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How BiztechCS Developed an Ecommerce Store for a High School?

How BiztechCS Developed an Ecommerce Store for a High School?

About High Achieving High School

The High Achieving High School is a Public Secondary School located in the United States. Having expert faculties for every subject, they are known for their improved educational functions. As per the latest records, their academic performance index was 832 out of 1,000.


Magento, MYSQL Database

Project Highlights

  • Build a Store Based on Magento for the Students & Parents
  • Sync Vendor Data from OpenERP to Magento
  • Set Purchase Limit from OpenERP
  • Registration of Students & Parents
  • Integrate Payments with Updated Status

Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

Fernando Delgado

El Camino Real Charter High School



The High achieving High School was looking to adopt the latest E-commerce trends by developing an online store for their students as well as parents. They wanted to manage the school fees and fines with online payments. Biztech CS helped the client to make this visionary online store to a reality.


To facilitate the buying process, the client wanted to build an eCommerce store based on Magento specialized for teachers and students. The client’s crucial point was to develop an eCommerce store which provides school accessories, clothing, upcoming event tickets, donation products and more!

Needed to create a payment gateway where students and parents can pay the school fees & fines online.

  • Online registration of students and parents.
  • Build an E-commerce platform to buy school products and products for donation.
  • Online payments to pay fees and fines from the website.
  • Vendor data import from Open ERP.
  • Ability to send notifications of events to the admin for acknowledgment.

Module: Student-Parent Relationship

  • Challenges
    As a part of the buying process, we needed to make a registration where parent can add students to their account. Any parent should be able to add multiple students to the account and same thing applies to the students.
    • Fix
      We created “many to many” customer relationship between students and parents in order to make it easier.
  • Challenges
    Every parent should be able to purchase products from the store for their children (students). And students should be able to view all the orders placed by the parents for them.
    • Fix
      We used custom option where parents can buy the products separately for the students. For the management of this multiple order system, We created multiple order grid view for both students and parents. They can see the placed orders in a separate tab.
  • Challenges
    When it comes to creating and updating, it was required that parents are managed from the Magento store and Students from OpenERP.
    • Fix
      To enable this functionality, we made use of API functions - “assign students and delete students.” Student and parent relationship can be easily managed from OpenERP.

Module: Vendor

  • Challenges
    For the product management, New vendors were required to be managed from OpenERP with Vendor API. We needed to Sync the vendor data from OpenERP to Magento.
    • Fix
      For the complete vendor management, we created a new vendor module. For adding and managing vendors we built a new API. Integrated OpenERP with Magento for the required vendor data.

Module: Edonation

  • Challenges
    This module contains products which fall under the donation category. We were required to create a custom product pricing so that customers can decide the donation pricing as per their choice. From the backend account, admin should be able to set the minimum donation price which will be unique for each product.
    • Fix
      For the management of Edonation products, we created a whole new module. Customers can define their own custom pricing differently and can add the products to the cart depending on the predefined minimum pricing by the admin.

Module: Payment

  • Challenges
    The client wanted to create a Payment gateway where users can pay the fees and fines online safely.
    • Fix
      In the newly created payment module, we defined fees and fines with the order status “paylater”. All the payments status fall under the “Fees and fines” tab in the Magento. Admin can check the status of paid and unpaid orders with order status.


BiztechCS successfully completed the development of this Ecommerce store. With the implementation of Data synchronization scripts and Cronjobs, the store performance turned out to be good. Whether the session is initiated in OpenERP or ends with Magento, whole working system flows with authenticity.

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