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How BiztechCS Developed CakePHP Fully Automated System?

About ECR

El Camino Real Charter High School (ECR) is Public Secondary School located in Los Angeles, California. Having expert faculties for every subject, ECR is known for their improved educational functions. As per the latest records, ECR’s Academic performance index was 832 out of 1,000.


CakePHP 2.6.1, MySQL Database

Project Highlights

  • Attendance Management with an Elimination of Duplicate Data-Entry
  • Student Attendance Logs
  • Real-Time Status Tracking of Attendance Discrepancy
  • Role-Based Module Accessibility
  • Period Wise Changed Teacher Logs
  • Notifications in Case of Absence
Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

The Project

Automated Discrepancy Service (ADS) is the school attendance management system. It manages the attendance discrepancies and sync attendance to avoid discrepancies. This system works with the Aeries software to fetch and update the data with Aeries Database. There are multiple system users and access rights as per the authorities.


For the client, it was very important to manage the student’s attendance without any discrepancies. Initially, the client was using Aeries software to manage the students and teacher’s records. It was generating the discrepancy reports manually on a daily basis and sent it to the teachers. Teachers used this reports to check the attendance status and update it to the admin office.

Proposed Solution

Biztech proposed a solution to automate the whole process. It would save manual work which saves a lot of the time and money by eliminating tedious paperwork and delivers a completely automated system with useful reports and analytics.

System features

  • School login
  • Students and teacher management
  • Periods management
  • Attendance management with an elimination of duplicate data-entry
  • Student attendance logs
  • Generate discrepancy reports
  • Real-time status tracking of attendance discrepancy.
  • Role-based module accessibility
  • Send email notifications in case of teacher’s absence.
  • Maintain period wise logs for teachers
  • Challenges
    Needed to design a database structure that would sync with the ADS database structure for the data management.
    • Fix
      We generated refactor Aeries database to simplify the database structure that would sync precisely.
  • Challenges
    The client wanted to fetch the period discrepancy reports directly from the Aeries software which was a bit tricky task.
    • Fix
      We analyzed the reports from the Aeries software and prepared a business logic that would create the same type of reports in the system so that ECR do not have to be depended on the Aeries for reports.
  • Challenges
    In order to maintain the server space and manage the data, It was required to implement the functionality that flushes out the old attendance data after a particular period of time.
    • Fix
      We designed Cronjobs which flushes out the old attendance data after a particular period of time. Users can set that period of time as well.


Biztech developed a fully automated system which fetches the data from Aeries, generate the attendance reports and send emails to teachers for the discrepancies. It generates daily reports in the system without any dependencies on the Aeries software, which minimized the daily manual paperwork. It made the process polished and hassle-free.

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