11 Reasons Why AngularJS aces the Web Development Race

Sanjoli Jain

By : Sanjoli Jain

11 Reasons Why AngularJS aces the Web Development Race1

“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.” 

Edward V Berard

The emergence of modern-day browsers and network technology has led companies to take the digitized route in order to facilitate growth and success. In addition to this, companies have become keener to create an impact online since the inception of eCommerce. Hence making web development a non-monolithic technology. In recent decades, the industry has witnessed an explosion of web-development platforms, programming languages, and frameworks. 

Every modern programming language appears to own a corresponding web framework (or two) that pre assembles a motley crew of technologies to bootstrap a new website, instantly and easily. A recent survey states that as of September 2020 there are more than 1.8 billion websites in the world. This count only keeps increasing, minute-by-minute. 

When we talk about emerging technologies it is inevitable to name the technology that has created some ripples in the market: AngularJS. It is the first and foremost choice of web developers in today’s app development environment.

AngularJS, introduced in 2009, is a structural framework for dynamic web apps that revolves around HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and JS (JavaScript). The most pivotal purpose AngularJS had was to make front-end development simple to access for the developers. Its data binding and dependency features reduce much of the code developers would otherwise have to write.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the reasons for the popularity of AngularJS and why it is the most chosen one amongst developers.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework, developed by Google. It was introduced with multiple frameworks and plugins from the beginning itself. Today, it is quite impossible to think about even a single page application development without AngularJS. The reason for this lies in its versatility and ease of use, making it an effective coding tool that gets the job done in the right manner efficiently. 

Being a JavaScript platform, it offers an MVVM architecture for the development of immersive web and mobile applications. Some of its rich features include code precision, declarative user interface, single-page app (SPA) modular system support, and much more. Its robust nature has attracted many popular companies like PayPal and Netflix. On GitHub, it has been holding the place of the most popular JavaScript framework for a long time now. Let us take a look at some popular companies that are using AngularJS in the below image.

Here are 11 compelling reasons to prioritize using AngularJS for your next front-end development project.

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Supports Simplified MVC Structure

Unlike other frameworks that are solely focused on building mobile applications, AngularJS development supports the Model view controller (MVC) structure. This makes it much easier to create an application that corresponds to mobile apps. This, in turn, eases the development of web apps that save time and brings faster and efficient outputs.

Image Source: Bacancy Technology

 The MVC architecture also helps develop robust and interactive applications. By implementing MVC:

  • The model is responsible for the representation of data to users.
  • The view level creates an interface to show output to the user and act as the visual representation of the MVC model. 
  • The controller level acts as the brain of the MVC system. It acts as a link between a View and the Model. 

Supported by Google and has a Large Community of Dedicated Developers

AngularJS is developed and maintained by dedicated Google programmers. This means that a large community of developers can assist you with your multiple angular questions. 


One of the most important reasons is its user-friendly nature. The entire framework relies on HTML to create a user interface. You must be knowing that to implement complex solutions the entire coding process requires excruciating details about a language. AngularJS is utilized to simplify the whole process. HTML being a declarative language, is easy to understand and has shorter tags, which makes it less complex unlike other programming languages. Hence, if you’re looking to build more user-friendly apps, AngularJs is your go to solution capable of easily delivering this task.

Declarative Coding Style

In AngularJs, the Declarative paradigm is used for creating patterns, which in turn makes the code more lightweight. It also makes it easier to read and support since instead of describing all the steps you only need to describe the necessary result.

It is inevitable to acknowledge that one can do more with less coding. It saves a vast amount of time lost on solving complexities.

  Image Source: Bacancy Technology

Multi-data Binding/ Two-way Data Binding

Yet another amazing feature of AngularJS development is multi-data binding. This means that even a single change that happens in application will have a direct impact on application objects which in turn has influence on the UI. This eliminates the low-level construction, it updates the necessary patterns like module changes, browser events, user actions, etc. Therefore, using this framework user action and module changes can take place simultaneously.

 Easy Testing

In any niche of software development, testing is a crucial part. Keeping this in mind, the developers of AngularJS designed it in such a way that the testing process can be minimized and minimal labor and time have to be spent on this. With AngularJS, developers can instantly and easily find errors and defects in the code. These errors can be solved easily to make your applications error-free.

SPA (Single Pack Application) Oriented Features

AngularJS contains plenty of SPA (Single Page Application) features. The creation and control of online forms become much easier due to SPA features. It lets you establish a quicker workflow and makes the tasks easier to accomplish. 

In simpler terms, developers have more control over form validation abilities. AngularJs has built-in features for error handling. You can also create your own validates if you need them. If a page uses forms, the Form Controller in it stores their states. Using this data, you can change the behavior of the HTML elements in the UI. For example, you can hide the “clear button” from the form if it is empty.  

Speed and Productivity

Significantly higher speed in the development phase can be achieved due to the MVC architecture and easy testing. This makes AngularJS a favorable framework. Angular is loaded with the powerful syntax of templates for developers to create the fast UI of their choice. Personalized IDEs help developers to develop faster by tracking instant error. The Angular CLI (Command-line interface) enables developers to add components quickly and hence makes deployment easier.


Developing a web app through modules has a lot of benefits in itself. It can ensure better functionality, architecture, and flexibility. AngularJS enables developers to split projects into different modules. This improves the overall workflow and end-results.  

Filters and Custom Directives

Filters play an important role of organizing data in the development process. It eases the developers’ task as they can apply filters like lowercase, order by, number etc. This might seem a small advantage, but proves quite handy and practical while presenting big chunks of data to a user. This also proves helpful for the creation of the database search functionality. Custom directives are also one of the many advantages of AngularJS as it removes limits of the framework. Using this feature, developers can create their own HTML customer directives.   

Gives a Structure to your App

JavaScript has no specific structure. But with AngularJS, it becomes possible to structure your source-code by following MVVM or MVC patterns as it allows you to form your code into modules. This in turn improves the maintainability and testability of your application vividly. Further, it does not require any external framework or plugin to build a web application as long as you’re employing AngularJS.

Wrapping Up

These are only some of the reasons why you should choose AngularJS for your next project. If you have not started using AngularJS, it is time to start doing so, as it merely brings much more flexibility into the picture and makes the whole development process easier and well-organized. For web development using the JavaScript framework, nothing comes close to AngularJS. 

There are significant things to take into account when it comes to choosing AngularJS. It is an apt option for developing dynamic applications, progressive apps as well as enterprise-ready web apps. If you are curious to know more about AngularJs and are thinking about using it for your next project now is the time to hire an AngularJS Developer or consult an AngularJS mobile app development company. We are a globally recognized AngularJS development company. If you have any questions or want us to help you make the right decision, please feel free to get in touch.

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