Revolutionize your Online Business with Mobile Apps

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Revolutionize your Online Business with Mobile Apps1

The Internet has brought a significant revolution in the world today. In current times, we cannot imagine our lives without the internet. With such an immense boom, it has also changed the way businesses function. Many companies took their business online and are growing their customer base.

The Internet has left a huge impact on consumers to make their daily lives decisions as well. Today we all prefer to purchase things online and make decisions based on online feedback from other customers. The ease to purchase things online with just a few clicks helps boom ecommerce companies and provides them with a platform to serve customers better. The ecommerce industry is booming like no other industry and over a course of time, the focus has slightly shifted to m-commerce.

We all know how much people use mobile phones today and how it is revolutionizing the way we access information and shop online. With the increasing demand of the mobile phones there is a huge increase in the mobile app market as well. It is crucial to match this demand for mobile apps with m-commerce apps if you want to sell online. Many big companies launched their mobile apps which helps them to provide more ease to customers.

Having a mobile app for your ecommerce business is crucial. Mobile apps are changing the way users shop online and if you are a one of the ecommerce companies who is thinking of ecommerce mobile app development and all the possible reasons behind why you should build, etc. you are at the right place. Herein, I will walk you through why ecommerce businesses need to have mobile apps and ways to increase their sales and customer base.

Why eCommerce Business Needs Mobile Applications:


Mobile-First Experience:

According to reports from Statista, there are more than six billion mobile users and estimates to grow by a hundred million users in the coming years, with China, India, and the United States leading with maximum users. Today more and more people prefer to have mobile phones and shop things from the application directly as it is much easier and often comes with nifty little features that improve the overall experience.

Users can easily download the application from the store, create their account, search for the products they want to purchase, add them to the cart, and checkout. The entire process of purchasing things online makes it way more convenient. With everyone offering online shopping, something like this can make them want to come back to your store and even recommend it to others.

Have Competitive Advantage:

Building mobile applications will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Today, having a website works but having a mobile application helps you stay one step ahead. Customers prefer mobile applications over websites as it brings more ease in shopping online. Hence, having mobile applications will have more advantages over others platforms as it will help you attract more customers.

Higher Conversion Rates:

At the end of the day, everything is about conversion rates because the number speaks louder than anything. When you compare conversion rates between websites and mobile applications, you will realize that mobile applications have more conversions. Consumers can easily interact with your application, and as a result, they can easily search the products they want and add them to the cart. One of the major advantages of mobile applications is that there are fewer chances of customers abandoning carts, and you can build a personal relationship with your customers.

Improve Marketing Campaigns:

To survive the difficult market, you will have to market your USP and provide reasons to customers as to why they should use your product. With mobile applications marketing, there are multiple ways to make sure that your customers are returning. Some of the best ways to market your application are sending users push notifications, email, discount coupons, etc.; this helps you retain existing customers. To get new customers, you can partner with other websites to promote your app, contact influencers, etc.

Increase Average Order Value:

With each passing year, you decide on a new goal for your business that you aim to fulfill using mobile application, you come one step closer to this goal. Mobile application helps you to increase your average order value.

How does this work?

We all know how many benefits mobile applications bring to users; additionally, your services help you retain them, and in turn, they will purchase more from your store. This entire journey helps you to increase your sales and average order value. There are fewer chances of cart abandonment with the mobile application because there are quicker ways to bring them back to the cart.

Create Personalized Shopping Experience:

Personalization is the crux of any business. Providing your users with personalization helps you to retain them. Understand your customers based on their purchase history, location, age, gender, etc., and accordingly recommend products. This will help you to target the correct set of customers individually and provide better personalization.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

For any business, it is important to have a loyal customer base, provide them better service, and make sure they keep coming back. To retain customers, you can carry out customer loyalty programs that benefit customers and help you retain them. You can include early access to sales, major discounts, free delivery, coupon codes for being your loyal customers, and more. These will keep them coming back.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates:

Cart abandonments are the most frustrating thing for any business as customers are hardly a few steps away from making the final purchase. So, it becomes difficult to know which factor changed their decision on the last step. You can ponder over questions like:

  • Extra costs of shipping and tax
  • Long checkout process
  • No clear break up of costs
  • Website crashed
  • Payment gateway didn’t respond
  • Didn’t trust the website with the credit card information

These are some of the common issues which customers face and are likely to abandon the cart. So, working on these issues and solving them will help you decrease your cart abandonment rate and have happy customers.

Better Customer Service:

Customer service can take you to places you never imagined. Companies providing best-in-class services are very likely to retain customers and grow immensely. Understand your customers’ needs, recommend the products and services accordingly, and solve all their problems like product returns and exchange. Better customer service will take you to many places and help you have a loyal and strong customer base.

