Driving Efficiency Through Automation: How BiztechCS Streamlined CG Controls' Operations

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CG Controls, Ireland’s premier automation solutions company, partnered with BiztechCS to streamline its operations with a comprehensive, mobile-friendly desktop solution: the CG Controls Management App. This application was designed to efficiently manage the firm’s in-house operations, ensuring smooth functionality even on-site.

The management app significantly automated many key tasks including client management, employee management, invoice generation, and purchase order management. It also integrated a robust communication and reporting system to provide greater insights into business processes, thus propelling CG Controls toward more streamlined and effective operations. The app’s versatility reduced data redundancy and allowed seamless data exportation through a one-click feature.


Data Handling


Large amount of data needed to be managed without glitches, ensuring system’s efficiency.

Client Management


Creating a feature to efficiently manage both client and vendor information in one place.

Job Allocation


Balancing job orders and assigning them to employees based on job type was a critical requirement.

Quotes Management


Required a system to maintain and reuse quotations, facilitating a more efficient process.

Invoice Handling


A system was needed to monitor and manage all invoices and related information seamlessly.

Employee Management


A mechanism to track work hours, charges, and total work of employees was crucial.

Technology Stack

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Robust System

Robust System

Developed a robust application capable of handling massive data efficiently and seamlessly.

Client Module

Client Module

A dedicated module was created for managing both client and vendor details effectively.

Jobs Module

Jobs Module

An efficient job management module was developed to manage and assign jobs.

Quotes Module

Quotes Module

A custom quotes management system was designed to streamline quotation processes.

Invoice Module

Invoice Module

Integrated a comprehensive invoice management module for smooth operation of invoice-related tasks.

Time Module

Time Module

Designed a time management module to efficiently track employees’ work hours, charges, and overall work.



The screenshots offer an immersive visual tour of the CG Controls Management App, developed meticulously by BiztechCS. They exhibit the array of functionalities like client management, job management, quotes management, and invoice management, showcasing how these interwoven modules contribute to streamlining operations. The images illuminate the application’s clean, user-friendly interface that doesn’t compromise on the depth of its features. They illustrate the application’s adaptability to real-life scenarios, testifying to the customizability and robustness of the system. All these demonstrate BiztechCS’s commitment to delivering an efficient, integrated solution, uniquely tailored to meet the complex operational needs of CG Controls.

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Operational Efficiency

The app streamlined CG Controls’ internal management operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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Automated Processes

The app streamlined CG Controls’ internal management operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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Improved Communication

Integrated communication module fostered improved communication with clients, vendors, and employees.

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Enhanced Reporting

Real-time data tracking facilitated strategic decision-making and expansion plans.

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User-friendly Design

The app’s user-friendly interface made navigation and operations smoother for users.


Increased Versatility

The solution offered complete versatility, aligning with the diverse operational needs of CG Controls.

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