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Project Overview:

Kool-Aid wanted to develop a responsive website where they can share their insights about organizational workflows and processes. The website needed to be user friendly and content had to be portrayed in a way which makes it easy for readers to understand. Client wanted to provide the customer with a streamlined interface to read the Zine, add Zines and Tactics to the cart and generate the PDF based on the Zine and Tactics added to the cart.

Kool-Aid zine page

PDF Generation Flow

The PDF generation flow was a challenge to develop as the client wanted a PDF to be generated for each tactic which the customer adds. When the customer adds different tactics in the cart, after entering their email address, they get it in the PDF format. To generate PDF, we used TC and M type PDF, two of the largest open-source software classes for generating PDFs. We have used these to keep the PDFs consistent and easy to read.


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