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Project Overview:

studioexp_ reached out to us with a requirement to develop a website for them where they can showcase their skills, strong client base, and expand their business. To fulfil this requirement, we developed a unique website in design, animation and shows off their work.

We developed a website with horizontal scrolling, supports parallax and on-scroll animation to provide a better user experience build is interactive and user-friendly. Additionally, the website is also mobile-responsive which helps to provide mobile users too with a great experience.


Horizontal Scrolling:

The horizontal scrolling effect is the core of the entire website to provide a better user experience. This was a new thing for our developers, and as always, they had the best solution. To develop the perfect animation, we used ScrollTrigger and GSAP library, which Greensock makes. This library is perfect when it comes to handling edge cases and harmonises behaviours across different browsers. The horizontal scrolling effect is smooth, works in both directions and compliments the client’s portfolio of a design studio.

Some major benefits of Horizontal Scrolling:

  • Provides optimal use of screen space with the wide-screen monitors, which are common today.
  • It provides a unique and exciting way for users to interact with a website.
  • Provides a more conducive flow to show the work.
  • Works well with large typography.




Easy Navigation:

This is one of the biggest advantages we have got. Users have a better experience with the website as they can easily navigate through it. Each screen works seamlessly without reloading, so users don’t have to wait, resulting in a better customer experience. Herein, we have also used different typography which matches according to the animation and on-scroll.


WordPress CMS, HTML



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