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Odoo Experience Event 2023 – Schedule a Meeting With Us1

For those who don’t know yet, the Odoo Experience Event is one of the best open-source business software events in the world. The event is held every year around October-November where you get the opportunity to level up your Odoo knowledge by meeting experts from all around the world.

As for 2023, the Odoo Experience Event is being held in Belgium from 8th to 10th November. With over 15,000 participants, 120+ exhibitors, 350+ talks, and infinite networking opportunities, this event is the new haven for businesses that want to digitally transform their processes.

Speakers from all across the globe will impart their knowledge on Odoo’s best practices, development secrets no one told you before, and functional capabilities for business growth. The talks will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask questions directly to the experts.

Now for some interesting news! The unveiling of Odoo 17 – Yes, the latest Odoo 17 update will be introduced during the Odoo Experience Event 2023.

Excited to uncover the future of Odoo with the amazing new features of Odoo 17?

We’re too! We are even more thrilled to announce that BiztechCS is going to be a part of the Odoo Experience Event 2023. As an Odoo Ready partner, we will be present during the event days at our booth where our presenters can take you on a transformative journey of business growth and success.

We intend to meet passionate entrepreneurs around the world, hear about their key business challenges, and assist in leveraging the best potentials of Odoo ERP.

About BiztechCS

BiztechCS has ventured into IT and consulting services since 2006 to become a global leader today. With over 16 years of experience and more than 300 tech nerds in our team, we are here to provide your business with the much-needed digital transformation.

Our developers adhere to all industry-standard security benchmarks and follow agile methodology for developing software much faster. Having worked on more than 1200 successful projects in multiple industries, we can help you in various ways including but not limited to:

  • CRM & ERP integrations
  • Software product engineering
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Quality engineering
  • eCommerce development
  • DevOps
  • Cloud applications
  • AI/ML development

Going forward, our vision is to lead the Asian, European, and American markets by 2026. By attending the Odoo Experience Event 2023, we intend to strengthen our knowledge of Odoo as a partner and connect with passionate business owners who are in need of our expertise.

Why is BiztechCS Going to Odoo Experience Event 2023?

As an Odoo Ready partner, we have over 50 Odoo professionals working with us to help with the digital transformation of your business. So far we have delivered 150+ Odoo projects successfully and are still counting.

Participating in Odoo Experience 2023, we aim to solidify our position as a trusted Odoo partner, gain insights on best Odoo practices, and network with businesses that are in need of our Odoo services.

Are you also looking forward to a transformative journey and optimizing your business processes for greater productivity, customer loyalty, and increased revenue?

Then, meet us at our booth (Hall 7, Booth L9) at Brussels Expo, Belgium from 8th November to 10th November 2023.

To schedule a meeting with us in person, please use the below link and book an appointment.

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