Why Vue.JS is the Go-To Framework for E-Commerce Development?


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Why Vue.JS is the Go-To Framework for E-Commerce Development?1


Developing an eCommerce website or application is more complicated than before because of today’s immense competition. Thus, choosing the right technology, picking the right features, and onboarding the right development team become imperative decisions that influence the completion of a successful eCommerce application. 

Today, we will discuss one critical choice—the technology for eCommerce development. In this blog post, we will see why and how Vue.JS for eCommerce works and can be chosen for developing online stores before you Hire Vue.JS Developers.

Understanding Vue.JS framework

Vue.JS is an open-source MVVM (Model, View, View Model) framework developed under the MIT license. It uses the Typescript programming language and is used for developing user interfaces and single-page applications of any complexity. 

Working with the Vue.JS eCommerce website framework does not require you to have hands-on experience with many programming languages. Developers skilled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript can leverage the various features of Vue and develop engaging and interactive interfaces for web applications.

Benefits of Vue.JS for eCommerce

When it comes to developing an eCommerce website or app, several technologies may come to your mind. So, what makes Vue.JS the best JS framework for eCommerce? 

Let’s check the various benefits of the same! 

  • Ease of Use
    Vue.JS is one of the easiest-to-learn frameworks, and at the same time, easy to work with. Developers don’t have to learn any latest fancy technologies to be able to work with Vue. Rather, developers proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript can easily get familiar with the Vue.JS framework. The codes are written in single-file components that are readable and easy to maintain.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    You can use Vue.js eCommerce solutions with your existing projects and gradually modify your web application as per your needs. Applications built using Vue.js can be scaled up to accommodate your growing customer base and handle even high surges in traffic. Thus, your complex project requirements can be easily met with Vue.JS in the picture.
  • Fast and Lightweight
    Vue.JS is one of the most lightweight frameworks we have today, weighing around 18 to 21 KB in size. Being smaller in size, it is easy for developers to download and use it. However, the smaller size does not indicate poor or slow performance. Rather, you can expect it to be on par with other popular frameworks, such as Angular and ReactJS, in terms of performance.
  • Improved User Experience
    Based on MVVM architecture and two-way data binding, any change in the user interface is immediately reflected in the data model and vice versa. The real-time update ensures complete transparency, interactivity, and responsiveness of the eCommerce website.
    You can also leverage V-bind or V-on to seamlessly manage user interactions and update the user interface in real time.
  • Performance
    The eCommerce strategy framework Vue.JS excels in performance, featuring a virtual DOM and efficient rendering algorithms. By reducing the direct manipulation of actual DOM, you attain faster rendering and quick updates, thereby improving your application’s performance.
    It also helps with code simplicity as developers get to work with an abstract representation of virtual DOMs. Thus, developing complex user interfaces becomes a piece of cake.
  • Component-Based Architecture
    Like other popular frameworks, Vue.JS also is component-based. It helps you divide complex user interfaces into smaller components, which are developed independently without any interference or dependency. These components are reusable and can be managed and scaled at your convenience.
    Thus, even if you are developing a complex eCommerce application with extensive functionality, Vue.JS is an excellent choice for it.
  • Comprehensive Ecosystem
    The rich ecosystem of plugins and libraries makes Vue a perfect choice for developing eCommerce applications. Right from a robust routing system such as Vue Router to UI components like Vuetify and rich state management solutions like VueX, you have plenty of options to develop a highly competitive online store.
    Furthermore, these Vue Development Tools help improve developer productivity and attain faster time to market.
  • Elaborate Documentation and Support
    Though Vue.JS is not as mature as other frameworks of the league, it has elaborate documentation that makes it efficient for developers who are new to the technology. They can explore the various basic to advanced concepts and use the Vue eCommerce framework.
    You can check out the various API references, tutorials, and official guide for step-by-step instructions and examples to seek further help with development if there’s a challenge.
    As you can see, developing a Vue.JS online store has several benefits. But, how does it compare to other similar technologies when it comes to eCommerce development? Let’s check that!

How Does Vue.JS Compare with Other Technologies?




Programming Language 

Typescript Javascript  Typescript 
Architecture  MVVM MVC  MVC/MVVM 
Framework Size  58.8k  97.5k 143k
Syntax  Virtual DOM  Virtual DOM  Real DOM 
Scalability  Template-based  Component-based  Modular development structure 
Data Binding  Bidirectional  Uni-directional  Bidirectional 
Code Reusability  Yes (HTML and CSS) Yes No (CSS only) 
Learning Curve  Easy  Gradual  Steep 
Community  A growing community with elaborate documentation Large community  Huge community 
Use Cases  Lightweight applications, apps with intuitive user interfaces like eCommerce apps, and applications with short turnaround time  Cross-platform applications, MVPs that require quick development and deployment, extending app 

Large-scale applications, 

Real-time applications, scalable applications 


Vue.JS eCommerce development comes with a lot of benefits. Right from the elevated performance by use of virtual DOM to its extensive suite of developer tools that help make engaging user interfaces and experiences. 

You can leverage it to your advantage and create transformative eCommerce experiences for your shoppers. However, choosing the best eCommerce framework alone isn’t enough. You will need assistance from seasoned developers to get your online store developed. 

If you are still looking for an eCommerce Vue developer, team BiztechCS can be of assistance. We have proven experience in delivering unmatched eCommerce solutions that can take your customer experience and brand to the next level. 

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Is VueJS good for eCommerce?

Yes, Vue’s agility, flexibility, scalability, and performance makes it a perfect fit for developing eCommerce applications. Besides, it has the capability to help develop engaging and interactive user interfaces and experiences. 

What are the benefits of using VueJS?

There are several benefits of using VueJS, such as high performance with virtual DOM, component-based architecture, elaborate documentation, cross-platform capability, reusability, simplicity, frameworks, and more. 

Why is VueJS so popular?

Vue’s simplicity is one of the reasons why it is preferred by developers. It has several built-in features and developer tools that you can integrate for elevated performance. 

What is VueJS mostly used for?

Vue.JS is primarily used for developing user interfaces and single-page applications. It is one of the most popular front-end tools that can help with desktop and mobile app development. 

Is Vue used for the front-end or back-end?

Vue is a front-end framework that can be used to develop interactive user interfaces. Developers with experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript can easily get started with Vue and develop powerful web applications. 

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