Tesla And Apple Could Have Been Partners, Not Competitors!

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

Tesla And Apple Could Have Been Partners, Not Competitors!1

Tesla has been in the news for some interesting reasons lately. Elon Musk revealed that back in 2017 when the company was struggling, he reached out to Apple to get acquired by them. However, Tim Cook refused to take this meeting. 

I think it is one of the best things to happen to Tesla. And is overall good for Apple, considering all the lawsuits the silicon valley companies are going through for anti-competitive behavior. 

Since this supposed proposal, Tesla has come a long long way. Not only has the company delivered fantastic cars, but it has also inspired other car manufacturers to slowly introduce electric cars. Tesla also happens to have the best charging network. All this is of course apart from the huge strides they have made in autonomous driving technology. Neither Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving unit nor Uber’s (now Aurora’s) Advanced Technologies Group vehicles have achieved this. Neither is being used by actual customers. 

Tesla cars are used by customers and come with software updates that make them better. If they flew, they would be straight out of The Jetsons. 

This piece of news, via Elon Musk’s tweet, came on the heels of a report by Reuters that Apple is making a car. The Cupertino mammoth has been in the news for a potential car for over half a decade now, but all hope was lost when they let go of over 200 people who were working on it, last year. 

An Apple car, if it ever materializes might be sleek, space grey, and beautiful. It will be electric and even autonomous. 

If they had acquired Tesla 3 years ago, they would have already reached there. However, Tesla is doing great on its own after that very rough patch where it was hemorrhaging money. 

On to lighter things, the New York Times’ crossword is now available in AR. 


AR is often used for gimmicks right now, at least for casual consumers. But if these gimmicks manage to stick, they can always inspire a more utilitarian idea for the technology. It is not just about what you are using it for, but more about what you could use it for. If a new kind of technology becomes common to the masses, it can inspire unique, helpful, and perhaps even affordable uses. 

In other use of doing fun things with technology, The Puddling created a snarky little bot to roast your music listening choices. If you use Spotify, that is. It is funny and completely unnecessary but also a sarcastic take on Spotify’s upbeat, congratulatory annual Wrapped. We like it when tech doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is enough of that already, in tech and otherwise. 

The tech, after all that that 2020 has thrown at us, has been good this year. 2021 is nearly here, and new tech awaits us.

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