What New Odoo 17 Features Can You Expect for the eCommerce Industry?


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What New Odoo 17 Features Can You Expect for the eCommerce Industry?1


The all-new Odoo 17 update is up for release during the Odoo Experience Event to be held between the 8th and 10th of November, 2023. The official release is awaited by Odoo enthusiasts and businesses that want to get rid of sluggish legacy systems and migrate to a modern ERP system.

Amidst the gaining interest of developers, partners, and users in Odoo 17 features, people are always looking for new feature glances and insights to comprehend what’s expected of this update.

If you had read our previous blog, you would know how we have already covered the expected features of Odoo 17 in detail. In today’s blog post, we will further discuss the Odoo eCommerce features that are to benefit the eCommerce industry for good.

New Odoo 17 Features for the Ecommerce Sector

There are multiple benefits of Odoo eCommerce development; it streamlines your business processes, improves customer satisfaction, and helps generate higher revenue. And with each Odoo upgrade, the community adds more promising features to make your life easier.

Odoo version 17 is no different! It is expected to have a plethora of new features that can take your eCommerce game to the next level.

Let’s check what to expect!

Expected Ecommerce Module Features in Odoo 17

  • Shipping Methods Without Inventory: The new Odoo for eCommerce upgrade lets you use shipping features without having to install the inventory app. Thereby, catering to the needs of a more niche audience.
  • Available Coupons Visibility: Your shoppers can now check their available promotion codes and coupons automatically at the last checkout step. They can add coupons in a single click and avail discounts easily. Customer experience just got better with Odoo v17!
  • Enable Display Product Prices by Website: Are you amongst those who have multiple Odoo eCommerce stores? Then, we have a good news for you! As per this new feature of eCommerce in Odoo 17, you can now set or configure the ‘Display product prices’ of different websites independently. Thus, if you have a B2B website for your clients and another direct-for-customer (B2C), you can easily manage product prices independently for both.
    Enable Display Product Prices by Website
    Enable Display Product Prices by Website
  • Currency Filter: A new currency filter has been added to filter payment providers depending on the chosen currency.
  • Order Synchronization in Amazon: It is now possible to launch the synchronization of Amazon orders depending on its Amazon reference manually. Based on inventory levels, you can edit the quantities available for FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) offers.
  • Remove Search Bar: If you wish, you can remove the search bar from your eCommerce store’s Shop page. In a standard eCommerce setting, a search bar is required so users can look for specific products easily. However, if your online store doesn’t have an elaborate product range, the search feature might be an unnecessary addition. For those, you have the option to remove the search bar and give your product page a more neat look.
    Remove Search Bar
  • Display Product Tags: You can now make product tags visible on your product page. These tags are also called information labels and can be found in filters from the shop page.
    Display Product Tags
    Display Product Tags
  • Address Detection and Management: When a customer is purchasing a product and reaches the ‘Checkout’ stage, Odoo automatically detects the address of the user based on his/her previous inputs or by accessing Google location using Google Maps API.
  • Revamped Checkout: The redesign of the Checkout page in the Odoo eCommerce module has made it more user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient. It is simpler and contains clear information on a page.
  • Images As Product Attribute Values: When you are selling products online, there can be multiple variants of a single product. Either in terms of different colors, print, or anything else. That’s why we specify attribute values for the product variants to explain the variant type.These attribute values can be colors or text. But the Odoo 17 update has made these attribute values more illustrative as they contain images now.
    Images As Product Attribute Values
  • Multi-Checkbox Attribute: Traditionally users could only select one variant of a particular product at a time. For instance, if you are ordering a sweatshirt, you could choose a color and a size and add the product to the cart. But with Odoo’s multi-checkbox attribute feature, you can select multiple options or attributes for a single product, as opposed to being limited to choosing just one option.
    Multi-Checkbox Attribute
  • Product Description Layout: The built-in text editor of Odoo is well-integrated with ChatGPT to help you create compelling product descriptions for your brand. Make sure to highlight your product’s USPs and advantages and maintain consistency across all product descriptions with the text editor.

While these are some interesting new additions you can expect from the update, that’s not all there is to know of. To make your online store run smoothly, you have to rely on Odoo customizations and integrations.
With the help of Odoo eCommerce integration, you can add more advanced features to your online store based on your business requirements.
Let’s look at some of the other expected features that eCommerce businesses can benefit from!

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Other Odoo 17 Features Beneficial for eCommerce Businesses

  • Drag-and-Drop Images: The images can be dragged and dropped to be saved as attachments that can be used later in the editor.
  • Down Payment Invoices: You can create down payment invoices seamlessly for subscription orders.
  • Quotations Mass Cancellation: You can check the list view and cancel multiple quotations from there.
  • FIFO Product Costs: The cost of FIFO products is set to the average price of remaining goods in the inventory.
  • Barcode Manual Entry: It is possible to add a barcode manually.
  • Barcode Sound and Visual Effects: In case a barcode is read wrongly, you will hear a sound. When the barcode is accepted, it is recognized correctly.
  • Advanced Searches: The new and improved advanced search feature helps with powerful searches by choosing records from related data fields.
  • Web Push PWA: You will receive notifications even when not using Odoo mobile or Odoo web.
  • Offline Message PWA: The Odoo PWA will send notifications even when you are offline.
  • Improved Flows in Live Chat: In this Odoo 2023 update, you can improve your user’s frontend experience greatly with more accurate information on the channel page, an option to add/remove operators, or by inviting users to a session.
  • Project Access in Multi-Company Environment: In case you use multi-store Odoo features, your projects and tasks can be made accessible to all.

That’s a wrap on some of the anticipated features of Odoo 17!
Not sure how Odoo eCommerce can give your online store the desired results? It’s time to check the various benefits involved with the implementation of Odoo eCommerce.

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How Does Odoo eCommerce Module Help With Business Growth?

An eCommerce company has a lot of processes to manage. Right from managing its inventory to managing sales, invoices, and customer support, an ERP system can help elevate your eCommerce performance in leaps and bounds.
The dedicated Odoo eCommerce module helps online businesses in multiple ways:

I. You can create a full-fledged online store with desired features and even pick the theme of your choosing.

II. Your Odoo eCommerce module can be integrated with other modules such as CRM, Odoo Helpdesk, etc.

III. You can start selling online efficiently with features like marketplace integration, multiple stores, dropshipping, import/ export products, adapt tax rates, and so on.

IV. Maximize revenues with smart product recommendations, email marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and Live Chat.

V. Elevate your customer’s shopping experience with a real-time dashboard. You can see their shopping behavior and preferences and connect with them in a single click through push notifications, emails, SMS, etc.

VI. Speed up shipping with the help of the Shipping connector feature, calculate accurate shipping costs and enable customers to pay through multiple payment options.

VII. Reporting to help with sales data analysis, customizable graphs to analyze sales, and Google Analytics integration.

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In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, adaptability is the key to success. As we conclude our exploration of the anticipated Odoo 17 features for the e-commerce industry, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Odoo continues to be a trailblazer in providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide.

With features like enhanced customer experience, streamlined inventory management, and data-driven insights, Odoo 17 is poised to empower e-commerce businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

The synergy of innovation and practicality within this upcoming release promises to usher in a new era of growth, efficiency, and profitability for those who dare to embrace it. So, as the e-commerce journey unfolds, remember that Odoo 17 stands ready to be your trusted ally in navigating the exciting and transformative path ahead.

Excited to learn more about the Odoo 17 upgrade? Watch this space for further updates on Odoo 17!

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