Embracing Tech in a Pandemic: The Royal Pass Success Story


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El Camino Real Charter High School (ECRCH), located in the United States, is steadfast in its mission to deliver exceptional education and facilities to its students. To help fulfill this mission, they have collaborated with Biztech over the years, entrusting us with the task of digitizing their administrative procedures and transforming their traditional workflow into an efficient, tech-powered system.

As the COVID-19 pandemic imposed unprecedented challenges, ECRCH needed a solution to ensure the safe and organized reopening of their school. Biztech responded with the creation of Royal Pass, an innovative web and mobile application. This application was specifically designed to track and maintain records of COVID test reports and vaccination status for all students and staff. It served as a reliable digital platform for health data management, fostering a safe environment and streamlining administrative operations amidst the crisis. With the deployment of Royal Pass, ECRCH successfully navigated the complexities of the pandemic, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of their institution.


Data Management


Managing extensive health data of thousands of students and staff was a significant challenge.

Weekly Testing


Organizing and tracking regular COVID tests for a large number of individuals was arduous.

Quick Decisions


Swift decision-making based on updated health records for school access was crucial.

Manual Logging


Manual entry and verification of COVID test data was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Safety Measures


Ensuring the safety and health of students, staff, and associates in a large-scale educational setting was paramount.

Compliance Issues


It was critical to adhere to new rules and guidelines imposed by health authorities.

Technology Stack

  • cakephp
  • tech-section-php
  • ReactJS
  • MySQL


App Development

App Development

Biztech developed a Royal Pass application for maintaining and updating COVID test results and vaccination status.

Test Result Upload

Test Result Upload

Users can upload their test results and vaccination certificates, simplifying data management.

Status Indication

Status Indication

The application shows a real-time ‘Allow’ or ‘Not Allowed’ status based on the latest health records.

Daily Questionnaire

Daily Questionnaire

The app includes a daily COVID-related questionnaire to monitor potential health concerns.

ID Scanning

ID Scanning

The application includes an ID scanning feature for school entry, making the process efficient.

Schedule Display

Schedule Display

The application includes features for users to view their regular schedules.



The Royal Pass application screenshots display a user-friendly interface with clear sections for uploading COVID-19 test results and vaccination certificates. Key features visible include the daily health questionnaire and the immediate ‘Allow’ or ‘Not Allowed’ status based on users’ health data. The administrative side is also showcased, demonstrating an effortless management system for user data. These visuals underscore Royal Pass’s role in streamlining operations and enhancing safety at El Camino Real Charter High School.

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Streamlined Process

The Royal Pass application simplified the process of maintaining COVID certificates and daily health questionnaires.


Improved Safety

The application helped maintain safety and security within the school during reopening.

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Societal Contribution

The application significantly contributed to society’s fight against COVID.


Efficient Management

Admins can efficiently manage and verify COVID test results and vaccination documents through the application.


Better Decision-Making

The system allows for quicker decision-making based on updated health records.


Time Efficiency

The manual labor involved in logging COVID test data has been greatly reduced, saving valuable time.

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