Improved User Interface and Experience
with Custom Animation

era15 is an intelligent platform for recruiters to get resources that match the level of big organizations. It also helps someone who just wants to be a recruiter by themselves, or even those who don’t want to be a part of the industry traditionally. The major achievement for BiztechCS design team was to keep the HTML light enough to achieve desired results in Google Page speed on desktop as well as mobile. Additionally, they had to be true to the design requirements no matter how heavy they could prove to be.

Google Page speed on desktop Google Page speed on mobile
75+ 60+

Project Overview

The idea of era15 was to bring a whole new experience for recruiters. We managed their website development in line with their project requirement and overall idea. They mainly wanted fluid animations throughout the website. The message that each page gives had to be highlighted by managing it from the design end.

era15 had the requirement of having the text of certain pages depend on the graphics and animation load time. This is so that the message is delivered with that much more impact. Along with that, we worked on pixel perfection as well as Google page speed.

Our solution

We managed to go about this by manipulating the CSS code and lazy loading. We used high resolution graphics by breaking them fold-wise. The message is built on scroll. Lazy loading gives the benefit of achieving the Google page speed while maintaining the user experience and animation.

Final outcome


HTML, WordPress



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