What Makes Odoo the Best Option for Your eCommerce Businesses in 2024?


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What Makes Odoo the Best Option for Your eCommerce Businesses in 2024?1


Do you know what makes an eCommerce store invincible? 

A user-friendly design, fast-performing frontend and backend, high security, comprehensive analytics, and integration with ERP and CRM systems for centralized management. 

The right combination of features and functionalities can make your eCommerce store soar to new heights of success. Thus, picking the right technology becomes pivotal for your eCommerce success. 

Today, this blog post is all about using one such technology Odoo for Ecommerce excellence. Going forward, we will delve into how it helps optimize your eCommerce business. 

What is Odoo?

Developed by Odoo SA, Odoo is a suite of business management tools that can help with inventory management, project management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing, eCommerce, accounting, and more. 

Written in Python and Javascript, the Odoo Community version is available free for use. However, if you want to leverage the extensive capabilities of Odoo, you may have to opt for a subscription-based Odoo Enterprise version. 

As Odoo comes with a suite of modules and applications, scaling up your business processes becomes a piece of cake. You can always start implementing Odoo with limited modules and add more later when the need arises. 

Benefits and Features of Odoo Ecommerce

There’s a dedicated Odoo eCommerce module that helps you meet the end-to-end needs of your online store. You can use the eCommerce Odoo module and build an engaging online store or manage it effortlessly. 

Furthermore, let’s check the various features and benefits you can leverage with Odoo eCommerce development

Easy To Create Online Store 

With Odoo’s stunning website configurator, you can build an online store in a few easy steps. The drag & drop feature helps you customize the website layout to your liking. You can create an engaging front for your online store and attract audiences to try and purchase your products. 

You get plenty of Odoo themes under the Standard plan without having to pay any charges for it. Pick a theme of your liking that matches your brand aesthetic and create an intuitive frontend for your customers. 

Odoo eCommerce websites are mobile-responsive by default. So, you don’t have to code complex backend codes to make it mobile-friendly. 

Seamless Selling With Odoo

With Odoo eCommerce integration, you can ease your selling efforts and sell products seamlessly. Wondering how? Let’s have a look! 

  • You can easily create multiple variants of a product based on its color, size, or other such attributes. 
  • Let your customers compare products based on multiple attributes and decide the best buy for them. 
  • Display a custom pricelist based on the user profile. 
  • Planning to run multiple stores? With Odoo, you can do that seamlessly from a common database and even share products between different websites. 
  • You can configure separate B2B and B2C websites and even display different prices for the two stores. 
  • One of the Odoo 17 features lets you add products to a cart from the Catalogue view itself. 
  • Integrate your eCommerce store with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and improve your sales by selling through multiple channels. 
  • Add subscription products to your website and generate recurring revenues seamlessly. 
  • With advanced capabilities like a visitor tracking system, generate and keep track of new leads. 
  • For companies that don’t want to have a warehouse or manage inventory, they can leverage the dropshipping capability to get the products delivered to their customer’s doorstep. 
  • You can decide to sell products based on the stock level of particular items as you can see quantities available in stock and set alerts for the same. 
  • Add a review section to your Odoo eCommerce store and let your users make sound purchases by understanding the products. 
  • Bulk import/ export of product descriptions, images, prices, etc. helps add or manage multiple products seamlessly. 
  • Odoo lets you add products from the front end itself in a single click. 
  • Let your customers get a notification when a product is back in stock, thereby helping your products sell faster. 

Maximized Revenue 

  • When you build an eCommerce store with Odoo, you can cross-sell and upsell products to customers by suggesting complementary products or accessories during shopping. 
  • For abandoned carts, you can trigger marketing automation and customize a personalized email or message that gives your customers the needed nudge to continue with their purchases. 
  • Create personalized email templates and automate email marketing campaigns to inform customers of promotional offers and events. 
  • With a link tracker feature, track the efforts of your marketing campaigns and decide how successful it has been. 
  • The Live Chat feature enables customers to message your team for any front-end queries or complaints. You get a message pop-up in the backend and respond to the customer query. 
  • You can introduce an eWallet in the online store with Odoo. This helps customers deposit funds in their digital wallets so they can quickly shop. 

Elevated Shopping Experience

With a real-time dashboard in Odoo, connect with potential leads in a single click via SMS, email, or Live Chat features. It can improve the overall shopping experience of visitors. Besides, the integrated search bar, categories, and filters help customers find the products they seek more conveniently. 

Odoo eCommerce features include a simple checkout page that lets your customers conveniently proceed with their purchases. You can also add custom steps as per convenience. You can also enable your customers to add products to the wishlist for them to buy later. 

Smooth Integration With Other Odoo Modules 

Odoo comes with multiple modules that you can integrate with your eCommerce store. While some modules are an absolute necessity for your online store, you may consider adding some of them later when the need arises. 

The platform facilitates seamless integration with these various modules and even third-party applications so you can elevate the performance of your online store. You can further avail of Odoo eCommerce development services and get technical assistance in integrating these modules with your store. 


With eCommerce in Odoo, you have complete control of your online store right from the development of the website to inventory management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and more. 

Unlike other content management systems where you only get to develop an online store, Odoo takes complete control of the processes involved in setting up and managing your online store. By availing of Odoo eCommerce services, you can further improve your store’s performance and improve your revenue. 

If you are looking for an Odoo partner who can help elevate your eCommerce business revenue with the right implementation of Odoo, BiztechCS might be of help. As an Odoo partner, we have the skills and expertise to help you build an engaging eCommerce frontend with an equally robust backend. 


What are the key features of Odoo Ecommerce?

The Odoo eCommerce module comes with plenty of features that make development easier for you. A dedicated website builder in Odoo lets you create online stores in about three steps. The various other features include a seamless checkout page, product catalog management, marketing automation, inventory management, shipping integration, and more. 

Is Odoo Ecommerce suitable for my business?

Odoo’s comprehensive suite of tools makes it apt for businesses of all kinds. It is highly scalable and secure, and allows seamless integration with multiple other Odoo modules like ERP, CRM, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, and more. 

Can I customize the look and feel of my online store with Odoo Ecommerce?

Definitely. Odoo’s drag-and-drop builder lets you customize your website to your preference. You can also apply any free or premium themes as per your brand aesthetic and customize the look and feel of the website. 

How does Odoo Ecommerce integrate with other Odoo modules?

Odoo Ecommerce is highly integrated within the Odoo ecosystem, which is one of its primary advantages. This integration allows for a seamless flow of information across various business functions, enhancing efficiency and providing a unified experience. 

Is Odoo Ecommerce mobile-friendly?

Yes, Odoo eCommerce is by default mobile-friendly and lets you access and manage the store from mobile devices without the need for complex backend codes. 

How can I get support and assistance for Odoo Ecommerce?

You can get complete support from resources like Odoo documentation, video tutorials, social media, and forums. If you use the Odoo Community, you get support from the active community of developers. As for Odoo Enterprise users, you can get direct support from the Odoo team. When you outsource Odoo development to a team, you can further seek assistance from the team and manage your eCommerce store conveniently. 

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