Increase Retention Rates:

Applications help you to increase your retention rates which helps you to grow your business. Another major problem is getting new customers is expensive and challenging, so it is better to retain existing customers and serve them better. With a mobile application, it becomes easier to retain customers.

Better and Enhanced UX:

The design of applications has a major role in making sure that customers can use them efficiently. UI/UX of any application impacts how users interact with your application and can easily navigate. The easier the application is to access, understand, and navigate, the better will be customer retention rates.

Target NextGen:

There is an immense increase in mobile phone users, and millennials are your perfect target audience. NextGen customers are very likely to shop things online from mobile applications as it is easy and convenient. So, tap the potential of the NextGen market.

Next up, let’s see five important features to make your application stand out:

5 Important Features for your Application:


Voice Shopping:

Voice shopping is bringing a new revolution in the ecommerce segment and changing the way users purchase products. Below are the three benefits of using voice shopping:

  • Speed: Voice searching is 3.7 times faster, which provides customers quick results and helps customers to make faster decisions.
  • Convenience: Voice shopping is more convenient than text searching as users just need to speak what they want to purchase, and based on their past purchases, voice assistants ask, and on further commands, the assistant places an order.
  • Adaptability: Voice shopping is the new normal. It is growing at a rapid pace, and people are getting accustomed to it.

Social Commerce:

Thanks to social media platforms, social commerce is booming like no one else. If your major target audience is millennials, social commerce is the perfect solution for you. Many customers prefer to purchase things online from social media platforms. You can reach a wider audience, increase customer engagement, promote your brand, and generate higher ROI. Create your business on social media platforms and reach out to a broader audience.

Omni Channel Experience:

Omnichannel is a brand new way of marketing your products and services. It is about providing better services to your customers. When providing an omnichannel experience, you need to make sure that your customer has the same experience offline and online. For example, your customer searched for something in your mobile application but didn’t make the purchase. So, after a particular time, you can send them a push notification about a certain discount in offline/online stores. Notifications will persuade customers to purchase things from offline or online stores. When starting with ecommerce mobile app development just make sure to provide users with the seamless and same experience at all the touchpoints. You can use dynamic QR codes to ensure bridging your offline to online stores. Using a dynamic QR code generator you can create unique trackable QR codes and place them in accessible locations for your potential customers to scan and be directed to the online stores, this ensures a seamless and interactive experience at the touchpoints with a human touch to technology.

Mobile Payment Options:

Online payment has become the common way to purchase things. Without any hassle, users can easily make online purchases via different payment gateways. In your application, integrate multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Debit/Credit cards, etc. Multiple payment options will allow users to choose the preferred payment gateway. That convenience can make a sale.

Mobile Chatbots:

Mobile chatbots are already useful for ecommerce mobile apps, but in recent times they are being integrated with mobile applications. These AI-powered tools can help businesses to provide a better customer experience.

Below are certain benefits of chatbots:

  • Better analysis of customers’ preference and work on their recommendations.
  • High customer engagement of m-commerce apps as you communicate with more clients.
  • You can provide 24/7 support for resolving queries and complaints.
  • No investment at all and less cost compared to hiring human resources.

Next up, let’s see the top five examples of companies who are ruling the m-commerce market.

Example of Best Mobile Apps:



Walmart has a huge market share, and we all know that it is our go-to place for purchasing anything. Using their application, users can easily order things online and get them either delivered or even pick them up. Today customers can easily purchase things online at much-discounted prices and get personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases.


When we talk about m-commerce or ecommerce, no one can beat Amazon. They paved the way for companies to come online and run their business. Today, you cannot purchase from Amazon; they have all products A to Z just like their logo denotes. Thanks to Amazon for changing the way we purchase things online and providing more ease to customers and businesses to purchase and sell their products. Today Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world with much market share.


eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces which allows users to sell and purchase products. You can easily sell your products at much higher prices. They also have a global shipping program which makes it easier for customers to purchase and sell things from anywhere across the world.


Groupon is like coupon codes that help you to get certain discounts and coupon codes on your next purchase. Depending on your location or the store you are in, the app will notify you of discount coupons you can use while you checkout. If you are not using a mobile app and checking their website, you can carry the print of the coupon code on the cash counter; this will help you get certain discounts. Groupon has a huge customer base, and on every purchase you make via their coupon codes, you can get certain discounts.


Having an application for your ecommerce business is essential. Mobile applications will help you build relationships with your customers directly and provide a better customer experience and service. The m-Commerce market is booming and benefits companies a lot. So, if you are planning to start with mobile app development, you can reach us. We helped many companies to start with their ecommerce business and helped in mobile app development as well as ecommerce web app development. Our experts will help you at each phase of mobile app development.

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