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Developing a Delivery Management System
for On-site Workforce Provider

Warren Buffett once said that: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

There are a lot of things that can damage your business’s reputation. For instance, a failed delivery. Did you know that one in 20 online orders never make it to their intended location?

Failed deliveries are costly not because of the increase in operational costs, but because they are one of the major reasons for unhappy customers. And these customers are likely to share their negative experiences on social media. Now, think about this whole cycle of just one tweet reaching thousands of people who will form a negative opinion about your brand.

Not just for online retailers, failed deliveries are worrisome businesses like for courier companies, B2B logistics providers as well. Luckily, with technology, today it is possible to improve communication with customers, get real-time tracking information, and more. One good example is enterprises leveraging delivery management systems to boost customer experience and streamline their business operations.

A delivery management system provides you complete control over delivery operations and improves the communication between everyone involved in the ecosystem. One of our clients, MacRail had the same goal to fulfill with a delivery management system. We’d like to share how Biztech helped them develop a customized solution to enable them to streamline their business processes.

The Requirement

MacRail is an industry-leading provider of site access and welfare services on construction and infrastructure sites. They work with many large rail companies, including Network Rail, throughout the UK.

Our client already had a fully-scalable working module named Workforce 360. Their worksite management software enabled project stakeholders to access real-time project data, progress, and operative activity. The company partnered with Biztech to develop a solution for delivery management to handle their ongoing projects. They wanted a solution that seamlessly manages the delivery process starting from the vendor booking a slot to their staff receiving a notification on completion of the task.

After analyzing their demand, we came up with the solution of providing our client with a customized system to meet their requirements. The purpose of the new delivery management system was to provide smooth functioning of all the features and modules to give a better user experience.

Stakeholders of The Delivery Management System

The idea was to create a delivery management system for a tablet user and the back office. The primary stakeholders of this DMS are as below :

  • Delivery Managers – They need to have access to the system to manage deliveries and produce reports.
  • Worksite360 Administrators – The administrator is responsible for setting up each worksite. They can add and amend users, and populate drop-down boxes using the system.
  • Tablet Users – The staff on the gate that controls the entry and exit from the site. They keep a check on the deliveries happening and also have the right to accept or reject unplanned deliveries. The tablet users have the access to only the basic functionality to manage deliveries.

Have a look at the key features of the delivery management system.

Scope of Work

After logging in from the main menu, users can access the following features

1. Make Bookings

Users can book a delivery to a site for a specific date and time. The DMS allows the user to access the following fields

  • Application and delivery date
  • Delivery time and duration
  • Contact name and number
  • Vehicle details including vehicle number, crane weight, vehicle registration number, mileage, etc.
  • Select material type and quantity
  • Select available gate and laydown area

2. Delivery Schedule

This includes lists of all deliveries booked for a specified date to the site as well as a full schedule of all delivery slots. After the user fills in all the crucial details, they can search for delivery bookings between a set of dates. Once the user clicks the search option, they get the following results

  • Reference number
  • Delivery date and time
  • Delivery duration
  • Gate details
  • Description
  • Company name
  • Contact details
  • Status of the delivery

Users can then print the reports directly from the system.

3. System Administration

Site administrators can carry out the following tasks using the system administration

  • Edit site details including postcode, site address, and contact details
  • Auto accept booking details if the slot is available
  • Update site opening days and times as required
  • Update slot duration and delivery duration
  • Upload a file for the delivery protocols that the contractors have access to

Partner With Biztech

To enable users to quickly find what they are looking for, we focused on building a simple yet functional system. When developing systems like delivery management, role-based access is crucial. It protects sensitive information and ensures that certain users can only access the required information. In this delivery management system, the delivery managers had access-only to keep a check on entry and exit. Our team makes sure to follow the ideal practices for implementing role-based access control.

At Biztech, we not only help businesses develop delivery management systems but also take responsibility to make required changes by amending the UI or adding new features. From planning to implementation, we work on the process with open communication and collaboration. That encourages our clients to ask questions and initiate discussions. This ensures that the developed product meets the business needs.

With our agile methodology, we make sure we are on the same page as your core team to avoid any rework. This assures quality, transparency, and no overruns of cost. Moreover, to make sure that your developed software is secured, we test the entire system in a detailed manner to find and fix any issues. Let’s get in touch to find out how your business can improve its delivery operations by building the right tool.


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