refuse to sign feature has been added.
  • Easy to assess employee skills and performance in a month with the help of reports and statistics.
  • Change or modify the role assigned to an employee as per request.
  • A ‘Stress day’ feature has been added which defines the priority tasks on any given day.
  • Easy access to check allocations, leave days, time offs, etc.

Business benefits – Excellent resource planning, improved leave planning, employee performance tracking, efficient project planning, and minimize loopholes in resource allocation.

5. MRP

The manufacturing module is expected to have many useful features with the version 16 Odoo update. For instance, we have –

  • Users are capable of dividing and merging all manufacturing orders for a more streamlined and sought-after process.
  • For any sales order, your customers now can track the status of the manufacturing order via the generated link.
  • With the introduction of a subcontracting portal, it is now possible to outsource the production registration to the subcontractors.

Business benefit – Streamlined manufacturing process, time-saving approach, improved transparency for customers.

6. Inventory module

From improvements to the incorporation of new features, the inventory module will likely have several changes in Odoo 16. So, what all to expect? Here’s what!

  • Businesses will have the option to force a backorder and get the item from the primary supplier instead of canceling the order each time their inventory shows an item ‘out of stock’. The new Odoo upgrade will automatically manage such orders and create less confusion.
  • Improves shipping methods and automated batches.
  • Updated tools that compute and estimate the visibility days left to restock inventory for replenishment orders or goods.
  • Force scan feature.
  • Pick and count.
  • Improved postcode filter.

Business benefits – Smooth business operations, hassle-free manufacturing or delivery of goods, easy scan operations, improved inventory management, transparent system, and better productivity.

7. Purchase module

The Odoo upgrade to version 16 has included some useful changes to the purchase module as well. From the Odoo release notes, you can expect –

  • A redesigned ‘call for tender’ option for enhanced performance.
  • Commercial invoices as per the business standards.
  • Shipping insurance meeting business standards.
  • Real-time sales and purchase order tracking for receipt or delivery.
  • Configuring and managing promotional offers, coupons, and discounts will be possible with Odoo 16.

Business benefits – More transparent system, improved performance, secured process, elevated user experience.

8. Website module

When opting to upgrade Odoo 15 to 16, these are some of the expected features you will see in the website module –

  • Managing the website front end as well as backend from a single view is possible.
  • A plethora of tools will be at your disposal for customizing the website as desired.
  • You don’t need to refresh each time you configure a website page.
  • More filtering and grouping features are to be implemented on the web pages.

Business benefits – engaging and interactive designs, time-saving, exclusive features, and many customization options.

While these are some of the expected Odoo 16 features, only time will tell what more users are in for. Stay updated to learn more about the Odoo 16 features, benefits, demand, and business use once the update hits the market.

Who Should Consider the Odoo 16 Version Update?

Now that you are aware of the various features and updates to expect from Odoo v16, deciding whether or not this is the best option for you will be easier. However, a few things are to consider before you make the final decision.

  • Are you already an Odoo user? It is to note that the Odoo community supports only the three latest version releases. Thus, if you are using Odoo v13 or any earlier updates, it is about time for you to perform an Odoo upgrade.
  • Small-scale, mid-scale, and large enterprises that need modern, flexible, and up-to-date CRM and ERP solutions.
  • Businesses that require to automate various manual processes and simplify their business operations.
  • Those who are facing issues with their existing CRM and ERP software.

Furthermore, one should go through the expected features mentioned above and make an informed decision about whether or not to migrate to Odoo 16 update. And in case you need any technical assistance for migrating to the Odoo 16 version upgrade, you can hire an Odoo developer who is reliable, proficient, and experienced. And Biztech can be a suitable place as we boast skilled Odoo developers in our team.

Connect with the team, drop your proposal, and get a query!


The regular updates of Odoo help the software become more flexible, feature-rich, and user-friendly and the same is expected of Odoo version 16. With the introduction of many new features to various improvements in modules, businesses are in for a streamlined, improved, and user-friendly experience. Nevertheless, the ins and outs of the Odoo 16 version release can be observed only after its release.

Till then, stay updated!

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