5 Top Principles to Market a Business The Right Way

A quote, from one of the most famous writers George R.R. Martin, goes something like “Every flight begins with a fall.”

This is from the world-renowned series “Game of Thrones.” I am sure you’ve also binge watched it just like us.

Don’t worry, this blog post is not about crazy GOT theories.

The reason why we chose this quote was how well we, as a consultant online marketing company, could relate it to the Marketing field and its activities. With Marketing, there is no telling if the current strategy would work better than the last one. There’s reliable data, of course, but the rate at which the market is changing; every strategy has some or the other unpredictable elements.

The field of marketing has changed drastically during recent years the way technology has engulfed the wider area.

Because of the rise of technology, every industry has experienced transformations ― durable products, financial industry, food industry, and many more. The same way, the technology industry with the addition of many fast-innovations, has transformed the way marketers work.

Gone are their days of being limited to the regional target audience, print media, billboards, etc. They have not altogether abandoned the traditional ways but they sure are coming up with unconventional ways to use them.

For instance, this fun and unconventional billboard campaign by Spotify after being recently launched in India can summarize our whole introduction part.

Spotify Billboard Marketing

This billboard is crafted keeping Indian Youngsters, the trends they follow and the major Indian phenomenons like the love for Sarojini Market in mind.

So, after carefully observing the market over a period of 12 years, we have summarized the new wave of marketing in an array of principles required to market your business in today’s competitive age.

But first, let’s have a look at the past & present marketing scenarios…

Understanding the Difference: Traditional Marketing vs Digitalization: Modern Marketing

Before the age of Digital marketing, the scope of sending a shout out of your business to customers was difficult. Newspapers and TV ads were the only major platforms available. Marketers had limited space and words to fit their message in the distinguished space that was supposed to capture people’s attention and create a lasting brand impression on their mind. Similarly, TV ads would provide 15 -30 seconds slot to run a video ad. The best use of technology at that time was to play.

the same ad every time to achieve the fine balance between the viewer’s reach and brand awareness.

One thing that marketers could not crack with these classical ways was the calculation of ROI of the campaigns.

Sure the footfall increased after the campaign but which billboard made the highest impact & in which vicinity, what demographics perceived the campaign well, etc. These questions need to be answered after the campaign to determine the success and failure of the same.

But these limitations were overpowered after the rise of digital marketing.

With the addition of new & scalable platforms to market on, the marketers have the power to personalize the reach out to their customers and even apply retargeting techniques to the highest performing segment of users.

With marketing digitally, the marketers have that power to control the frequency of ads shown to customers, target the limited users to attain the maximum possible results and what not.

Now, let’s explore the modern principles of marketing.

Don’t Just develop, Create an Experience

Initially, it was simple.

A customer comes to your shop, salesperson describes the product features, customers make their choices and purchase the required product. That was it. The entire sales funnel.

There was no meeting point of the marketing funnel and sales funnel.

But today, with the highest importance given to the online presence .i.e your website, it becomes easier to align the marketing & sales efforts. You also have great technology as a backbone to create a website keeping user experience in mind which helps navigate the users to your funnel.

And with everyone bringing their A-game on the web, it becomes necessary for you to educate your users about the products and services.

Suppose you sell t-shirts. So, you need to educate your customers about the product and create a wholesome experience.

And this experience begins with creating a visually appealing product page and then educating them about the product.

When I say educate about the product, it doesn’t mean you have to tell your customers how to use a t-shirt.

What I mean was tell them how your t-shirt is made, what materials you use, how you came up with the design, videos on how to create a look with your t-shirts and all the minute details. Because believe me they would love to know what makes the product they will wear different from the rest.

Don’t forget to add the bad part. The possible difficulties they can face during the usage and how to tackle the same.

Give them a 360-degree view and they will never be disappointed.

A remarkable example of it is created by the technology giant Dynamics CRM. It educates its users on how to effectively use their products at each & every stage.

Maintain Communication with Customers (Online and Offline)

A company selling products or services regardless of their complexity would be aware of their customers’ behavior. One of the best success strategies is to make the most of customers’ time and to cater their needs at every touch point.

Dropping a thank you email after a purchase sure goes a long way but it is not enough to create long-term relationships with them. A defined communication cycle where you send them emails after some days of purchase to ask their experience with the product is equally important.

On the other side, it is mandatory to maintain offline contact with your customers as well. A discussion about your new product features in person could shape a customer’s view about your product more than a small email explaining features.

Big companies like Adobe believes in the power of live events. This company experienced an unexpected level of growth after maximizing their live events. Because nothing can beat the power of the essence of your brand and your customers coming together and forming a relationship as a whole.

Creativity is a Must

Creativity is a Must

Yes, It is necessary. To keep your business going all the way through the decided path.

Even with all these digital transformations, you need to be creative. Creative in such a way that it directly speaks to your audience.

Also, to push your product teams to create a better version of the existing product, marketing efforts and everything else that falls into that space.

It’s quite simple. Once your business gains that stable growth and a defined set of audience, try to expand the horizon of your products.

From a product perspective, think about how you can provide it in a way that provides and help your users to ease their tasks. And from a marketing perspective, what could be another way to maximize the sales of your products. Is it creating new campaigns? Or pitching clients with different pitches to experiment?

Whatever works for you, choose that. And go towards success. It’s right around the corner.

Nurturing: A Post-Sales Custom

Selling a product or service to customers means they are investing not only in your product but in the experience you are about to give them.

While pre-sales activities help you sell the product, post-sales activities make sure the customer continue with your brand as long as possible.

Enterprises, as well as SMEs,  can improve their post sales cycles to eliminate the customer dissatisfaction.

Basically, during this cycle, you need to understand customer behavior towards your product. How are they using your product, what problem is your product solving, when are they using it the most, the go-to feature, etc. An experienced Online Marketing Company will have all the answers to all these questions.

Based on the above-mentioned questions you can try selling more to them by applying cross-sales and up sales strategies. These strategies may differ from customer to customer. This way, you can improve the customer experience via enhancing your engagement with them and improving your revenue numbers simultaneously.

Don’t Do it Alone

You own a business. Therefore, it is important for you as a business owner, to have all the required market knowledge. But a trained Digital Marketing Company could better understand the market and the industry as a whole and can help you in establishing winning marketing strategies.

A Modern Digital Marketing company can offer a wide range of services including SEO, PPC, Marketplace services, SMO, even other website enhancements like creating a user experience which makes it one giant domain as a whole.

In the 21st century, where competition is something you have to combat every day, the best approach is to choose a renowned Online Marketing Company which help you redefine your masterplan to obtain stable business growth.

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