WordPress 5.0 Release Date

WordPress has always been easier to work with. Perhaps, as easy as wordplay is. Even after the new updates, it doesn’t seem to get difficult. In fact, every new version enhances the working of websites with different features and functionalities. However, there is a lot of hullabaloo about WordPress 5.0 release date and Gutenberg Editor.

For those who are unaware, Gutenberg is a new name given to the reconceptualization of WordPress editor. And it is likely to bring some drastic changes to the ways in which people create content on WordPress. If WordPress is your favorite, you might find it difficult to accept these changes. But it is important to understand that if it doesn’t adapt to the today’s advancing times, it might lose its market share.

Talking about WordPress 5.0 update, its release was on November 19th. But due to certain changes, the authorities have pushed it back to 27th November. Let’s comprehend the uproar around it and what all happened.

The Release Date Scenario

As you all know, the formerly announced release date for WordPress 5.0 was 19th November and changed later. This happened majorly because the WordPress 5.0 Beta 3 version had issues after the inclusion of Gutenberg. Several experts also say that the release date asks for a different timeline altogether. You might not be quite happy to hear this as you were waiting for the release and the company was gung-ho about it. Here are some of the reasons that might be delaying the release:

  • Accessibility concerns
  • Overall stability of the project

Matt Mullenweg, social media entrepreneur and developer of WordPress said during one of the core chats that “I am lukewarm on the 19th, but not because of the number of open issues (which isn’t a good measure or target) — more that we’ve been a day or two behind a few times now.”

One more reason why the release of WordPress 5.0 is not favorable on 19th is because it is Black Friday. Several experts are of the opinion that release of such a huge WordPress upgrade before the busiest weekend might involve a lot of risks.

Postponing the Release

After the issues cited above, the core team decided to postpone the release of 5.0 and set the new release date as 27th November. Matias Venture opined that “After going through all the feedbacks and considering the current issues, we will take an extra week to ensure that everything is fully dialed in. We target the release date as 27th November now.

Release of WordPress 5.0 Beta 3

We have already witnessed the release of WordPress 5.0 Beta 3. It comes with an updated version of 2019 theme. It also comes with the latest version of Gutenberg, 4.2, whose previous default themes were updated.

Crafting WordPress Websites with Gutenberg

There might be reasons why WordPress authorities have pushed the overall release of WordPress 5.0. But that in no way means that you should undermine the potential of Gutenberg. Bill Erickson, one of the most popular WordPress developers published a post talking about how he has built sites integrated with Gutenberg.

In Case You Are Not Ready for Gutenberg…

You might be at a place where your website is not ready for Gutenberg. In that case, you should know that the core team of WordPress has committed to support the Editor plugin until 31st December 2021.

JavaScript Language Packs & WordPress

The merger of JavaScript Language Packs and WordPress has happened. It is possible to translate strings in JavaScript files and distributes them at https://translate.wordpress.org. Furthermore, this functionality will also work with themes and plugins. It is a major breakthrough for JavaScript Development in WordPress.

In a Nutshell

Every WordPress release brings radical changes to the ways in which we make use of the platform. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the 5.0 version along with Gutenberg Editor will completely change the way in which we interact with WordPress. For old schoolers, classic WordPress editor might be the comfort zone. However, if you are thinking about updating, you might have to start researching on how Gutenberg works.

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