Get a Glimpse of Our Expertise in Mobile App Development for Various Industries

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Get a Glimpse of Our Expertise in Mobile App Development for Various Industries1

Biztech started with our CEO’s passion of building qualitative projects and having happy customers. We have been in the industry for 15+ years and have served 1000+ clients to help them build their business from startups to enterprise level. Moreover, our wide range of services have helped us to provide our clients with one-stop solution for all their needs.

Over the years we expanded our services and products according to market needs with an aim to provide quality services to our clients. This aim helped us to grow and expand our business, with 200+ employees, ISO 27001 certifications, and 1000+ clients. Hence, today we can say that with the growth of our company, we have also helped our employees to grow their knowledge.

Some of the services we provide to our clients include:

  • Mobile apps development
  • AI/ML powered development
  • UI/UX designing
  • DevOps
  • CRM/ERP services
  • Cloud services
  • Product engineering

And more.

These services helped us expand our domains and be the industry leader in for them. Going further, let’s see some of our projects in different industries which helped us reach where we are today.

Domain Expertise in Mobile App Development:



Online dating has become a huge thing in the past few years, all thanks to leading apps like Tinder, Bumble, Aisle, and many others. Millennials and GenZ prefer to date and make friends via online dating. Looking at the increased amount of usage, many people want to build an online dating app with their own USPs and help their customers connect with each other in a better way.

One of our clients, Asian D8, wanted to revamp their iOS-based dating app, targeting Asian audiences. We understood their requirements in detail and revamped their application by adding new features like in-app messaging, subscription-based model, etc. The new revamped business model provided them with an ability to increase their revenue and help their customers connect with each other.

Human Resource:

Human Resource is essential in every industry and it helps upper management to connect with their employees. Thus, making a HR team’s tasks hassle-free by developing an application has become a need of an hour. Many companies are developing applications and taking paper work online, reducing the workload of the HR team.

We have helped many clients in China, UK, and Egypt build an HR application and job portal for their company. We developed the software according to their business requirements which helps them ease their hiring process, manage their employees, leaves, etc. These things help the HR team to build a better team of employees, have a friendly work environment, and a great culture.


Revolution in healthcare and technology go hand in hand. The constant integration of technology in the healthcare industry makes it better with every passing day. Be it relying on AI and ML in detecting diseases or helping hospitals and pharmacies by taking their business online. We too have helped many clients of ours by building an application or eCommerce platform and taking their business online.

Leveraging technology helped these pharmacies and hospitals to serve around the clock. Moreover, patients can also place an order for their medicines, book doctor’s appointments, and much more. This helps healthcare professionals cater to their patients’ needs.


Productivity apps help people to increase their productivity and work efficiently. We have experience of helping our clients by building productivity apps like for note taking, reminders, etc., which makes it easier for users to carry out their important tasks.

Media and Entertainment:

Media and entertainment industry are booming like never before. There are millions of streaming services with apps, like Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and the list goes on. The demand for streaming and consuming content is increasing like never before, giving room for new companies to grow their business. Today many businesses are planning to launch their own streaming platform service and provide customers with more content. We have helped multiple clients with website and app development. On the provided platform our clients can stream their content and reach to wider audiences.

Retail & eCommerce:

Can we imagine our lives without purchasing things online? Of course not. Today there is almost everything we can get online, be it grocery, clothes, ornaments, and so much more. The benefits of purchasing almost anything and everything, which eCommerce stores bring can’t be compared to offline stores.

We have helped many companies to start their eStore by building websites and applications for them. This in turn helped them to increase their users, expand their business as they can serve globally, increase revenue, and more.

Customer Service:

Keeping your customers happy is a huge deal for any company. We helped many companies develop applications which helps them to serve their customers round the clock and in the best possible way.


We have experience working in multiple domains and helped our clients to expand their business needs. Today, having been in the industry for 15 years, we have expanded our comfort zones in the best possible way. If you are thinking of developing your application in any of the domains, Biztech can be your one stop solution for everything. Hire eCommerce mobile app developers, Shopify developers, designers, marketers, etc., and we will provide you with the best possible solution.

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