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Helping Schools to Stay Safe While They Reopen

El Camino Real Charter High is a USA based school which aims to provide the best possible education and infrastructure to their students and staff. Over the years we have helped them in digitizing their administrative tasks in different ways like developing websites, implementing CRMs, or developing an entire new application named Royal Pass, as they work to keep their school safe during COVID pandemic.


We have helped ECR in deploying multiple applications to streamline their administrative tasks. We helped them by building a website and implementing a CRM solution named 360i Suite. This time their major challenge was to maintain a record of COVID reports of staff and teachers and update them every week. Understanding their problem, we proposed them to develop an application for end-users and a website for admin. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this project.

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Difficulty in maintaining safety and security of school upon reopening

After the pandemic, schools in the USA started reopening with precautions and new rules like maintaining social distance and up-to-date information of COVID tests and vaccine reports. Managing and checking data of thousands of students and staff is clearly a challenge and on the basis of it defining to allow them or not. This in turn, helps them to prevent COVID and build a safer environment for students, school staff and everyone associated with the school. Following are certain challenges:
  •  Managing data of students
  •  Carrying out COVID test every week
  •  Taking quick decisions for thousands of students and staff
  •  Manually logging COVID test data


Built and Deployed the RoyalPass Application

After understanding their challenges we recommended them to build a website and an application for admin and end-users. Users can login to their account and upload their test results and vaccine certificate, which will be shown in the front-end. Upon going to school, users need to show it in their RoyalPass application and if the test results are negative, their status in the app turns to “Allow” else “Not Allowed”.

Moreover, users will also need to fill-in regular questionnaires related to COVID, so if one of answers raises concerns, the system will not show “Allow” status. Additionally users can view their regular schedule, have IDs which school can scan, and options to link where they can upload their COVID certificates.


  •   Streamlined process of maintaining COVID certifications
  •   Maintaining security and safety in school
  •   Helping the society in their fight against COVID


CakePHP, PHP, ReactJS, MySql



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    Key Features

    • Covid Test-Result Management

      Covid Test Result Managemen

      Admin can manage the list of COVID test results, import it, can change details of COVID test results like: test date and result. Additionally, they can also approve/reject users’ COVID test results.

    • Vaccine Management

      Vaccine Management

      Admin can accept/reject users’ vaccine documents.

    • User Management

      User Management

      Admin can manage different users like students, staff, and vendors.

    • COVID Daily Questionnaire Management

      COVID Daily Questionnaire Management

      Admin can manage daily questionnaires of users and on the basis of it define whether users can enter school or not.

    Technology Stack

    • Cake Php
    • php
    • ReactJS
    • My SQL

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