We Wrote About Google, in a Google Doc, the Best Word Processor (in Our Opinion)

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

We Wrote About Google, in a Google Doc, the Best Word Processor (in Our Opinion)1

It is finally Google I/O time and there is so much happening already! In a move similar to Apple, Google just announced that they are adding a section on the Play Store for safety information; each app will be required to declare what data they collect, what is linked to users, and how that data is being used. This way users can make an informed choice when they download apps. For now, this is just an announcement of something that is targeted to take effect by Q2 of 2022.

On a blogpost this Thursday, Suzanne Frey, VP, Product, Android Security, and Privacy said “Developers agree that people should have transparency and control over their data. And they want simple ways to communicate app safety that are easy to understand and help users to make informed choices about how their data is handled.” But that’s their side. It’ll be interesting to see how developers will react when they actually launch the update. 

When Apple announced this update for the App Store, there was a bit of a hue and cry about it. Let’s see how developers respond to Google asking for the same thing. The overall energy seems to be high, uncontained, and extra ??. We can’t blame them. The speaker lineup is excellent, and the sessions, workshops, and keynotes seem to everything every developer and tech enthusiast could ever dream of.

Google I/O is going to happen from 18th to 20th May, and there is a packed schedule of talks and workshops. If you are a developer, in the media, or just someone who wants to dive into what technologies sit in your home and help you work, this is a great place to start. 

The theme of Google I/O is ‘What’s New’. Their experts from around the world are going to talk about what’s new in Android, what’s new in Google Pay (we are personally dying to attend this one), what’s new in Machine Learning (this is going to be a divine treat for AI/ML enthusiasts and developers), what’s new in Firebase, you get the gist, right? 

To see their full schedule, you can visit here and freeze your calendars accordingly. We have already set up our calendars for the events we are excited about! So should you!

There are two kinds of people in the world: one kind has the same password for everything, and the other has different passwords and two-factor authentication for everything. 

And let’s face it, you use Google services and Login with Google pretty much everywhere, which makes it crucial that you protect this account. 

Google is making Two Factor Verification default. 

The way that Two Factor sign in works is that when you put it in your email ID and password, you get a ping on your phone to approve that log in attempt. For that you have to have your phone on you. A whole that makes it very hard for anyone else to get into your account. Even if, and especially if, your password for all the passwords, is Password. 


And we are ending today with talking about Google Docs. This entire story is written in Google Docs, everything you read here is written in Google Docs. Google Docs > Microsoft Word. 

We leave you with a very interesting, funny, and political Twitter thread exploring this exact debate. Enjoy! 

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