When is Odoo 17 Release Scheduled? Know All About the Upcoming Release


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When is Odoo 17 Release Scheduled? Know All About the Upcoming Release1


Odoo releases an update every year! The most recent release of this suite of business applications is Odoo 16 which was released on October 12, 2022. It came with several UI/UX improvements and new features in modules like accounting, marketing, MRP, website, and more.

The Odoo 16 update has surely been the talk of the town amongst startups, mid-scale businesses, Enterprises, and even Odoo developers who want to scale their business up and beyond. Now that we are already past the first quarter of 2023, we can expect another major update from Odoo.

Yes, we are talking about Odoo 17! You can expect Odoo 17 to release sometime in October 2023. Even though Odoo hasn’t released any official release notes for the update, you can still find some of the expected Odoo 17 feature releases here and there across social networking platforms.

But before I enlist those here, let me help you learn more about Odoo!

A Brief Overview of Odoo

Odoo was released as an OpenERP software in February 2005 by Odoo SA. It is a suite of business applications used for ERP, CRM, eCommerce, website, and project management. A decade later, the Odoo Enterprise edition was released to fund the operations of the Odoo Community version seamlessly.

If you compare Odoo Community vs Enterprise, you will see that the latter version comes with some exclusive new additions like accessibility using mobile apps, Odoo Studio customization, Odoo hosting, and unlimited functional support.

Today, Odoo has become a renowned name and is used by companies of all sizes from different industries such as manufacturing, retail, accounting, marketing, healthcare, IT consulting companies, R&D, etc.

The latest release Odoo 16 has been available for use since October 12, 2022. Some of the key highlights of this update include:

  • Elevated user experience with improvement in the command bar, faster backend page loading time, multiple dashboard views, etc.
  • Instant report generation, sales & invoices credit limit alert, OCR-separate setting for invoice creation, and auto-complete feature for forms in the accounting module.
  • Improvising mailing images and changing global attributes for the mailing list in email marketing.
  • Default auto signature option and refuse to sign option in HR modules.
  • Dividing and merging manufacturing orders, tracking the status of the manufacturing order, and more in the MRP module.
  • Dark mode in Odoo 16.

Now that Odoo 17 announcement is official, let’s look at what’s new in Odoo 17!

New Expected Features in Odoo 17 to Note

The Odoo Experience event is held every year and a new update is introduced to the community. Just like Odoo 16 was launched last year, the Odoo Experience 2023 is expected to introduce the new Odoo 17 version.

This year Odoo Event 2023 will be held in Belgium between the 8th and 10th of November, 2023. Here are a few things to expect from Odoo 17 updates!

I. More fine-tuning in the Odoo UI is expected

Odoo UI is expected
Image Source

Odoo UI is expected-2
Image Source

You can see some UI/UX refactoring in the new Odoo 17 version. While we still have no news of user experience enhancements, we do have these glimpses of the new user interface to expect. You can observe some changes in the icons alongside their colors.

You can check more about the new UI interpretation here at

While some users loved the new UI adaptations, some found the icons too distractive and colorful. Some even worried if the icons can translate the true meaning of the respective apps. Now, we can only wait to see how Odoo upcoming version will meet user expectations.

II. The search view will be more advanced than ever

The search view
Image Source

One of the greatest additions in Odoo 17 is going to be its advanced search feature. With the help of advanced search, you will be able to find more specific records by applying filters. And not just one filter, but multiple filters with several rules to choose from.

As evident, the search is going to be more powerful than ever. It will surely add to business productivity and improve user experience with options like Filters, Group By, and Favorites.

III. Shortcuts to access Odoo PWA



Working with Odoo PWA (progressive web apps) is going to get simpler with the introduction of shortcuts in your smartphone. The R&D team of Odoo 17 did explore the shortcut method allowing users to quickly access various significant apps of your Odoo instance.

You can expect to see this amazing feature in Odoo 17. However, we still have to wait till its release notes are introduced to be certain.

IV. Quick selection of records using keyboard



Selecting/Unselecting records will be effortless with Odoo 17. The new interface will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to select and Shift key support for multiple selections. You will also have an ‘Unselect all’ button to unselect the selected records.

V. Freeze list and Kanban column headers while scrolling

When you scroll to access more data, the list and column headers weren’t visible, causing a little inconvenience to users. However, by freezing the list and Kanban column headers even when you scroll, you will be able to access the list more effortlessly. The readability is expected to increase.

VI. “New” button in place of “Create”

The “Create” button is revamped as the “New” button. Although this feature was suggested for Odoo 17 only, it was backported to Odoo 16 as well.

VII. Adding Sale order products from catalog view

Adding Sale order products
Image Source

You can now choose products, and add or decrease the number of products of sale order directly from the catalog view. New Odoo 17 will let you add these products more conveniently.

VIII. Reminder for documents waiting for your signature in Sign module

Sign module
Image Source

In the Odoo 17 Sign module, you will be reminded of the documents that are yet to be signed after you finish signing a document. You will have the option to choose whether you want to sign the document at the moment or want to ignore it.

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Wrapping Up

Mentioned above are some of the Odoo 17 expected features of the release. While you can already see some major improvements in its user interface and user experience, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With more passing days, more interesting new features of Odoo 17 will be revealed. Want to know what features finally make it to the list of Odoo 17 release notes? Then, stay tuned for more updates!

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