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How BiztechCS Helped a High School to Develop Textbook Management System?

How BiztechCS Helped a High School to Develop Textbook Management System?

About High Achieving High School

The High Achieving High School is a Public Secondary School located in the United States. Having expert faculties for every subject, they are known for their improved educational functions. As per the latest records, their academic performance index was 832 out of 1,000.


PHP, MySQL Database

Project Highlights

  • Student/Teacher Admin Area
  • Different Types of Teachers(Normal, Special)
  • Tracking the Book Usage by Normal Teachers
  • Set Book Notification Settings by Special Teachers

Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

Fernando Delgado

El Camino Real Charter High School


The Project

The Textbook management system is specially made for book issue management This system manages all the book transactions between students and teachers. Users can manage the status of the book issue and returns easily. This tracks each of the book usage histories.


The client wanted to create a system which would be specialized for managing the textbook usage in the school. It is natural if any of the books may get misplaced or missing, if there is no track of its usage history. That’s why client wanted a system where two types of users could login: Teachers and Students. Whenever any book is issued teachers could check and update the status.

  • Management of Textbooks
  • Issue books to student/teacher and maintain their status
  • Maintain book usage history
  • Send notification emails when a book status is updated
  • Provide an access to a privilege teacher for sending notifications to the parents


  • We designed custom queries to get the relevant data of book form the My SQL database.
  • Additional use of Ajax calls in order to fetch the details without page reload.
  • We created a notification sending process for the book status update. Additionally, it will send the notifications to the parents if the book status has been changed for the notifications.


As BiztechCS created a textbook management system, they implemented and started using it. The users found it very friendly to use and manage such a large array of books with this much of ease. Even it helped the client in simplifying the process with smooth grid views.

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