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Sharpening Hospitality Skills
With E-learning Platform

Winning Programme, an e-learning platform brought by MHRA helps hospitality operators stay ahead of the competition amidst the global pandemic. They have a wide range of courses and lectures supported by certified executive trainers and highly experienced service professionals including Forbes, GICC, etc. We turned their idea of providing professionals with advanced training through world’s leading learning partners into a reality with Odoo based elearning solution.

Technology Partner Phases
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Project Highlights

The client wanted an e-learning solution that would help professionals in the hospitality industry to sharpen their learning curve. Along with it, free courses and online webinars from world leading learning partners such as Forbes to educate the youth about the industry and it’s demand on the wider front. 

Advanced filters, live video streaming, separate portals was another major requirement.

Our Work

Separate Portals

We developed separate portals for the General Public, Odoo Guest Users, and Admins/CMS Users.

General users can view the free courses and webinars available online. They would have limited access to the website content. On the other side, Odoo Guest Users can login from their portal to access the wide range of courses and webinars, additional details, modules, etc. The Admin/CMS users will have access to the backend from where they can manage all the course details, website content, reporting, etc.

Advanced Features

To make the e-learning solution more valuable and provide users with wonderful experience, we integrated multiple features such as: 

  • Self-paced Learning

This feature allows users to learn the skills, view the courses on their level without any deadline to complete the course.

  • Live Video Streaming

We integrated Zoom API for live webinars, events, lectures, etc.

  • Sorting and Filtering

To help users with quick searching of specific courses from a huge list, we added filters with sub fields such as level, category, learning partner, learning product along with a search bar.

  • Resources 

Users can download the course materials or other related documents from the resource tab.

Sales and Reports

To get an insight about the registered courses and the demand of the webinars, courses, we created different reports such as 

  • Total number of people who registered for the courses
  • Total number of employees registered
  • Total messages sent by OGU (Odoo Guest Users)

And the list goes on…

Customer Support and Helpline

We integrated Odoo HelpDesk with Winning platform with a live chat feature that would help registered and non-registered users to communicate with the support team.

Final Result

With Winning Platform, the MHRA are able to provide their teams and employees with specific skill sets and career guidance training. The platform also offers the youth with various job opportunities. In short, it is actually a winning project for Maltese travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

This is the Phase 1 of the Winning project. New and advanced features are in development.


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