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Jonathan McCullum's InnerSong is an app on Kirtan Radio as a tribute to his friendship. The client wanted a way to keep in contact with friends and so approached us to create a radio app where friends can register and be on the same tune after the hectic working day. This idea of a radio app which was solely to connect with loved ones has now grown and every user can download and use the radio app.

Technology Partner Modules
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Project Highlights

The client wanted a Radio Mobile Application where users could log in and listen to the admin generated playlist. They just wanted the admin to have the choices for making broadcasts and playlists. 

Other client specifications were: 

  • Mobile Internet Connectivity
  • Portrait Mode
  • No Pause Feature

Project Overview

Frontend Functionalities

  • We developed a separate login portal for users where they can register and play the songs. Using Profile, users can manage their Facebook link, location, and other basic details.
  • From a Radio tab, users can play and stop the radio.
  • ‘Online Users’ tab displays the list of users with their location who are listening to the music at that current time.

Backend Modules

  • We created the User Management module, where Admin can access the list of all users who have signed up for the program. Admin can also group users as active/inactive as per their convenience.
  • The admin will be able to transmit any message to all users simultaneously through the Transmit module. It will help keep every user on the same page.
  • We developed a playlist module where admin can build the playlist according to their preference and only those songs would be played on the radio. When the admin updates the playlist, the updates will be instantly mirrored for all the users.

Final Outcome

A thought of connecting with friends with an app has turned the radio app for our client into a business model and now the app’s reach is growing.

Future Scope

The app will upgrade with advanced features like

  • Private Chat Rooms/Groups
  • Personal Contact Invite

and many more…


Symphony PHP Framework, React Native, IceCast 2, Ezstream



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